Office Space Planning in Houston is changing in 2017

A huge number of employees spend most of their time at the workplace and the office space planning in Houston future demands are more efficient and functional atmosphere where every employee are encouraged to perform more. From the workspace provided to them to the type of machineries and office furniture they need, every single detail should adopt to the growing demands of a millennial workplace. A remarkable result can be achieved when the office space is designed with maximum comforts and friendly environment. Not only will innovative office space planning in Houston gain positive impact to clients but a big factor in encouraging the workforce towards optimal productivity.

office space planning in Houston

Nowadays, the workforce demands for a more upgraded work atmosphere suiting to their needs in order for the company to achieve its targeted output eventually. Here are some of the most trending office space in the future suitable to any workplace:

Highly Innovative Furniture and Office Equipment

The workforce of today and eventually in the years to come will opt for a more advanced set of machineries and furniture that demands the type of work they are handling. A more advanced connectivity will allow every employee for easy accessibility to communication. And take note, connectivity matters a lot in bridging every employee as well as clients. Easy access to internet connection and telephone lines are a must to every worker. Technology should be incorporated into connectivity to assure a much efficiency. The same through on the case of office furniture. The workplace should adapt to the ever changing workplace atmosphere giving employees utmost comforts and conveniences while at work.

More Engaging Rooms for Meetings, Brainstorming and Collaborative Space Planning Ideas

Sitting on a conference room for considerable number of hours may not sound efficient for office setting of the future. Sometimes staying on a conference room for longer period will make them sleepy or bored. Employees should be provided with nooks or small coffee rooms where they could sit down or meet for 20 minutes where exchange of ideas and discussions will occur.  This will enhance their potential to get engaged and involved in worthwhile discussion. Within these rooms that they are given opportunities to have a little privacy where they can solve problems, analyze things and eventually create dynamic work plans.

Designate Areas for Private Conversations

There are people who need a little space where they can concentrate while having private conversations or skype calls. Basically, noise is extremely a huge distraction. In an open office layout, it is important that there should an area, specifically smaller rooms where one can take time to focus on private conversations. This type of office culture should be practiced in the future setting where the boss will not be so strict about the presence of every employee on their desk. Distractions like noise cannot be controlled but if employees can move their chair to a designated room where they can feel a sense of privacy, productivity can be motivated.

A More Transparent Conference Room Design

Conference rooms are usually built with closed walls causing people to fall asleep or feel bored. The way conference rooms are built for future office layout should have a little innovation, Instead, glass walls can be built between common areas where people at the conference room can be refrained from falling to sleep with the busy activity they see outside.

Opt for Adjustable Conference Tables and Working Desks

Sitting for a long period of time can harm employees’ health as proven by studies. Companies should look forward to the long term service of their employees with great emphasis on their health. Among a healthier alternative is providing the workforce with adjustable desks where they can be more alert all throughout the day. This type of desk can be adjusted where employees are able to sit or stand as desired. Likewise, adjustable conference tables are also ideal during meetings where participants can be more engaged. Standing can motivate everyone in the conference to get involved than sitting meetings.

Let Nature Sit In

One of the most trending office setting in the future includes a more relaxing atmosphere where the nature’s view is emphasized. Nature has the ability to sooth the senses resulting to a less stressed and healthy working environment. The layout of the future offices which incorporates nature will be seen in large window glasses. This setting will provide natural light to pass through as well a fresher and more verdant view of the scenery outside. The calming ambiance of nature improves mood which motivates people towards productivity.

office space planning in Houston

A More Open Work Space

Most organizations require team work whereby needing a more open and interactive room. An open and wider work space is seen to be more engaging in the future. This will attract spontaneous collaboration and interaction between groups and employees. A smooth flow of information and the transmitting of policies and protocols are enhanced. A wider area in an open layout will not only map creativity but can accommodate future growth. Allow the layout to have an open office space but provide rooms for a little privacy.

 office space planning in Houston

There are many ways on how to make the office space planning in Houston more engaging for every employee. The layout and design of the workplace should be given more emphasis by employers to accommodate a more productive and worthwhile atmosphere for their employees. Not only this will improve the ambiance but a huge factor in developing integration, collaboration and eventually productivity. Nothing can be more motivating than having a workplace where the need for growth and development of every employee is guaranteed.

Building team work, solving problems and creating new ideas are only some of the best results that can be gained from having a nicely and engaging workplace. As employees are the biggest contributors for the company’s growth, it must be ensured that their needs are given utmost attention. To see your company heading ahead of the curve, tap your resources and make the welfare of your workforce the top priority.



How to Get the Best when Buying Recycled Office Furniture

In this era and age when climate change has become a reality, most businesses no longer take lightly environmental conservation efforts. Buying recycled office furniture is one of the ways through which a firm conserves the environment and still be able to fatten its bottom-line. In order to get the best out of recycled office furniture, a firm has to employ some smart techniques.

Recycled Furniture Options

Simply put, recycled denotes any postconsumer furniture that has been pushed back into the market. Some of the furniture recycled includes; mailroom furniture, cubicles, chairs, filing cabinets, and reception chairs.  Most of the recycled furniture dealers sell items that fall into any of these three categories;

  1. Reused furniture-reused or used furniture is the kind that has not been repaired or altered in any way. They are normally shipped directly from the seller to the buyer.
  2. Remanufactured furniture-refers to furniture that has been restored to its original condition. They are usually as good as new and are available in various colors, fabrics, and surfaces.
  3. Refurbished furniture-is simply furniture that has been modified. They have been cleaned, repainted, and repaired.

