In this era and age, the society has become increasingly eco-conscious and almost every business, small or big, have strategies in place that are aimed at conserving the environment. People and business now recycle and reuse products such as office furniture and other supplies. Pre-owned office cubicles and recycled office furniture are now used widely in most businesses. Houston’s Clear Choice Office Solutions is one of the office furniture liquidation firms that has spearheaded the fight against the disposal of office furniture and used cubicles in the landfills. It helps firms recycle office furniture and liquidate them where possible. It also supplies new, used, and remanufactured office cubicles and furniture from top brands in the market.

About Recycled Office Furniture

There are several options when it comes to recycled office furniture, namely;

  1. Recycled Office Furniture-this simply refers to any pre-used furniture that has been taken out of the solid waste and brought back into the market without being subjected to any kind of repair. Furniture that fall in this category includes; used office furniture, remanufactured, and refurbished furniture that are used once again.
  2. Remanufactured Office Furniture-this is where value is added to the recycled office furniture. This involves a complete disassembling of the products then its parts are inspected, thoroughly cleaned, and are then repaired and replaced. The final product is usually the same as new.
  3. Refurbished Office Furniture-this refers to office furniture that has been subjected to cosmetic improvement so as to add value to the product.
  4. Reused Office Furniture-this is refers to the use of pre-owned office furniture without any improvement or alteration. The used furniture is returned to the market for sale without being subjected to any improvement or repairs.
  5. New Office Furniture-this is office furniture that is purchased directly from the original manufacturer. New office furniture is made from virgin material and is considered the most unsustainable option since most of its parts are made from original material.

Why Recycling Office Furniture is Good for your Business

In the old days, furniture items that got worn out or simply lost its appeal ended up in the landfills. Currently, remanufacturing and refurbishing of used office cubicles and furniture has made it possible for businesses to bring back to life furniture items that were initially seen as undesirable. Instead of dumping the furniture, they are now repaired, repainted, replaced, refinished, and even reupholstered. In fact, recycled and remanufactured furniture look and function just like new. It can even be challenging to distinguish the new from the old.

Recycled office furniture is not only appealing, but it helps your business save a lot of money. A business will save 30 to 50% whenever it buys recycled furniture. This is a huge benefit to the environment as well as your business. As a matter of fact, those businesses that supply its own furniture can even save much more when they recycle office furniture. First off, the firm will not pay unnecessary storage and waste disposal fees and secondly it can enjoy additional depreciation benefits by extending the life of the furniture.

Recycled remanufactured office furniture also gives a firm lots of design options instead of a specific set of fabric, color, or finish. You can sit down with your designer and discuss what you need then bring your imagination into reality. You can also redecorate your office without even changing the existing furniture. You get to choose a color scheme and the design you want.  The color, finish, and fabrics options are limitless for remanufactured recycled office furniture.

Recycling also boosts the reputation of the business. It shows the business manages well its assets and echoes the message that the business takes seriously waste reduction and conservation.

By buying remanufactured office furniture, you enjoy the same benefits derived from new furniture at fraction of the cost. You get a high quality product at an affordable price and you become a part of the going green initiative.

Benefits of Recycling to the Environment

Recycling office furniture is good for the environment. It brings the following benefits;

  1. Natural Resource Conservation-recycling or remanufacturing helps conserve natural resources and energy since minimal raw materials is exploited. By recycling office furniture, you extend the life of some resources such as wood, plastics, aluminum, and fiber.
  2. Reduction of Solid Waste-recycling helps minimize the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills each year. Remanufacturing gives life back to the furniture that could have been disposed on the landfills.
  3. Energy Conservation-by recycling office furniture, energy that could have been used for labor and manufacturing is conserved. Remanufacturing can help save a lot of energy, more so, if metals are not re-smelted.
  4. Reduced Air Pollution-recycling helps reduce air pollution. Manufacturing increases the level of harmful gases that are released to the atmosphere and therefore by recycling to stop the accumulation of these gases in the atmosphere.

Key Points to Remember with Regard to Recycled Office Furniture

There are some common misconceptions about recycled office furniture and they need to be clarified. Keep in mind these points;

  • Remanufactured and refurbished office furniture have been restored and they appeal and function just like new furniture. In fact, reputed manufacturers give customers warranties on the recycled office furniture.
  • When compared to new products, recycled furniture cost about a quarter of the price of new furniture. The remanufactured furniture costs less to build and this ultimately boils down to its price.
  • Remanufacturing in itself is a form of recycling which brings in a lot of benefits to your business and the environment. The remanufactured product has been designed to allure and function like a new one but at a lower cost.
  • Recycled office furniture is easily available and is usually supplied within short lead times. If you are in need of recycled office furniture contact Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Recycled office furniture will not only bring immense benefits to your business but will also help conserve the environment. To get more details about recycled office furniture visit