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Used Cubicles Houston

Are you looking for Used Cubicles Houston?   It is always very challenging for a start-up to setup a new office. This can be attributed to the huge portion of overhead cost office furniture and cubicles take up when starting a business. Furthermore, a company may need to upgrade their furniture and office cubicles and this will also require the use of some money. Relocation to a new workstation will also require some extra expenditure and therefore it makes economic sense for a company to get used cubicles. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s leading supplier of new, used, and remanufactured office cubicles and furniture supplied from world’s top manufacturers. It is a family-owned business that has built a good reputation with buyers of furniture and cubicles. It offers pre-owned cubicles from firms such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Allsteel, Haworth, HON, Trendway, and many others.

Used Cubicles – Used Does Not mean Lesser Quality

When cubicles first hit the furniture market, they generated mixed reactions. It gave a decent look to the office and completely changed the way an office could be arranged. Most companies drastically embraced the office cubicles and they have now become a staple in most offices in America and all over the world. According to statistics, about 60% of American working population use cubicles in their offices.

Despite the huge benefit that cubicles provide, not everyone can afford new cubicles. A start-up and growing companies have financial challenges in the beginning and therefore used cubicles can help them save a lot of money. They save approximately 80 to 90 percent and they give the buyer the ability to choose their desired materials. Cubicles can be designed using wood or steel and they also vary in sizes and shapes. They also have storage areas, drawers, and other useful amenities.

Pre-owned cubicles that have been well-maintained appear and function just like new ones. Individuals who have never procured used cubicles may have the perception that these cubicles are of lesser quality. However, this idea can never be true. All used furniture items at Clear Choice Office Solutions are subjected to intensive inspection by experienced professionals. They are then passed through a checklist to verify that they meet a laid down criteria. By doing this, clients are guaranteed of getting cubicles that are of superior quality and will serve them for years to come. Therefore, by buying used it does not mean you are settling on anything less in quality.

Pre-Owned Cubicles – Tailored Solutions

Cubicle and furniture customization is another major concern among companies. With used cubicles a firm can receive cubicles that have been customized to bring out their brand and match the interior décor of their workstation. You can do this without using a lot of money since it is much cheaper to customize used office cubicles. Re-manufactured cubicles that have been thoroughly repaired and fitted with new parts are available and cost 45 to 75 percent less when compared to new ones. These products can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a business and therefore you are assured to get exactly what you are looking for when you turn to Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Does Organization Size Matter?

With office cubicles organization size, whether small or big never matters. They are perfect for those who would like to utilize the available space in their organization. Use cubicles come in different sizes and vary immensely. Depending on the needs of your organization, you can decide on the kind of cubicle you need and the number required.

Before you make an order for office cubicles you should have proper measurements of the workstation, evaluate the number of workers who will use the cubicle, and analyze how the cubicles will be used. For those who have small teams they can procure cubicles that have fewer blocks. Bigger teams can choose cubicles with more blocks. Asides the number of blocks required, you should also consider the required utility space. An expert will help you evaluate your need and tailor the cubicles to meet the needs of your company no matter the size.


Cubicles and Employee Productivity

The way a working area is arranged hugely affects the productivity of the employees. For maximum productivity to be attained, a workstation should be comfortable and give some privacy to the employees. The way a cubicle is designed provides a clean look to the office and gives employees maximum comfort. They can be arranged in a way that natural light can be utilized in the working area since natural light has been found to enhance productivity at work. You can also bring in some natural plants since they provide a sense of tranquility and boost productivity.

Another great advantage associated with a cubicle is the fact that they are so much easier to organize. Unlike open offices where papers pile up on top of office tables, the compact design of cubicles eliminates too much paper work on work stations and embraces wireless and paperless office solutions. This eliminates distractions and greatly improves the productivity of employees.

The office cubicle should be set up by an expert since it has to be done in a proper manner so as to eliminate careless assembling. If the cubicle is set up haphazardly, it will lead to some minor accidents in the working area. An office cubicle is lightweight and can be removed and repositioned with ease. Therefore, only an expert will guarantee good work is done during the installation process.

Where to Buy Used Cubicles

It is advisable that you only buy used cubicles from used furniture online retailers who are genuine. By doing so you will enjoy some extra benefits such as after sales services, financing, discounted prices, and many others. Most online retailers who deal in used and new office furniture offer after sales services to their clients.

Used cubicles are the perfect option for any business. They can be planned and configured to meet the space requirements of your working area. The experienced professionals at Clear Choice Office solutions will evaluate your floorplans and requirements and provide customized solutions that will meet your needs and requirements. So if your are looking for Used Cubicles Houston, visit us at to get more information.