Recycled office suits those who are flexible when it comes to colors, designs, and styles. Most dealers do not sell exactly what you may want even though they sell products from top brands such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Haworth. You therefore have to exercise some flexibility when buying recycled office furniture.

Things to Remember while Planning :

  1. It is all about Durability

Recycled office furniture is less costly and always saves money. However, you have to be smart enough if you want to get quality for every penny. Not all recycled furniture come in excellent condition. You have to choose furniture that has been manufactured by reputable brands. Some of the most common defects that do not take long to show in office furniture include; chipped edges, broken drawer runners, or torn veneers.

To get the best of your recycled office furniture, buy the furniture from reputable brands since their items are durable and given the current quality manufacturing employed by most firms, it is almost impossible to come across some common faults associated with used furniture. Those that have some faults are minimal and are repairable. Some of the components that can be repaired easily include; door runners, hinges, and catches. As a matter of fact, these components are interchangeable and are easily available in local supplier stores.

  1. Be keen to Detail, watch out for Critical Points

You have to watch out for critical points of furniture construction if you want to get the best of recycled office furniture. Office furniture should be solid in construction, more so, where there are multiple stability points. Examine keenly the corner legs and ensure they are solid and with no signs of bending. You should also examine metal component parts and ensure there are no crimped edges that pose a risk of injuries to legs. The recycled furniture should be clean as well so as to avoid infection in case legs or arms are injured accidentally by sharp edges. It should be free from rust as well.

Other critical points to watch out for are drawer handles. Ensure the handles are in good condition and are not dangerous to the users. It will not make sense to buy recycled furniture then later on use lots of more to repair and restore the furniture.

  1. Security should be Guaranteed

If you run an organization where security is a major concern then recycled furniture items purchased should guarantee that. Locks and bolting arrangements should be tested carefully prior to a purchase. Drawers and doors should be secure for staff to keep confidential documents and other valuables. The keys that come with the furniture should be tested and in case security is not guaranteed such items should be rejected immediately. It is always prudent to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your business. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Those with work environments that use computers and other electronic components should check out for recycled furniture that has port holes in their design. Incase such ports are not required the furniture should have plastic caps that seal the port holes. Well designed furniture will guarantee an organized working area and a secure environment for staff.

You should also check out the drawers and ensure they easily glide and with no need to employ force. The door edges also should be aligned properly and easily open and close.

  1. Watch out for the Edges

Edges are a major concern when it comes to recycled office furniture. The major areas of concern regard smoothness and alignment. The furniture edges should necessitate an easy alignment of furniture in a modular fashion.  The furniture sets should fit together properly and have smooth edges. Rough edges may easily catch on loose apparel and tear them apart. Staff should be able to move freely and easily between furniture stations without fear of rough edges.

  1. Furnishing Accessories

You can immensely improve the quality of recycled furniture by using your choice of furnishing accessories. Utilize wall coverings and furnishing fabrics and you will be amazed with the final outcome. Interior designers play an important role when it comes to lifting the condition of recycled office furniture. They can transform furniture that has lost its aesthetic appeal into elegant and unique set of furniture. Contemporary designs can be injected with new life and transformed into modern designs by simply adding in a few aspects here and there.

Recycled office furniture is the ultimate option for firms who want to optimize their expenditure on office furniture and at the same time conserve the environment. Nonetheless, it is never ideal for those who are not willing to be flexible enough when it comes to styles, designs, and colors. To get the best out of recycled office furniture you need to be cognizant about what to look out for prior to your purchase. Buy from suppliers who have built a good reputation and only settle for items that meet your needs and budget.


How To Go About Locating A Good Office Furniture Liquidators

There is no easy method to finding good office furniture liquidators. In most instances, it is a mixture of experience and simple cold thinking. There are the usual simple garage sales and then there are the online forums that announce a good sale. As most activities have gotten complex with time, it would be no surprise that the old garage sale too has gone hi-tech.

Online Resources: With the proliferation that has seen in the world wide web of various services, it comes as no surprise that here too the advantage is with the buyer. Most good online portals would keep the customer informed when sales are next due and the goods to be expected at such events. The minimal cost involved in using the services of such services makes this an attractive yet wide spread practice. Even the smallest of towns are known to have the services covered by good online office furniture liquidators.

Asking Around: This is the most primitive of methods to locate a good furniture shop as well as a good florist in a place. Most people would only be glad to recommend a service that they could talk highly about. In case there were some bad experiences with an agent then this method is sure to bring such transgressions to the front. There are places like the local pub or people like the local milkman who are usually a repository of references and are usually effective in guiding someone to the nearest dealer or used furniture.

The Newspapers: It is common for most towns to conduct regular auctions of used furniture. Often good office furniture liquidators advertise in prominent publications of nearby places as to when a sale is due. Thus, people that need a bargain, wait around for the much need announcement in the dailies of the place. There could be also prominent liquidators that would insert flyers into the delivered newspapers that would be successful in letting out when a sale is due next.

