The landscape of office settings is changing. People are adapting to new ways of working, and new generations are entering the workforce. Just when you were getting used to the traits and characteristics of the Millennial generation, a new generation makes its debut in the workplace. Generation Z is a large, tech-savvy generation that will soon be swarming the work field. They’ve waited impatiently for dial up internet or used a pay phone. In actuality, they were born into a world where connection was already established. Answers at the end of their fingertips everywhere, all the time. Their experience with technology is impressive and helpful, but the way they work is very different than what we have seen in prior generations.

Welcome Gen Z

Our job is to know the attributes of the generation and creative workspaces that are conducive and inviting to future employees. It’s inevitable that they will be applying for jobs; it’s inevitable that we will need to hire new employees. So, let’s prepare our minds and our workspaces for what’s to come. This generation is full of digital natives immersed in technology from birth with a desire to rely on technology in every face of their lives. Smartphones, high speed internet, cloud computing, social media, WiFi – fast results anywhere, all the time. The internet world is reality to them just like the real world is reality to everyone before them. Never disconnected and never unplugged, Gen Z is a different breed.

Generation Z Workplace Values

 Technology: Your organization or company must embrace the digital workplace if you want to attract talented Generation Z employees. Technological sophistication is attractive to this market.

Structure: This generation grew up in safe, secure, connected environments. They value structure and familiarity. Office spaces should be predictable and self-explanatory.

Privacy: Shockingly, this generation appreciates the ability to work privately when needed. That doesn’t mean to get rid of it; everyone has to adapt and you have 4 other generations in your office to consider. It does mean that your office design should provide places for quiet, focused, uninterrupted work.

Flexibility: Generation Z like Millennials enjoy the ability to work remotely on a flexible schedule. As well as working in the workspace needed for the task. Office furniture that is flexible to environments is importance to consider.

The office design for Generation Z is different from Millennials yet easy to incorporate. Keep your cubicles and private desk areas while providing collaborative options. Generation Z is the best of both worlds. If your office needs help redesigning for your current employees or future employees, give us a call. We are the best option for office furniture in Houston.