Finding office furniture in Houston make seem like an overwhelming task. Let’s start with the office chair. No matter your workplace – an office, warehouse, school, hospital – office chairs are a necessity and more important than once may realize. A good office chair really does make a difference. For some, it’s the single more important piece of office furniture.

People sit in their office chairs for hours throughout the day. Even those who take breaks still find themselves sitting there for extending periods of time. Naturally, people slouch or adjust to the position they find comfortable, a good office chair helps support the body to maintain a posture that is ideal for sitting. This is why people often go with the ergonomic route for their chairs.

Chairs don’t have to be astronomically expensive; however, when choosing office chairs keep your employees in mind. Office furniture is an expense, so let’s find the best solution for your workspace.

When considering options for office chairs, remember everyone is different. Customization is important when ordering for the masses. Consider the following:

  • Stability (floor mats help with this)
  • Seat height adjustability range
  • Backrest adjustability: frontward, backward, and vertically
  • Ventilation (thin fabric for breathability, mesh is recommended)
  • Chair fits with workstation environment
  • Firm lumbar support for backrest
  • Armrest sizes compatible with employees’ jobs
  • Mobility (chair moves easily with oneself)
  • Cushioning (high-density foam)
  • Seat pan (suggested 1 inch of space on both sides, and 2 to 4 inches of space between the back of your knees and the edge of office chair)