Professional Bodies: There are then the local branches of industrial and commercial gatherings or bodies that tend to represent certain groups of people. This is a good source of information and can be depended to provide the customer with the latest happenings and occurrences. Often large offices do have membership in such organizations and there would be people in the firms that would keep in touch with each other professionally. This is certainly a good source of information that cannot be passed by at any cost. More than just deal in used furniture a whole new fruitful relationship can be established on such interactions.

Thus, it is seen that there is more to office furniture liquidators than meets the eye. What seemed like an open and shut case could in most cases lead to more productive and effective interactions lasting whole lifetimes. It is therefore a good sound business man that would take advantage of groupings and membership organizations that most professionals in the field have around them.

Functional Office Furniture for a Modern Houston Lifestyle

The environment of a workplace is very important affecting the performance and productivity of employees. The layout and overall look of an office affect the way employees perform their tasks. An amicable and pleasing atmosphere where they are comfortable will definitely enhance their efficiency towards work as well as uplift their mood. Oftentimes, this factor is overlooked by many organizations, which in the short run can bring a negative impact. Employees who are not comfortable at work can be inefficient and at times will tender their resignation and opt for another job which could satisfy them.

There are thousands and one benefits when an office is designed with the right choice of office furniture. Office furniture can give a more functional and lively atmosphere to any office space. This is the reason why most companies in Houston invest in office systems which will provide comfort, convenience and functionality to their staffs. Also, the safety and health of every worker should be taken into consideration. The welfare and needs of the employees are the top most factors to consider when choosing furniture. At the end of the day, a goal can be accomplished if everyone is happy and satisfied at the workplace.

The below list of office furniture will guarantee maximum results to any modern workplace:

Stylish Stool and Magazine Rack

This chic yet functional office furniture can be used as stool for sitting and magazine box as well. One furniture that can render two functions. This is conceptualize to save space and economically wise. The height of the stool will depend on the quantity of magazine placed inside. This can also be used as a small table and perfectly suited to offices with smaller areas. No worry about the design because this comes in various colors to fit the style of your workplace.

 magazine rack

Desk with File Cabinet

This is another example of a very ideal furniture for any workplace that will suit any space and design. This desk has a size able to accommodate desktop or laptop while having enough space to work. This is designed with file cabinets on both sides with a number of drawers. This will help employees to organize their things and files right at their desks. Likewise, it would be easier for them to locate their belongings. Not only this type of furniture saves space but likewise a brilliant idea to organize the workplace and gets everything done within your reach, which is time efficient.


Foldable Conference Table

Many Houston businesses generally have a need for meetings and conferences which require a long tables where they can discuss things and present ideas. Normally, a room is designated for the purpose. However, there are some companies that have a limited space to occupy everything. In the event, you might consider a conference table that can be folded. This is a nice idea to save space while satisfying the function during meetings and conferences.


Working Desks

For the purpose of saving space and money, an office can employ desks which can be converted to communal working space when necessary. These desks can be moved together where a larger group of employees or team can meet and discuss things comfortably. There are a lot of this type of desk in the market likewise available in designs and styles that will satisfy your office environment.

working space

Extended Office Chairs

How cool is this piece of furniture. Feel the comforts of your own home while having this chair at your office. It has an extended piece placed beneath the chair where you can pull it out when you need to have a comfortable rest where your legs are placed and push it back after. During break time, you don’t have to find a place where you can rest your feet straight while leaning comfortably on your own chair.

extended chair


Where to Find these Innovative and Functional Pieces of Office Furniture?

Employees spend much of their at the workplace while others even go for overtime stay. There is no doubt that office furniture should not only satisfy the aesthetic of the space but also guarantees that employees are given the most comfortable treat while working. With the above-mentioned list of functional, productivity and maximum performance at work are clearly expected. If you wonder where to find them, consider the below tips:

Shop Online – “Office Furniture Houston and Used Office Furniture Houston

One way to enjoy the comforts of a convenient shopping is through purchasing online, There are a number of reliable sites online which provide a huge range of office furniture in Houston with choices that are both beautiful and functional. This is a great idea if you are having time constraint to visit furniture shops.

In-store Visit – “Visit Houston Office Furniture Showroom”

It is very satisfying to buy the furniture which we have personally seen. Sometimes, what we see on the picture is not exactly what we aspire of having. Visit the nearest furniture shop in your area so that you can personally see the type of furniture you intend to have in your office. If you have your own design in mind, there are furniture shops that offer customized items.

Ask Recommendation from Friends

One way to decide where to shop functional and innovative furniture for your office is getting recommendation from friends who have recently shopped their own set of furniture. Getting recommendation might sometimes offer you discounts. This will tremendously save you time from opting to different shops. A friend will almost better recommendations than seeing you lost your money for worthless investments.

Transforming your office to a pleasing environment for everyone is very easy with the help of innovative and functional furniture. Employees will not only be inspired to work efficiently and be productive but also gaining the trust of present and future clients. Not to mention the time, money and space that you will save, ending up with the best pieces of office furniture will definitely satisfy the modern office arena. Either you are designing or renovating your office, choose the best furniture that will render impressive results as to functionality, cost-effective and contemporary designed.

