In this new era when environmental conservation is a major concern, organizations take their conservation efforts seriously. Companies now recycle office furniture and use Sustainable Office Furniture since these are some of the ways of conserving the environment. The use of new furniture may be alluring to any company but it is very expensive and unsustainable to do this. Therefore, any company that is committed to conserving the environment should start by using sustainable office furniture.

While adopting sustainable office furniture options, any company has to balance between quality, sustainability, and cost.  Below are the options available when it comes to the sustainability of office furniture;

1. Sustainable Office Furniture – Reuse Office Furniture

A company can reuse its own furniture or those that have been used by others.  The furniture is used at it is with no improvement or alteration.

This option is the most sustainable and it is the cheapest option if a company is reusing its own furniture. It will only affect the environment when it is being moved from one location to the other.

Some of the setbacks associated with this option include; it is expensive if you are buying from others, the used furniture can be in bad condition, it lacks quality assurance or a warranty, and you get limited volumes and colors.

Choosing to use second hand or used furniture can be the most sustainable but it can be risky, limits your company, and you may not get value for your money. It is also ideal when you are placing orders in small volumes. You can use pre-owned cubicles and used office furniture since they are the most sustainable choices.

2. Refurbish, Refresh and Repair Office Furniture

This option comes second with regard to environmental conservation. This is where a company replaces fabrics that are worn-out or out-of-date.

It is the second best when it comes to sustainable office furniture especially where the fabric used is recycled. You will also get reupholstered office furniture at affordable prices. This will save a lot on cost for your company.

The major setback with this option is that scratches may still appear on some parts of the item. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best options of extending the life of your furniture.

3. Remanufacture or Remake Office Furniture

Remaking or remanufacturing of office furniture simply means that a company reuses some long lasting components such as steel mechanisms and aluminum bases that are used in chairs and desks. The softer parts of the used cubicles and furniture are replaced. Once furniture has been remade or remanufactured it becomes quite difficult to distinguish the new from the old. In fact they carry the same warranty.

One of the advantages of this option is that you can get your preferred colors and fabrics at about a fraction of the price. You also save the environment by 80% per piece made using virgin materials. You can also get a warranty when you purchase from a reputed manufacturer. Professional furniture remanufacturing firms also get an easy access to large volumes of pre-owned office furniture. Therefore, they can handle huge orders for offices that require huge volumes.

One of the setbacks with this option is that it is a challenge to get a reputable manufacturer who will provide your required quality and specification. Nonetheless, this is a great option if done properly.

If you have challenges getting a reputable manufacturer, you can buy from suppliers who are well connected such as Houston’s Clear Choice Office Solutions. It supplies remanufactured office furniture from global manufacturers such as Friant, Haworth, Cherryman, Steelcase, Mayline, and Herman Miller.

4. Recycle Office Furniture

A company can recycle office furniture since this is one of ways of minimizing the garbage that end up in the landfills. Recycled furniture refers to office furniture made from components that have been reclaimed from pre-owned or used furniture. These components are separated, shredded, and then melted and made into parts that are used to make furniture.

This option makes use of less virgin materials. However, this option has its setbacks; they cost the same price just like new and can even be more costly than new. They may also contribute to environmental pollution when they are melted down. It is also not possible to recycle all the materials 100%. For instance, wool fibers shorten every time they are recycled and therefore they require additional virgin material.

5. Recyclable Office Furniture

Various manufacturers are now considering furniture materials that are recyclable to some extent. By purchasing furniture that is recyclable you are choosing sustainable office furniture.

This option is great since the manufacture has already identified the components of the furniture that will be recycled at the end of the furniture life. The major setback of this option is that it makes use of virgin materials. Furthermore, the label “recyclable” does not mean that every owner will recycle the furniture. Nonetheless, this is a great option if you are considering who to buy from between two or more manufacturers and everything else is the same.

6. Virgin Office Furniture

This option is the most unsustainable. These are furniture sets that have been manufactured from virgin material and have never been used before. The buyer enjoys unlimited quantities when they choose this option and the wide variety of components can be transported all over the world. Furthermore, it is quite easy and fast to specify the color, design, or type of virgin materials to use.

The main setback with buying furniture made from virgin material is that they are quite expensive since its supply chain is complex and take up a lot of money. It is also the most unsustainable option.

Even though this option is the worst, if you end up choosing this option, buy from a manufacturer that designs long lasting furniture. The furniture should also be easily remanufactured.

Taking the responsibility to find and buy sustainable office furniture that meets your budget and needs of your business should not be a challenge. Clear Choice Office Solutions is the leading supplier of sustainable office furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. You should be cautious when furnishing your office since it not only affects how you feel and work but it also has an effect on the environment. To learn more about sustainable office furniture visit Clear Choice Office Solutions at