Whether you are outfitting your new office space or trying to redecorate the existing one, searching for functional pieces of furniture can be a challenging undertaking. The basic structure of an office layout is to replace furniture that has worn or tired out over time. Doomed to the landfill stream, this is where old furniture are destined to be sentenced while new office furniture comes in the picture to provide the workspace with a new face lift. With the world’s dilemma on greenhouse effect, solid waste management and pollution, think about the ecological impact when buying furniture such as new or used cubicles, chairs, book shelves or cabinets.

Think About the Environment: Go Green

 While enjoying the comforts of having an elegant workplace with new office furniture, you are simply contributing to the destruction of the environment. Climate change impact and deforestation awareness are among the main concerns of most companies nowadays which demand for a “green” and healthy office furniture.

For businesses having good sense of responsibility for the environment and to ease the burden from depletion, here are the best reasons why choosing refurbished or used cubicles over manufactured new products is absolutely the best decision:

Free from Chemical Pollutants

During the manufacturing of new products that harmful gases are being produced like volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde and other toxic wastes. These gases are being released in the atmosphere which contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer causing global warming in the long run. These chemical elements which are byproducts are also harmful for the health which most trigger the human respiratory and nervous systems.

On the contrary, remanufactured or refurbished cubicles undergo environment friendly process of repainting, reupholstering or being stripped down into pieces and reassembled to look like “brand new” again. Down the line are used cubicles and furniture which stood up the test of time and are readily available for use in their “as is” condition which oftentimes have been rarely used by previous owners and only require minor clean up.

Conservation of Energy

More energy and labor are required during the manufacturing of new furniture whereas, the process of refurbishing will save up to 95% of energy production.

Reduction of Landfill Stream

When furniture fabric or color scheme simply worn out, they are discarded in landfills which nowadays are having limited spaces. The remanufacturing of office furniture like cubicles only require a simple process which will again bring back into the market for resale. Likely, old cubicles in good condition can be sold in the market for only cheaper price. Utilizing refurbished or used furniture to vibrantly decorate the workplace is a great idea. When they are given their second life will result to reduced production of new furniture. This way, fewer products will be thrown in limited solid waste streams.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Among of the most important raw materials used in the production of furniture are wood and timber. Try to imagine if all companies will have high demands for new products. More and more tress will be cut down resulting to barren and nude forests.

Whereas, no new raw material is being used during the refurbishing process. This only requires a little remodeling with readily available parts which are recycled to look like new again. Alongside, used cubicles only need to be cleaned so no harm on utilizing additional raw material.

Reduction of Air Pollution

Recycling of furniture or utilizing used cubicles for your office will reduce the amount of toxic elements that are being released in the atmosphere. When harmful gases are accumulated in multitude at the atmosphere caused by the manufacturing of new products, acid rain, global warming, photochemical smog are formed. Sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, among other pollutants will result to air pollution.

The Environmental Impact of Refurbished or Used Cubicles is Getting Popular

Companies are getting too conscious and being aware of the climate change issues as well as air pollution. As part of green office campaign, furniture dealers including Clear Choice Office Solutions are providing extensive selections of refurbished and used office furniture such as cubicles, chairs, tables, cabinets, bookshelves and a lot more. As being a reputable brand in Houston and across the country, we are very committed to provide you with the perfect place to shop the right furniture for your needs.

We introduce environmental friendly cubicles that are well refurbished and slightly used ensuring that you have the most excellent designs and styles for your office space. Our huge array of refurbished and used cubicles Houston are available in various types and brands where you can maximize your space and help the environment. Our furniture are certified functional, attractive and durable which are suiting to the contemporary look of your workplace.

Clear Choice Office Solutions guarantees that quality and cost should not be in troubled when buying refurbished or used cubicles from us. We maintain our reputation in the industry by ensuring that our refurbished and used products are keeping the decency of product cost and quality. Apart from giving your company a lot of savings, we strongly promote ecological awareness. We likewise encourage companies to stop the misconception that refurbished or used furniture are inferior in quality. Our great range of selections have timeless look with durability that have stood up against heavy wear and tear.

Our selections of refurbished and used cubicles are built to last with durable material and superb construction. We have the artistic touch to transform outdated appearance of old furniture into sophisticated pieces that will perfectly match the contemporary furnishings and interior of your workplace. From color scheme to fabric and upholstery, our extensive collections will definitely satisfy your need for a vibrant, fresh and conducive office space for both employees and clients. To know more about our exceptional products and services, feel free to keep touch with us by visiting our official site https://clearchoiceos.com/.

Care about the environment, think about the future generation. By purchasing refurbished or used cubicles, you will not only reap significant benefits for your business but a great help in saving the environment!