The Best Reasons Why Living in Houston is a Satisfaction

 If you are looking for a place to call home or somewhere safe and fun to spend your vacation, Houston Texas is the city you should explore. Before moving to a new place where you can live with ease of mind and conveniences, consider taking into account the various features the city will offer. You need to weigh things in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Houston, over the years is seen to be a thriving and amicable place sought by those who wanted to make a difference in their state of living.

Here are some of the best reasons why living in Houston is one of the ideal choices to consider:

Low Tax Rates

Most of tax paying citizens will complain about higher income taxes. Per resident of New York will pay $7,400 while those in California is $4,900. Among the lowest tax rates in the country is Houston which only tax every resident with $3,500 that includes local and state taxes.

Affordable Living

As mentioned earlier, taxes at Houston are relatively low compared to other growing cities. As Houston is expanding, the cost of living here is likewise affordable. The city provide higher wage rate while taxes are low resulting to an affordable and comfortable living to every citizen.

Easier to Find Job

Since the city is growing fast, there are hundreds of big companies investing in. The increase in number of investors coming in provides higher opportunities to job seekers finding a decent job with lucrative wage. Even in time of recession, unemployment rate is sustainably low.

Space City

Find astronauts or know their expeditions on space while living in Houston. This city is where you will find Johnson Space Center where astronauts are trained for NASA’s expeditions. If you love to become one or meet a gorgeous astronaut, start moving in.

Home of the Largest Medical Center

The largest medical center in the world is Texas Medical Center where it housed 21 hospitals, 8 research facilities along with approximately 50 related organization. There is no worry if you get sick as you can find the nearest health facility to attend your medical needs.

Convenience of Feeder Roads

The Houston roads are always loaded with traffic but it is a great idea to have feeder roads. Compared to other cities that lack feeder roads, Houston is proud to provide its residents with this type of system that ease the flow of traffic around town. Additionally, public transportation in the area are made better, though less improved than other cities.

Lower Costs Housing

Housing is Houston is cheaper compared to neighboring and other cities in the America. This is one of the reasons why many are attracted to move in the city. The abundance of mass housing production is increasing which is offered on less than 80 dollars per square foot providing a comfortable abode to its citizens. Likewise, the custom designed houses are cost as much as three folds than mass housing. Homes are less costly where the low and middle income earners in the city can afford.

Lax Zoning Law

Anything can be placed anywhere around. This is surprisingly true at Houston. There is no zoning law that exist. You wouldn’t be surprised that anything can sprout around town.

Relaxing Green Environment

During a particular time of the year, wild flowers just grow on wide acres of and where passersby can enjoy the sweet and fresh air. Having a limited rainfall, wild flowers like bluebonnets just grow abundantly. Likewise, there are various parks found in the city. The place has become third when it comes to the largest green space occupying a total of approximately 50,632 acres.

Leisure Destination

Houston is the home to delightful restaurants, huge shopping malls, sophisticated hotels and myriad of stores. Anyone will enjoy shopping, dining and relaxing. Basically, most malls are host to sports and leisure activities. Just make sure not to do your last minute shopping during holidays like Christmas to keep yourself safe from stressful crowd.

Great Museums

Learning never ends at Houston. There are a number of museums in the area where you can explore and discover things from the past. Fr educational tours or family bonding, museums in Houston are a nice place to visit which offers significant things to learn. Some of the museums include Contemporary Arts Museum, The Children’s Museum, The Museum of Natural Science, The Weather Museum the Art Car Museum, The Holocaust Museum, among others.

Delicious Tacos

If you are looking for delightful tacos on breakfast, never miss to have it at Houston. Specifically in Texas, tacos are mouth-watering which you can buy all over the place. This completes a magical breakfast!

The Beauty in Diversity

From among the cities in United States, Houston is considered as the most ethnically diverse which surpassed New York. From food, people and culture, you can see the beauty of diversity that merge into one place.

The Top City in America

Nothing can give you the most satisfying reason than knowing that Houston is considered as the best city in America as according to the Business Insider. Low cost of living from housing to food and taxes along with wonderful attractions and fun-filled destinations, there is no doubt that Houston is a best place to live in.

The unique attractions and outstanding features of Houston are highly affecting the quality of living and boosting its economy. There are a lot of best things that Houston has to offer. Providing its residents with convenience and comforts of living, Houston is receiving tremendous growth in terms of economic development, competitiveness and remarkable popularity.

The above lists are only some of the many things that Houston is proud to provide its residents and visitors. The next time you think about the best city to move in, Houston should be the best option!

Check out  the Houston Business Directory for more information!

10 Ways of pursuing your Firm’s Goals the Green Way

Every organization has its unique goals, with making profits being one of the most common, that is, for profit making firms. Did you know there are ways you can pursue your firm’s goals and still participate in the going green initiative? Well, you guessed it right. You do not have to splash out millions of money in an effort to go green. Here are some simple ways any firm can go green and still achieve its short and long term goals;

  1. Office Design

This may sound so simple but by adhering to LEED Architectural office design guidelines, you have overcome one of the biggest challenges. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) approval is important when designing your office building construction. It will not only earn your firm some tax incentives but it also contributes immensely towards environmental conservation.

While constructing your office building find ways of using sustainable, recycled, and locally available materials. You should also find ways of reducing energy consumption when constructing your buildings. Another great way of conserving energy is by reusing parts or renovating standing building’s frame or shell. You should also be on the lookout for office furniture liquidations, since there are dozens of used office furniture and accessories that are still in excellent working condition.

