Businesses engage in office furniture liquidation for a number of reasons. First off, when a business scales down they have to liquidate any furniture and equipment that is not required. Secondly, office relocation may force a firm to liquidate some of its furniture and other equipment. There may be many other reasons for companies to look into office furniture liquidation and irrespective of the reason for liquidating this process is never an easy one.

Important Points to Remember about Office Furniture Liquidation 

Liquidation of office furniture requires a proper plan and implementation. Various professional office furniture liquidation companies exist in the market and each offer its unique service. It is always sagacious to hire a service provider that has a good reputation and has networked with reputed furniture brands.

Below are some important aspects of office furniture liquidation;

  • Accuracy and Reliability-any liquidation project has its unique needs and requirements and therefore any service provider should be able to give you an accurate time frame of project duration. The reliability of such a provider can be gauged by its ability to give a reasonable time frame for a project and deliver as promised. The two factors that affect project duration are scope and accessibility.
  1. Scope-this simply refers to the size of the liquidation project. A business may have a few items that need to be removed. Whereas others may have a huge stock of furniture and equipment that need to be removed from entire floors.
  2. Accessibility-the accessibility of a business will affect the efficiency of removing old furniture. Some of the things that affect the accessibility of a premise include elevators, docks, and many others.
  • Pricing-pricing is an important factor when it comes to office furniture liquidation. You should be very cautious when hiring providers since others have some hidden fees. A reliable provider is one that gives you a competitive price upfront and lays down everything clearly before you commit your finances. There should also be no unanticipated price adjustments.
  • Furniture Quality-the quality of furniture and equipment is very important when it comes to liquidation. This affects the ability of the item in question to fetch market demand. Generally, for office furniture the quality is affected by the ratio of plastic to steel. A product that has more steel is of a higher quality and the reverse is true. It s therefore to deal with a supplier that only sales products from the top brands in the market. This way you are guaranteed to get a high quality product.

Why Liquidate Office Furniture?

There is a huge benefit associated with selling used office furniture to furniture liquidation firms instead of disposing them to the landfill. These include;

  • Benefit to the environment-as the saying goes,” numbers do not lie” this is true. It is stipulated that Americans alone generate a whopping 236 million tons of garbage annually. Of this, only 30% is composted or recycled and the rest ends up in the landfill. Furniture makes up 8,550,000 tons of the garbage and to even further aggravate the situation, office furniture contain chemicals that pollute the environment. When you liquidate office furniture, you save the environment.
  • Benefit to your Bottom line-you save a lot of money when you liquidate furniture. You will get some extra cash for your business and help another business that will utilize the used office furniture.

Why Choose a Reputable Office Furniture Liquidator

Office furniture liquidators who have built a good reputation are preferred mainly because of these reasons;

  • Cost-irrespective of whether you are selling or buying from the liquidator, you are guaranteed of getting the best price.
  • Quality-this is top priority when it comes to office furniture since furniture does not come cheap. When you buy you want a product that is built to last and is worth every penny. A reputable firm only deals on good quality products. They collect supply furniture from top brands in the market.
  • Types-you will get a variety of options to choose from when you buy from a well known office furniture liquidation firm.
  • Timeliness-if you are selling then you would prefer a firm that undertakes the liquidation within a reasonable time frame. Those who are buying will also prefer a firm that completes the process efficiently with no delays. Only reliable liquidators can do all these.

Mistakes to Avoid During Office Furniture Liquidation

  • Poor timing-the liquidation process requires a lot of time and therefore you should not give the liquidator an unrealistic timeframe for the task. Try as much as possible to allow some extra time for the task.
  • Poor planning-most business do not plan for their office furniture liquidation and eventually end up losing most of their furniture items. You need to make proper plans and keep an inventory of your existing furniture. This will give you an exact figure of the number of items you have and your expected revenue.
  • Parting it out-this is a common mistakes committed by most liquidating business. They sell off some parts of the furniture since they feel such items sell off fast. You should avoid this mistake and instead sell off everything as a package otherwise you will end up with tiny left over furniture that has no use.
  • Lack of Research-you will lose a lot by simply failing to carry out your homework about the going rate of the furniture you want to sell. Do not focus too much on the only liquidator you know in town. It always pays off tremendously to just take some time in researching about what other office furniture liquidators are willing to offer. You should factor in all aspects of liquidation including removal fees and cost of hiring the removing trucks.

Your office furniture liquidation move should never be daunting as it always is when you do it alone. A reliable office furniture liquidation firm will help you make the entire process fast and hassle-free. Office furniture liquidators are a time saver and will ensure maximum comfort for those considering pre-used office furniture. Another great advantage associated with these firms is that they greatly enhance ergonomics in your workstation. They tailor your office furniture to meet the needs of your employees.