Office supplies and IT equipment can include office furniture pieces, telephone, computer, printer, PowerPoint projector, scanner, network devices, and more. From time to time, it is important to upgrade these office equipment to maintain the pace of your business and beat your competition. To achieve this, you may need to purchase replacement items and sell your preowned office equipment in Houston.

Furthermore, an office move or business liquidation can bring about the need to sell your office supplies and IT equipment. Regardless of the reasons for selling, it is important that you sell at the best value and make enough money from the office equipment sale. Here are some tips to sell your preowned office equipment in Houston for the best value.

Sell your Preowned Office Furniture in Houston

Wipe Your Data

Business data is vital. The last thing you want is for your critical business information to be in the hands of someone outside the organization. This is why you need to take adequate measures before any electronic device, or IT equipment leaves your office building.

Wipe every data in the IT equipment you are monetizing. Make sure there is no single trace of data left on the mobile devices and computer’s hard drive. This also applies to multi-function scanners and printers that can store sensitive data. The aim is to take the necessary steps towards preventing a potential data breach.

Determine the Value of Your Preowned Office Equipment

Next, you need to determine the value of the preowned office supplies and IT equipment. Big box retailers such as Best Buy and online services like Gazelle offer to purchase used office equipment. The major downside is that some of these convenient services will purchase at a lesser price compared to what you will get by selling the items privately.

To determine the value of your used IT equipment, visit websites like eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, etc., to see what similar items have commanded recently. Sage BlueBook is another website where you can learn the current market price for certain preowned IT equipment. Once you have a better idea of the current market value of your office equipment, you will be able to make an informed decision about the best way and right value to sell them.

Take Quality Photos

Buyers love seeing quality visuals. The quality of your product photography will be the first thing that captivates the shopper’s attention. Just like when selling your used office furniture in Houston, it is important to take quality photos of your office supplies and IT equipment. Especially when you are selling through online marketplaces such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, quality images are vital. This is what you need to attract potential buyers.

However, do not use stock photos on the internet as your product image. Using a quality camera, take individual shots of each office equipment under good lighting to capture the best images. Also, take photos from different angles and views. Potential buyers want to see quality images of the office supplies and IT equipment you have for sale, including close-up views of any flaws.

Use Screen Protectors and Cases

Furthermore, the amount you can make when you sell your preowned office equipment in Houston depends on the condition of the item. This is why it is important to ensure that your office supplies and IT equipment are in excellent condition.

For laptops and mobile devices, you can protect the screen and body using screen protectors and cases. This will help prevent cracks and make the device look neater. Such protection mechanisms also help the device remain in great condition for many years to come.

However, this is best done when the device is still new. If you can invest in screen protectors and cases for your laptops and mobile devices before issuing out to employees, you can sell them at higher prices many years later, when you need to upgrade.

Consider Your Options

As mentioned earlier, you have the option of selling to convenient services or selling preowned office furniture by yourself. Selling the items yourself can help you make more money from each sale. However, you need to consider the effort and time it will require to take photographs, list the items on online marketplaces, and interact with potential buyers. Will the extra money be worth the effort, time, and expenses?

If you are not careful, your marketing efforts and fees may be cutting into your income dramatically. As such, selling or handing over the used office supplies and IT equipment to online services like Gazelle or Best Buy may be the ideal solution, regardless of the reduced earnings. This will free up some time and help you focus more on other important aspects of your business. Likewise, you can sell your used office furniture to an office furniture liquidator. Enlisting the services of office furniture liquidators will be a win-win for everyone.

There you have it! Above are some tips to sell your preowned office equipment in Houston. The office’s technology needs to change from time to time to keep up with the competition and customer demands. However, when it’s time to upgrade your existing systems, you don’t have to pile them up in your storage room. Assess each office equipment, research the value, and consider your options. By following the tips provided above, you can sell your preowned office supplies and IT equipment for the best value.

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Sell Your Preowned Office Furniture in Houston

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