  1. Sustainable Material Construction

When purchasing office furniture and other office accessories, go for items that are in good condition, are durable, and reusable. One of the easiest ways of getting the quality furniture is by buying from a trusted office furniture supplier. That way you do not have to assess the parts. Some of the items that take up a lot of a firm’s finances include; workstations, office chairs, cubicles, desk suites, conference tables, uniform task chairs, and reception desks. Such items should be sourced from a reliable resource. It will even be much better if you buy from a supplier that offers several different styles and brands.

  1. Buy used Office Furniture

This is perhaps one of the most popular methods employed by many firms when it comes to going green. When you buy used office furniture you get some benefits that include; minimize operation costs, get LEED certification, get positive publicity, conserve the environment, and many others. One of the major advantages of using used furniture is that you avoid using raw materials and thus it is one of the simplest ways of going green.

  1. Liquidation and Disposal of Office Furniture

Those who have furniture they want to sell or dispose should do so through an environmentally friendly manner. The best way of doing this is by calling reputed office liquidators. An expert is in a better position of disposing the furniture in a manner that does not damage the environment. By hiring a professional you not only get your money back but you also help conserve the environment.

  1. Proper Use of Technology

You may be surprised that some simple routines can contribute to energy conservation. These include, turning off computers, turning down A/C and heating, use of automatic lights, turning off monitors, and many others. All of these contribute to energy conservation. You can also use wired technology optimally instead of wireless technology since the latter consumes more energy. Electronic filing also minimizes the use of paper and hence translates to use of less trees.

  1. Making the Best of Nature

This is an excellent way of not only utilizing energy but also improving employee morale. Working environs that integrate with nature increase awareness on the need to conserve the environment. The use of natural lighting within working areas is a great way of conserving energy. You can use glass walls and skylights. You should also talk to your architect so that the design of the building is such that it allows the wind to ventilate the building.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Place recycling containers in easily accessible areas. Once you have collected the waste materials ensure they are reduced and reused where possible. Instead of printing stuff, read the content from your monitor. If you have to print, ensure you print both sides of the paper. You can also use waste paper for doodling and once filled up recycle.

  1. Clean Energy

Even though alternative and clean sources of energy are expensive, they contribute immensely to environmental conservation. The use of solar energy is gaining popularity among small and large organizations alike. It is not only durable but it is efficient as well. This is one of the best ways to go green and minimize energy expenses.

  1. Have a Long Term View

You should expect change and plan for it in advance. Instead of buying standard furniture, go for more flexible office furniture. These will help reuse space for several purposes. Try to think of some of the things you have to do within the available space and consider them when buying the furniture. Some of the best ways to anticipate and plan for the future include; use of panelling and movable walls, have outlets in predictable places, use of stackable chairs, and many others. In the long run, this will accommodate future growth, save money, resources, and energy.

  1. Going Green Donations and Projects

There are so many donations and fundraisers geared towards going green. Your firm can participate in these initiatives or start one that sells green products then donate the proceeds to good nature conservation strategies. By simply being a part of such initiatives you contribute to environmental conservation. You can also initiate some going green projects within your office building. For instance, rooftop greens programs will create amazing sceneries within the office buildings.

There are so many ways an organization can contribute towards going green. Do not be deceived that you have to spend a lot of cash in order to participate in going green. Some small and simple strategies can hugely contribute in the long run towards environmental conservation. This list is by no means exhaustive, therefore seek other ways of going green and be a part of such a good cause.



Huge Selection of Used Cubicles at Clear Choice Office Solutions

Cubicles have been in use in offices for long. They came into use after being developed by Robert Propst, a designer of Herman Miller Furniture Company. This was back in early 1960s and at the time the office cubicle was referred to as the Action Office. Ever since then companies have realized the great benefits office cubicles over open-space offices. The major benefit associated with cubicles is the wide variety of options buyers get to choose from; you get new cubicle systems, used cubicles / pre-owned systems, or re-manufactured cubicles.

A cubicle unlike other office design options has the advantage of being a huge space and cost-saver. They occupy a small space and employees get an area of their own. This ultimately boosts employees’ productivity and freedom. While some firms today have reverted back to the open-work environment, the use of the cubicle is still popular with most companies.

In the US, cubicles are widely used by companies and there are various office furniture liquidation firms who deal in used and refurbished office cubicles and furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions is your one-stop-shop solution for all your office furniture and cubicle needs. You will get all you need from its huge selection of modern and pre-owned furniture. You get to choose from some popular brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, HON, AllSteel, and others. You will never run short of what to choose from given the wide range of world-class selection of full range products at Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Why Choose Used Office Cubicles?

When it comes to cost effectiveness, nothing beats an office cubicle. However, price should never be the only basis for your decision to install an office cubicle. Remember your workers spend more than 40 hours every week and even more while working in these work stations. Therefore, you have to ensure you have a workspace that improves the way you do business and maximizes employees’ productivity.

Cubicles are not simply a space where people sit, work, and make calls. They foster collaboration and create privacy. You get to choose from various options which include;

  1. 39-42 inches-an excellent option for ongoing conversation and idea sharing.
  2. 48-54 inches-with this option you enjoy privacy when seated or talking on phone and can communicate openly while standing.
  3. 66-69 inches-this option gives privacy to workers and provides some extra space for storage.

