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Clear Choice Office Solutions offers quality used cubicles Houston at a price you can afford. Our selection of pre-owned cubicles come in all shapes and sizes.  They can accommodate any office environment and almost any budget. We carry every major brand of used cubicle, including Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Knoll, Allsteel, Hon and more.  So if you are looking for used cubicles Houston, give us a call today for a free consultation.

When facility managers, office building owners, and furniture dealers need cubicles in Houston and across the nation, many turn to the wide selection at Clear Choice Office Solutions. We pride ourselves on offering clean, dependable and affordable used office furniture.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality for our inventory. All used cubicles are cleaned and retouched if needed.

Used Cubicles Houston

(We have a huge selection of Used Cubicles Houston)

Why Should You Buy Used Cubicles Houston?

Used Cubicles Houston
  • Investing in pre-owned office cubicles will save a lot of money from your decoration budget in Houston, Texas.
  • Branded cubicles like Herman Miller, Haworth and Steelcase etc. don’t actually lose their quality after a use of just a few months. You can get like-new quality for a fraction of the price.
  • Most manufacturers design the cubicles in such a way that it’s almost impossible to reconfigure. So, it’s better to buy used cubicles Houston because, that will work in your favor while changing position or placement of the cubicle.

Herman Miller AO2 (Action Office 2) Used Cubicles Houston

Used Cubicles Houston

Herman Miller AO2 (Action Office 2) cubicles were originally released in 1965 as the world’s first open plan office cubicle, our Open Plan Systems furniture. Herman Miller AO1 and AO2 cubicles are transparent and easy to configure.   If you like the look of the Herman Miller AO2 cubicles but not the high cost, we offer several solutions at a lower price.   First we have the Systems2 series that recreates the look of the current AO2 cubicles.  We also have a large number of remanufactured AO2 systems.  Finally, we have a wide selection of used Herman Miller A02 cubicles to select from.  Already have Herman Miller AO2? The Systems2 station parts that we offer work directly with your existing setup, saving you time, money, and resources.

Herman Miller Ethospace Systems Pre-Owned Cubicles

Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are ideal for any business that requires office cubicle furniture that is durable and provides an updated look for your office.  Herman Miller Ethospace was introduced in 1985 and to this day is still the standard of the systems furniture industry. Ethospace is a frame and tile system whose flexibility and durability is unmatched.  The primary structural design of Ethospace systems is the frame which serves as the “walls” of the system. The frame is constructed of steel and is virtually indestructible—ideal for use in the used cubicle market. The trademark of Ethospace cubicles is its flexibility which lies in the tiles which get snapped onto the frame and can provide dozens of creative styles and design options.  Clear Choice Office Solutions also offers “Tiles” cubicles which are also a panel system which is compatible with Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles and parts.

Used Cubicles Houston

Herman Miller Resolve Used Cubicles Houston

Used Cubicles Houston

The Herman Miller Resolve cubicle structure creates an inviting, open, and very efficient workstation environment where employees will feel comfortable and connected.  Our design team can determine the style and the theme along with the Herman Miller Resolve accessories that will adequately compliment the workspace. Used Resolve cubicles from Clear Choice Office Solutions provide a relaxing environment that mimics the natural world, beginning with the 120-degree angle, the modern screens and canopies, which provide a sense of enclosure.  For more information about these used cubicles Houston, take a look at the Designing Resolvebrochure by Herman Miller.

Steelcase - Montage and Avenir Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles Houston

Steelcase cubicles are efficiently designed to be adaptable to your evolving business needs. The multifunctional capabilities of these systems have earned Steelcase recognition in the office furniture world for cutting-edge design and craftsmanship. Steelcase cubicles are easily reconfigurable, they can be modified to accommodate changes in your personnel and shifts in your office layouts.  Steelcase has several lines of cubicles varying from the Montage line, Steelcase Answer, the 9000 series, Steelcase Avenir, and the Context series of used cubicles Houston.

Haworth Used Cubicles Houston

Used Cubicles Houston

Haworth office cubicles provide the flexibility businesses need to accommodate changes in the workplace while also providing a balance of durability and style.  Haworth cubicles offer one of the most well-designed cubicle systems in the world. Haworth introduced the first pre-wired modular panel system in 1976 and the panel-to-panel cabling system in 1998.  Haworth has many options to choose from on the Houston used cubicles furniture market. Clear Choice Office Solutions specializes in pre-owned Haworth Premise, Unigroup, Compose, and Haworth Places office cubicles.  The most popular is the Haworth Premise line of cubicles that was introduced in the late 1990’s as a substitute to the standard lines of Haworth. There are two different versions of this system.  The Standard Version of the Premise cubicle and the “Enhanced” Premise cubicle.  A combination of design, application freedom, and innovative technology solutions have made Premise one the leading choices for businesses around the globe.

Allsteel Pre-Owned Cubicles Houston

Used Cubicles Houston

Allsteel office cubicles offer remarkable flexibility and style. The versatile components interconnect in an almost unlimited arrangement. Allsteel has proven over time that their stations have the structural integrity to endure constant rearrangement. Allsteel has always be a dependable brand of cubicles that is designed with your employees in mind.

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