Cubicles are the most efficient and affordable workspace solution. The cubicles are available in a variety of choices and it is really worth spending on cubicles as they can make your office look spacious and elegant.  Also, some employees spend over 40 hours per week in that cubicle, that is why, it is important to provide a spacious cubicle, which makes the employees work comfortably, and enhance their productivity and it also enhances your business simultaneously.

Buying cubicles for your office is different from buying office furniture, and cubicles are not just about a design or that looks good with the décor.  Spacious Cubicles are important as the employees spend most of their time in their workplace, so it is an involved process to which you need to put more effort to find the best cubicles for your office.

Cubicles are more than just a place where the each individual employee sit, or work on a computer and make phone calls. Cubicles can cultivate collaboration and can create privacy.  Finding the best cubicles is important when you want to save space in your workplace. Here you can find 5 best steps to find best cubicles

5 steps to finding best cubicles for your office:

  1. Measure your workspace: Before choosing cubicles for your office, you must take measurements of your office space. Take a professional help and provide architectural file or drawing to the service providers, they can easily provide you the best and professional workspace solutions with new designs of cubicles. You can ask for a free space plan.
  2. Know your Employees Requirements: It is always good to know exactly how your employees want their cubicles to work comfortably, so that, you can easily tell the cubicle providers the requirements of employees. The professional helpers can guide you in choosing the cubicle features, sizes, and options. Once you provide sufficient workspace for employees, then the results of your business achievement are apparent.
  3. Inform your budget limits: It is always a good idea to tell the professional cubicle providers about your budget limits, that way they can provide the cubicles according to your office needs and in your budget limits.
  4. Select the Design: You might have seen most of the cubicles in the offices look same, but if you want to make a difference, and you want to give some different look to your office, then you can tell the service provider about your choices, and select the material that comes under your budget, choose the cubicles that match your office décor, environment and style. The right choice can make a big difference.
  5. Get the cubicles on Schedule: You must tell the Cubicle providers exactly when they need to install the cubicles in your office. Plan your schedule, accordingly inform the providers the exact time and date to install the cubicles.

When you want to install cubicles in your office, then you must know that cubicles are available in 3 heights: 39 inches (3 x 2), 53 inches (4 x 3), and 67 inches (6 x 5).

Office Space Planning Consideration:

When you are planning to improve your workspace in your company, then you must know about some of the important things that can help you in designing an efficient office environment. It also helps your company’s growth and potentialities.  Creating a spacious workspace is not only crucial step to consider when you have quite a large number of employees working in their cubicle that is why proper planning is required when you want to install cubicles, and getting professional help can lessen your burden and also they can provide good designs and material with affordable options.

Get an exact number of cubicles that are needed for your workplace, and how many employees require additional workstations? You should also consider how quick your business will grow.  Also, you must consider the workspace legal requirements to make sure that all your employees have sufficient workspace and they can work safely and comfortably.  These rules are inclined to manage the minimum amount of space that is required for each and every employee in the organization.

Choosing a Cubicle Design and Configuration:

Choosing the right cubicle design or configuration is the most important decision that you should make.

  • You should make the decision according to the office size, space, and configuration.
  • Cubicle size is undemanding when you are looking for a compact solution.
  • If you are looking for a call center environment, then go with 3 x 4inch cubicles.  The height of the wall depends on the settings you are creating.
  • The Higher wall can offer privacy and creates a closed cubicle, or a lower wall can provide more interaction between the employees and also it gives the look of an open office setting.
  • You can provide workstations or larger cubicles to the managerial grade employees.
  • Workstation cubicles offer more workspace to the employees. Giving a makeover to your office with cubicle configuration is not just to show the spacious workspace environment, but also helps you save money with grouping cubicles.
  • If you install the cubicles next to the existing overhead sources or walls, then you can save a lot of money by just putting wall application poles or outlets. Also with the non-structural feature, you can hide wiring.
  • You can also find several choices with cubicle furniture, including, wheeled pedestals, filing drawers, wall cupboards or shelving, and freestanding bookshelves with locks or without locks.
  • You should choose the cubicles according to the task configuration, for instance, you want to install cubicles for computer professionals, then adding a keyboard tray is important.

Cubical style options: Choosing the right design and style of cubicles can make your office look spacious and elegant.

  • Fabric Options: You can find several colors and grades in fabric, where you can choose the right color for your office cubicles.  Also, if you have office theme colors, then choose the fabric color that matches the office settings.
  • Trim Color: Medium Tone is the standard trim color; it is a metal, sustaining trim, and contains plastic base punt plates and also contains metal storage and shelving.

Some big companies hire a professional interior designer to design their work area, especially when they get a lot of visitors.  If your company is large enough to hire a designer, then get a professional help and create cubicles according to your employee’s requirements for better output. If you are looking for both New and Used Cubicles Houston or any other location in Texas, give Clear Choice Office Solutions a call at 1-888-788-4268 or visit