At Clear Choice you can choose from any of these options. Asides the height, you also will also get a wide variation in the amount of the workspace within the cubicle. Therefore, you have to evaluate the various employee roles within your organization and choose the cubicles based on the work done by each of the employees. A cubicle for managerial roles will be different from those for reception staff. Telemarketers will also have a uniquely designed workstation when compared to that for a customer service representative or salespeople who are rarely in the office. It is with this regard that an organization requires a competitive office furniture company that will tailor the office cubicles to meet the needs of the organization.

Another reason that makes a cubicle a perfect option for any company is the fact that cubicles cater for the needs demanded by the changing technological world. Current workstations are characterised by increased wireless and paperless offices. With a cubicle you are able to get space for minimal wiring and power sources. Furthermore, it gives sufficient space for laptops and mobile devices since these are drastically replacing the huge desktop computers. The cubicle meets the changing needs of the technological world.

There is also an outstanding versatility when it comes to the use of an office cubicle. The cubicle can be tailored to perfectly match the shape and size of the space available in your office. They can be configured to also meet each role of the employee. You can choose a pod cubicle if your cubicle is located at the middle of the room. This gives the most privacy and for those who would like to set up the cubicle against a wall they can choose a row configuration.

The styling of an office’s interior décor is also very important when you are setting up cubicles within the workstation. An expert will help you choose an ideal color and finish that will perfectly match the overall décor of your office and also be connected to your brand. A cubicle is excellent in reflecting what you do as a business and it also makes employees feel they are cared for since cubicles are quite stylish and modern in design.

Buy from an Expert

There is a huge advantage that comes with buying your cubicle or furniture from an expert. Even if you are not buying you may still need to recycle office furniture. The family-owned Clear Choice is your ultimate solution since they have extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions to its widespread clients in Houston and other areas.

When you buy from us we get to choose from new, used, or remanufactured cubicles and office furniture. Your company, whether small or huge will get what is ideal for their need and budget. No matter the type you choose from they all come in high quality and you can never differentiate the used from the new or the remanufactured.

If your company requires a huge order and desires to save on overhead costs, Clear Choice Office Solutions will give you an opportunity to get the best choice and save money. The remanufactured office cubicles in particular are popular among buyers. They have been restored and refurbished and are as good as new. You will save lots of money on this option and still maintain the same quality and appearance of new cubicles.

Receive tailored office furniture solutions from Clear Choice Office Solutions in Houston, Texas. Get to choose from the wide selection of new and pre-owned furniture in our shop. We cater for the needs of both small and huge companies and offer solutions that meet even the smallest budgets. We have been in the business for long enough and understand the needs of companies no matter the size. To get more details visit






Sell Your Used Office Furniture: Know the Basics

Are you planning to renovate your workplace and wanted to redecorate with new sets of office furniture? As the modern demands of the workforce is increasing, it is important to keep high end and innovative office furniture. Before you decide to reorganize your workplace, you must first give attention on how to discard your used office furniture. You can’t simply take them all out and place on your stockroom. Challenging as this may sound, you need to undergo the right path towards discarding your used furniture. Selling them is an ideal thing to consider but how? The below article will show the basics of selling used office furniture.

Why sell your used office furniture?

Good fraction of the cost

Throw your used office furniture away in landfills and you won’t gain anything. Sell them and keep almost 50% of their original cost. If you think that used office furniture don’t have a good price, you are definitely wrong. They can be sold in the market so that you can earn something from them which can be additional allocation in buying new office furniture. If you transact with an office liquidator, your used furniture can be disposed and the monetary value of which will be deducted to the cost of new office furniture purchased.

Reorganize and redecorate the best way

Reorganizing the workplace will include discarding pre-owned office furniture. Because they have worn out through time, they will defy your goal of maintaining a modern look at your workplace. Deciding to sell them will be a great help to clear the workplace and get it ready for a new set-up.

Save the environment “GO GREEN”

One way or another, you help save the earth when you decide to sell your used office furniture instead of dumping them in landfill. With thousand tons of garbage being thrown in landfill that there is insufficient space to hold these waste products any longer. Rather than adding the trash, you can recycle used office furniture by selling them.

How to sell used office furniture?

Contact an office furniture liquidator

When you decide of selling your used office furniture, seek the assistance of someone expert on this field. An office furniture liquidator is a person or a company has the expertise on furniture liquidation. Your used office furniture will be liquidated by an expert and can transact it in the market on sale. Once you have trusted a liquidator, you are already secured that your used office furniture are worth a good price.

Hold a furniture auction

When holding a furniture auction, make sure to do the proper preparation. You have to gather interested buyers on a particular venue so keep in mind that the auction process should be properly set. The more buyers you invite, the higher is your opportunity to get the chance of buying your used office furniture in good price. This will involve massive advertisement on the auction you are about to hold.

How to get a reliable office furniture liquidator?

