The first office cubicle was designed by Hermann Miller in 1967. Today, a lot of open offices now use office cubicles to isolate employees and provide more privacy. Also, office cubicles help separate employees from loud noises and sights in a chaotic working environment. Thus, making it easier for employees to concentrate and be more productive. Business owners now have the option of investing in new or pre-owned cubicles in Houston.

What’s more, over the years, office cubicle designs have come a long way. These Pre-owned office cubicles in Houston can be customized to fit your specific business needs. However, assembling an office cubicle can be challenging. In case you are wondering how to put together an office cubicle, this post is for you. Here, we will be providing you with some basic cubicle installation instructions to guide you through.

Before we continue, let’s take a look at some benefits of buying pre-owned office cubicles in Houston…

Benefits of Buying Used or Pre-Owned Cubicles in Houston

Many people desire the “new cubicle smell.” However, buying used office cubicles have numerous benefits. These include:

Save Cost: Pre-owned office cubicles are less expensive. They are often sold by businesses that are moving out or no longer in need of the furniture. Hence, you can buy them at a bargain price.

Properly Inspected, Clean, & Reliable: Generally, these used cubicles are properly cleaned and repaired before they are sold. All parts are properly inspected and certified to be in excellent condition.

Environmentally Friendly: Also, it is always a plus to reduce a company’s carbon footprint or waste. Buying pre-owned office cubicles will help prevent several components from being wasted

Quick Setup: Used cubicles are typical in-stock and ready to go — no need to keep waiting for your order to arrive. Thus, getting your pre-owned office cubicles in Houston is pretty easy.

Top Brands for Less: Lastly, you can purchase pre-owned office cubicles from top furniture brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth for a fraction of the actual cost.

How to Assemble Traditional Office Cubicles

Traditional office cubicles can be assembled by following a fairly involved process. At times, the exact steps to arrange pre-owned office cubicles in Houston usually differ depending on the brand or model of the office cubicle. Also, you will need some tools and panel connectors to get started.

Assembly Tools

  • Allen wrench
  • Power drill
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Magnetic torpedo level
  • Rubber mallet or hammer

Panel Connectors

  • Straight panel connectors
  • Corner connectors
  • T-shaped connectors
  • Four-way connectors (star or X-connectors)

Below are the essential steps to install a traditional office cubicle.

Check Your Design Plan

Before you start assembling your office cubicles, ensure that you have all the necessary materials available. Have a clear idea of the configuration you intend to create with your cubicles. Also, ensure that the cubicle design you have in mind will fit into the available office space. You can take out your measuring tape to measure the available space. With this, you can determine the best cubicle design plan.

Assemble Panels

Next, assemble the panels that will be used in creating your cubicle. This step involves connecting metal frame pieces to flat material pieces. This will help form the windows and walls of your office cubicle.

Install Straight Connectors

Connector plates typically attach along the vertical edge of a panel. They allow you to connect the panels together. Also, connector panels often have grooves. This makes it possible for the connectors to fit into the panel seamlessly.

What’s more, you will need to screw connector pieces on the edge of one panel into place. Using the connector, lock your other panels into place. Attach the panels you are joining beside each other using straight connectors. This will help form a long wall for your office cubicle.

Add Other Connectors

The next step is to create connections that require 90-degree angles. However, the ideal type of connector you will use here will depend on the design you intend to create. This can range from T-shaped intersections to corners, four-way intersections, and more. Choose the right piece of panel connector. Before using them to connect any panel, screw them into place tightly. With this, you can form your cubicle layout as planned.

Cap off Exposed Edges

After putting all the panels into space, you may still have some edges exposed. These sharp edges can cause office injuries to employees. Hence, ensure that you cover any unfinished edges that are exposed. Cover exposed vertical edges on panels using end trim pieces. Likewise, cover exposed bottom edges using kickplates. Create a polished finished for the bottom corner using end caps.

Arrange the Wiring System

Wiring systems are required in office cubicles due to the need to power office electronics and other equipment and provide internet. Some office cubicles often come with raceways for electrical wires. On other occasions, you may need to run an extension cable. Thus, each employee can have a power strip where their electronics can be connected.

Install Storage Options

Also, install storage options provided by the pre-owned office cubicles in Houston. This can range from file cabinets to overhead storage accessories. However, your specific cubicle model will determine how the overhead storage accessory will be attached. You can attach the overhead storage containers to the cubicle walls using cantilevers. At the same time, you can fit your file cabinets anywhere you want.

Install Countertop

The next thing is to install countertops. Carefully space out the cantilevers and screw them into place. This ensures that they are able to provide adequate support for the countertops. With the cantilevers in place, set down your counter pieces on the cantilevers. Tightly screw the cantilevers to certify that they are firmly attached. The last thing you want is for countertops to fall off while employees are working.

Include Other Accessories

Next, include any extra touches you want to your office cubicles. Accessories can include tack boards, marker boards, track lighting, and so forth. Ensure that the office cubicles are fully equipped with everything needed by the employees.

Invite Employees In

Lastly, using a damp cloth, wipe down the surfaces. This will ensure that your office cubicles and workspaces are free of dirt. Once done, employees can move their possessions into the cubicle and start working.

Hire a Professional to Help Install Pre-Owned Cubicles in Houston

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