Creating an inviting and functional workspace reduces work stress and creates a happier work environment. It’s possible to create an office design where people are not only more productive but they more fully enjoy the work that they do.

4 Office Design Tips for a More Functional Workspace

Whether it’s the layout, the office furniture, or the office perks, each element contributes to the overall mental well-being of your employees.

1. Create a Comfortable Environment

Employees spend a lot of time sitting at their computer. It puts a strain on the body and isn’t always the most comfortable. Invest in your employees by investing in their chairs. Start with office chairs that are comfortable.

Also, consider your employee’s privacy. Cubicles help reduce background noise but still make it easy for teams to collaborate.

2. Address Special Needs

Ask about them. Show your employees you’re interested in them and their lives. It creates an atmosphere where employees feel valued and appreciated. This keeps the environment professional but also comfortable.

If they request special items such as an adjustable desk or a more ergonomic work station, consider if the increase in productivity might not be worth the investment. You can always purchase such items used rather than new in order to mitigate costs.

3. Change It Up

Provide these third space environments in the office that allows your employees to work in a different area. It gives them a change of scenery and a comfortable option away from their desk. It also is a place where people can collaborate and cultivate organic conversations. Office furniture in these spaces can be lounge seating, maybe fun colors, smaller tables, comfy chairs, etc.

4. Focus Your Furniture

The office furniture you choose is extremely important. Whether or not we like it, the office furniture creates the workspace. It should be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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