One of the easiest ways to sell your used office furniture is contacting an expert individual or company to do the job for you. They are known as office furniture liquidator. To seek their assistance, you must know how reliable they are to do the job. The following tips will help you get the best office furniture liquidator:

Ask recommendations from friends or relatives

Getting recommendations from friends or relatives who recently have sought assistance of office furniture liquidator will help you dispose your used furniture easily. The office furniture liquidator they will recommend possess the reliability that you need. Remember that your friend or relative will not recommend someone or any company whom they have bad experience with.  

Browse Office Liquidation online

The internet nowadays has been playing an important role in disseminating or providing useful information to the online community. Their is online directory to help you contact a reliable office furniture liquidator. Their credibility can be seen through reviews customers who have previously sought their services. Their contact information is also displayed where you can keep in touch with them. 

Use the yellow pages or directory to find office liquidators and used office furniture companies

Another way of locating a trustworthy office furniture liquidator is searching through yellow pages or directory. You will see the list of various office furniture liquidator in the page along with their contact information. You might consider contacting them to know their terms and agreement.

Create a shortlist of office furniture liquidators in your locality

There are office furniture liquidator in your area and creating a shortlist will help you make the process easier. You can conduct your own background check on their reliability by either visiting their location personally. You can also rate them by getting information from their previous clients to know how reliable their services are. After taking note the important features you need, you are now ready to seek the assistance of the most reliable from the list you have created.

Ideally, used office furniture may have been some time in the workplace but they are still pieces of worthy items. Through time that they have worn out, faded paints and have some scratches but are still functional. Most of these furniture have been purchased from top brands and though their looks have vanished yet their functionality cannot be underestimated.

To get rid of used office furniture in a worthwhile manner is to resell them. The above tips will guide you on the basic of the selling process. The process might be daunting in a way that it involves a lot of tasks including risks but can reap applauding results in the end. Think positive when you decide to discard your used office furniture. Not only you will gain monetary consideration even half of the cost than their original pricing but you are helping the earth from saving spaces in the landfill areas. Sell your used office furniture and be a partner in making a greener and healthier place to live and work with.    



Is Used Office Furniture Worth Your Purchase?

Creating a perfect working atmosphere in the office is among the top priorities of every organization. To achieve a more functional and attractive workplace is making sure that you fill the primary needs and demands of the workforce. One way of doing so is through giving them with the right office furniture they needed to perform with efficiency. Either you are starting a small business or already operating a large one and wanting to renovate or redecorate, sticking with a limited budget is not a problem at all.

When you plan to start a new office or redecorate an old one, purchasing office furniture is one the tasks you should be taking. Always remember that there are certain factors to consider when you wanted to transform your office into an engaging place to work in. You got tons of options when you decide to buy office furniture ranging from varieties of colors, designs, style, brands and configuration. Among these choices will come up the decision of choosing between new and old office furniture.

Buying new office furniture is indeed an excellent choice but here are some of the best reasons why you should opt for pre-owned or used office furniture:

  • Care about the environment

Decorating or renovating your office with used furniture is one way of saving the earth. This might not be an obvious effort but you have contributed a bigger part in maintaining a healthy environment. Used furniture are back for circulation in the market without manufacturing new items that involves the cutting down of trees as raw materials. During the manufacturing of new furniture that chemicals are being released in the atmosphere contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer as well as health risks and other illnesses.

  • Cost saving alternative

Generally, buying used office furniture will cost 40-50% less that its original selling price. And most of these second hand furniture that are sold in the market or furniture shops are still functional and made from top brands. It only takes a little improvement like repainting or reupholstering to make them look new again but come on a very low price tag. This alternative is absolutely helpful to those companies that are on tight budget.

  • Time wise option

Used office furniture can be shipped as early as possible you need them. You don’t have to wait for a few weeks on the manufacturing process like new furniture before they are delivered on your place. After you have made your order, your furniture will be delivered after 2-3 days. Buying used office furniture is definitely a time-saving option. 

  • Perfect solution for short term companies

For those companies that have temporary offices, buying used furniture to fill up the workspaces on short term basis is a great option. 

  • Quality

The function and quality of used office furniture cannot be underestimated. These furniture have been around for almost three years of use and have slight wear and tear condition. Sometimes, you cannot tell their difference with new furniture especially when the previous have taken cared of them properly.

Now that you have considered the benefits of buying used office furniture, the next step is to evaluate where to purchase them. Here are amongst the helpful tips:

  • Check the local used office furniture stores

Used furniture are not only sold in lower prices but sometimes you will get a bonus if they are offered in additional discounts or sale. Take time to visit the nearest local shop and ask about promotional sales. It is likewise beneficial if furniture shops will offer discounts in bulk orders. Moreover, try to check the reliability of the shop. Dependable furniture shops have recognized reputation therefore, can guarantee you of quality, functional and low cost used furniture. 

  • Shop used office furniture online

Nowadays, one of the most convenient ways to do your shopping is online especially for people who are always chasing time. There are a number of reliable online shops that offer furniture sale. You might be interested to browse some of them online. They have websites where their items of used furniture are being displayed. Likewise, you might as well consider checking some sites that provide the list of credible online furniture shops along with their contact information. You can gather a few list and start contacting them through calling or emailing them.

  • Other companies

Some companies are downsizing, renovating or transferring to another location that they are disposing their old office furniture for real lower prices. You can check the local newspapers for advertisements like this. Normally, the prices of used office furniture from other companies may be lower compared to those from local shops. Most of these companies will be disposing their old sets of furniture and reselling them in lower costs is a worthwhile way for them to get rid of their old furniture. Buying old furniture from these companies directly is really a good purchase. 

