Buying and installing office furniture is one of the ways of increasing the aesthetics of the workplace. It also help in making the workspace more conducive and appealing. Purchasing cubicles can also enhance the comfort and the productivity amongst the workforce. At times, your business establishment can be short of funds to purchase new cubicles. Hence, you inevitably forced to resort to purchasing used cubicles in Houston.

Purchasing used office furniture in Houston for your office does not only save you money but adds brilliance to your office. Many people balk at buying pre-owned cubicles in Houston because they think the word “pre-owned” is associated with structural and aesthetic damages. A used cubicle is also refurbished cubicles that are made to appear new again. Refurbished cubicles are cubicles whose structures and appearances have been modified.

If you are just starting a business you can begin with purchasing used cubicles as a way to save money that will be used in other areas of the business.

Advantages of Buying Used Cubicles Houston

Many offices dread on buying used pre-owned cubicles Houston obviously because they do not know the benefits. Probably, you might be able to change your mind after going through the advantages of buying used office cubicles.


Purchasing used cubicles in Houston is the easiest and quickest way of enhancing and transforming your workstation. They are already cut and pre-designed thereby making installation quick and easy. The costs that are associated with the cutting and designing of new cubicles is easily evaded by buying used cubicles.


Used Steelcase cubicles have been used and therefore strong enough to be refurbished and resold. This fact is enough proof that used cubicles will serve you for a very long time at your workstation.

Top Condition

Used cubicles, as some quarters perceive are not structurally and aesthetically deteriorated. It is even difficult to differentiate between a new and a used cubicle as the former is refurbished to retain the structure and new looks.

Delivery is Faster

While furnishing your office, you might have to wait for weeks before you get the new cubicle that you purchased. This may take weeks or even months. Purchased pre-owned office cubicles Houston are made available to the buyers around forty-eight hours or less.

Environmentally Friendly

Quality office cubicles that are used which are disposed of are sent to the landfills where they are used by industries thereby creating more carbon footprint. By buying used cubicles, you are preventing them from getting into the hands of manufacturers who utilize them to produce many products thereby polluting the environment in the processes. Purchasing a used cubicle in your workplace can be a way of making the working environment safe for your employees.

Customize your Cubicle

Used Herman Miller cubicles allow you to furnish your workstations according to your preference. You can change the hinges, change the handles and repaint them to the color of your choice. Most cubicles come with vintage appearances. You can add this effect to your office to add some character.

Tips for Purchasing Used Cubicles in Houston

Buying pre-owned cubicles Houston is an arduous process. It requires extremely keeping your ears to the ground to avoid being on the market soon searching for a new cubicle to buy. But it can be very easy once you have all the processes to buy one at your fingertips.

Here in Houston, before you are off to the market to buy used office cubicles, it will pay you more if you sit down and consider the following tips on how to purchase office used cubicles.

Measure Your Budget

Most businesses that are still in its infancy do not possess enough funds that will be used to purchase new cubicles and other running costs of the business. A new cubicle in Houston costs an arm and a leg as each one costs between $1,500 and $10,000. A used and refurbished cubicle that possess strong and durable quality can be purchased for a lesser amount. A used cubicle in Houston costs about $200 to $1,200.

By purchasing used cubicles in Houston, you can save a significant amount of money (about 80% to 90%) and your business as a whole. It means having more money to spend on employees, insurance and other accumulating costs during the course of the business.

Buy From Local Office Furniture Commercial Stores

You can search for used cubicles in local office furniture stores around. It is pointless to search for a wide for something you can find around you. Before you decide to search far, ensure that you look at every local office furniture dealer within you. This will save you from the expensive costs such as shipping fees, and the damages that are linked with buying outside your locality. You will be able to inspect the office property firsthand before purchase and even strike a better bargain.

Trust the Office Furniture Dealer

It is important to know your office furniture dealer very well. How reliable and trustworthy is this office furniture dealer? Some office furniture vendors will sell low-quality furniture using huge discounts as a smokescreen to get rid of them. Before you purchase a used cubicle from an office furniture dealer, you should carry out an extensive investigation about them. Before you buy from them, determine the followings;

  • Will I be given a discount after purchasing in bulk
  • How long does it take to deliver the purchased office used cubicles
  • Are there any warranty that will cover any damage done to the office properties during delivery
  • Will I be refunded or compensated if any defect is detected upon delivery

You can visit an office furniture directory to make a research about the dealer or simply ask friends.

Visit Other Stores and Compare Prices

Do not pay immediately once you have found the use cubicle that you are looking for in a particular store. The quote of the used office cubicles made to you may seem reasonable whereas there are other stores that will offer you the same quality of used cubicles for a lesser cost. Visit different stores, find out their quotes and compare before you purchase.

Read Terms and Conditions Very Well

A credible and reliable used office furniture Houston dealer will read and explain the terms and conditions binding a purchase to you. Some terms and conditions may not be favorable to you and become a problem in the long run. You should be careful to read the terms, conditions, and ensure that they augur well with you in the buying process. The policies should be written in clear terms and made easy to comprehend.

Buy From a Supporting Vendor

Some office furniture vendor will be quick to offer you a warranty and fail to live up to their words when the need arises. They will be attentive to your needs during the buying process, obviously to have your money and do not care about what happens afterward.

You will be on a safer side if you should ask the vendor how you would be covered if any damage should come to the used cubicle during delivery/shipping. See if it is time-consuming to get the ordered used cubicles to your office and if there will be an alternative to make up for lapses. Find out from references and reviews about how the vendor has handled similar cases in the past. Do not go for a vendor that will forget about your order during delivery, as it may not bode well for you and your business.

Consider Safety First

While buying a used cubicle you should consider the safety of the employees. Instead of jeopardizing the safety of your employees, all in a bid to cut costs you should go for used cubicles that are still in good shape. Before you buy, the used cubicles inspect the hinges and handle to ensure that they are in good condition. This will avoid injuries at the workplace and the injury costs that follow.

Choose Value over Price

Some businesses will not hesitate to buy office furniture that has a cheap price. Everyone, of course, loves a cheap bargain but you should give equal preference to the value of the product. When buying a used cubicle, consider the cost over the life expectancy. For example, a used cubicle that is expected a short lifespan will cost less than those with a longer durability will. This means that you will soon be in the market searching for another office cubicle. It is economical to choose value over price than the other way round as this will save you money in the long run.

Evaluate the Privacy of Your Employees

Before you purchase a used office cubicle, try to evaluate the privacy needed by the employees. Cubicles come in different shapes and sizes and each of them is important in determining the level of privacy that the employees will have. If your team requires seclusion and silence, you should go for cubicles with higher walls. If the employees are more concerned about teamwork and not bothered about privacy you can go for those with open space.

The tips described above will aid you to choose the perfect used cubicle for your office. Purchasing used cubicles in Houston requires creating a checklist. You do not just have to walk into the market and buy whatever office furniture you see. Once you are in the market you should be able to remember and stick to them. These guidelines will aid you to circumvent wasting money and save more to enable you to run your business very well. Ensure that you choose quality over price and buy from a trusted office furniture dealer. By doing this, you will be buying quality used Herman Miller cubicles or used Steelcase cubicles for your Houston office.

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