Most office furniture pieces have a finite lifespan. In an effort to improve employee comfort and attract customers, facilities managers often consider incorporating the latest workplace trends. In fact, you may need to upgrade or replace your existing furniture after a remodeling job or to improve the aesthetics of your workplace. At this point, the question on your mind will be what to do with your old office equipment in Houston.

Whether you are upgrading your office furniture, decluttering, or an office move, it can be a daunting task to decide what to do with your old office furniture. Regardless, you don’t have to fill up your storage room with old office chairs, desks, conference tables, or file cabinets when you retire them. In this post, we will be providing you with insightful tips on what to do with your old office equipment in Houston.

Create a Detailed Office Equipment Inventory

The first thing to do is to create a complete inventory of all your old and unused office furniture pieces. The inventory should include every furniture piece you don’t need anymore, including cabinets, desks, chairs, cubicles, tables, and so on. You can assign an employee to collect all the required information and create the list. The more accurate your inventory, the easier you are able to decide what to do with your old office furniture in Houston. Once you have a detailed inventory of your old office furniture, you can proceed to the next step.

Set Project Goals

Furthermore, it is important that you set project goals when trying to get rid of old or unused office furniture. This is necessary to help you and your team understand what you want from the project. Such goals can include a financial return, how to achieve hassle-free removal, greener options, make charitable donations, and so forth. Setting the project goals also help you consider your options and determine opportunities in managing your surplus office furniture.

Sell To Your Employees First

However, you should not overlook your employees whenever you are ready to dispose of your old office furniture. Before your office move or after upgrading your furniture pieces, you should consider selling the old furniture pieces to your employees at a reasonable discount. For instance, some of your employees may admire their office chair or desk and would be willing to part with a few bucks to take the furniture home. Besides, selling to your used office furniture in Houston to your employees is a win-win situation. This act is a demonstration of goodwill and can help generate immediate revenue for your business. Also, you can give some old office items to any employee who is struggling financially. They will certainly appreciate your act of generosity.

Sell Old Office Furniture in Houston

After selling to your employees, you can sell the remaining items online or to an office furniture liquidation company in Houston. You can also contact businesses that buy used furniture. In fact, some of these businesses will handle office furniture removal. This will save you time and money. If you don’t want to go through the stress of selling by yourself or looking for buyers, you can hand over the process to a reliable furniture liquidation company like Clear Choice Office Solutions. For businesses that are relocating, you can talk to the new occupants of the office to see if they are interested in buying office furniture.

Donate Your Preowned Office Equipment

Another thing you can do with your old office furniture in Houston is to donate to nonprofits, charity organizations, or local schools. Research about nonprofits and charities in Houston that need donations. These organizations will be willing to take your old office furniture off your hands, gladly. You can also donate to local schools around you. Moreover, donating your used office furniture is a good way to help people and generate community goodwill. Your business will also be eligible for tax write-off and other benefits. Eventually, you will end up with financial gain for your business. However, you should ensure that the office furniture you intend to donate are in reasonably good condition. You can repair the broken office furniture before donating.

Recycle or Repurpose Your Used Office Equipment

In case you are not interested in selling or donating, you can recycle your used office furniture. Find out if a recycler, waste management, or local scrap yard can take the office furniture and repurpose them. Recycling may serve as a greener option. It helps reduce waste and volatile organic compounds (VOC), and shows that your business is environmentally responsible. Companies like Steelcase can help recycle your old office furniture through their “Phase 2” program. The recycler will evaluate your old office furniture and identify materials, parts, and components that can be reclaimed and recycled into new usable products. You may be eligible for valuable gift cards or in-store credit in return. Convert to another Purpose Finally, you can use the old office furniture for another purpose. Some ideas to repurpose old office furniture includes;

  • Convert file cabinets into planters
  • Convert two file cabinets into an office desk
  • Convert cubicles into a wall or decorative billboard

Any of the above can be a fun and innovative way to repurpose some of your old office furniture pieces. There you have it! Above are some useful ideas to help you get rid of your old office equipment in Houston. However, it is important to note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to getting rid of your old office furniture. Some of these old office furniture pieces may be suitable for reselling, donating, or recycling. At the same time, you can convert them to serve other purposes in the workplace. By combining one or more solutions provided above, you can get rid of your old office furniture and reduce clutters.


If you need help with getting rid of your used office equipment in Houston, contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. We are dedicated to providing liquidation services for businesses that are reorganizing, relocating, or downsizing. Also, we offer excellent office furniture recycling services. We will offer you a personalized solution that suits your budget, company goals, and project timeline. Call us today to speak with any of our dedicated representatives. We guarantee you quality and outstanding services.