  • Through recommendation

One of the most remarkable ways to buy office furniture is through a friend’s recommendation. Some of your friends or relatives might have experienced buying used office. Their recommendations are amongst the reliable information you can grab if you decide to purchase used office furniture.

Your workplace can have a welcoming and engaging atmosphere if you have chosen the right office furniture. From cubicles to conference tables and chairs to cabinets, are only some of the most important furniture that will attend to the needs of your workforce while making sure that productivity at he workplace is kept. Decorating your office will not need expensive sets of furniture. For those who keep budget in mind, deciding to purchase used office furniture is a significant undertaking.

Used office furniture especially when bought from a trusted shop or company will guarantee you 100% functionality and quality at a very minimal cost. Oftentimes, they have been around for a couple of years and have stood up the test of wear and tear. It is really a big bonus if you have purchased used office furniture in almost half the price less from its original costing. Who knows? Second hand furniture which are slightly used will sometimes appear as new. Shop wisely and reap outstanding perks!

Helpful Tips to Dispose Used Office Furniture Properly

Office furniture has been playing an important role in making the workplace functional. But when it is time to redecorate and renovate or move to a new location that you are going to get rid some of the old furniture that have been around for some time. There are worthwhile ways to dispose used office furniture other than dumping them on landfills. Though they have rendered their service in considerable period of time, they still can benefit you in significant results.

If you think that your office furniture are still serviceable yet you need to get rid of them, reselling (Liquidating) is definitely a great idea. Before you decide to undergo the office furniture liquidation process, here are some of the most important points that you should take into consideration to make a good valuation:

Create an Office Furniture Inventory

Assign someone who will take charge of the inventory of used office furniture that you want to resell. An easy way to do the inventory is to classify the furniture according to their state of condition or quality and the year they are acquired. This will help you assess their costs later.

Make a little retouch to your used furniture

It is hard to find a buyer if you resell your sued office furniture with stains, marks or in distorted condition. Try to fix things first before you decide to create a price tag on them. Clean the furniture and apply wax to make them shiny and cover the stains or marks. You can also fix the arms and legs of chairs or tables as well as tightening their screws. It would also help if you can repaint faded furniture. If you have kept the assembly manuals, pass them on the buyer.

Assign price tag

Once you have categorized and retouched your used office furniture, it would be the right time to create a price list. Good looking and quality furniture should have a different pricing from those that are less attractive. Take note that furniture that are retouched well and given a fresher look can create impressive appeal to the buyer. For good conditioned items, the price you assign should not be lower than 50% of their original cost.

Do the proper advertising

After that you have finalized everything, you are now ready to take your used office furniture for resell in the market. One of the best ways to gain the attention of buyers is through advertisement. You can create simple catalogs or paper prints of the furniture you are to resell. Take photos of them and do the proper pricing corresponding the items. You can post your advertising materials in thoroughfares in your locality. Or if you have the budget, you can post your advertisement over the television or radio. Another helpful way of advertising is posting the ads on your website, if you have any. Advertisement will prompt potential buyers to contact you.

Make negotiations

There are many organizations which will be interested to buy your used office furniture if they got impressed with the condition, price and quality of the resell items. The many potential buyers, the better it would be. Make negotiations and take note to give priority to the buyer who agrees to get the items in good pricing. It would also be a good idea if the buyer can buy the items in bulk.

Where to Sell your Used Office Furniture?

There are various ways on how and where to sell the used furniture in your office. Either you will take the effort to directly sell them to buyers or opt for a third party, make sure that you gain good pricing in return. Here are some of the ways the will help you where to resell your used office furniture:

Act as direct seller

Get ready for a great challenge if you decide to sell your furniture directly to prospect buyers. You will undergo various steps such as advertising, marketing and eventually negotiations. This may not sound easy but you will definitely earn a good price without paying a middle man or discounted cost from selling them to furniture shops.

Seek the help of a middle man

If you think that it would take a lot of effort on your part to do the direct selling of your used office furniture, seek the help of a middle man. These are expert individuals who have been knowledgeable of the reselling process. They have knowledge where to take your furniture for potential buyers. They are able to make deals and negotiations. But before you trust their services, make sure to find someone reliable.

Negotiate with an office furniture dealer

Local furniture dealers would be interested to buy your used office furniture and resell them in the market. It is likewise a god idea to close a deal with the local shop because you don’t have to worry about the marketing and negotiations provided that they will purchase the items in bulk and in good price.

There are many ways to dispose your used office furniture which in return can cost you something to keep. However, if you do not intend to resell them, there are organizations that accept donations. All you need to do is browse some non-profit organizations and offer hem your donation in kind in the form of used office furniture. This is another way of getting rid of your used yet functional office furniture in absolutely the best way.

Used office furniture can be retouched and placed back to the market circulation. They are not just pieces of junks which can be thrown in he dump sites once they have been around for quite some time. Disposing them in the proper way will offer you with great benefits. You can earn something from reselling them and set aside the money as additional budget in redecorating or renovating the workplace. Or if you have the biggest heart, you can send them as donations to local non-profit communities. If you are decided to get rid of your used office furniture, think the right way!