As we end 2017 and welcome the New Year expect to be welcoming in new office trends as well. The 2018 office is designed with humans in mind; it embraces simplified spaces, unconventional workspaces, adaptable spaces, and recycled office furniture. It is important to stay on top of these office trends in order to foster productive and collaborative environments. Clear Choice Office Solutions helps businesses adapt to the changing workspace by providing affordable used office  furniture in Houston. If companies want to design a new space or update their current ones, recycled furniture is a trend for 2018 and is a way to be environmentally conscious while implementing a desirable work environment.

The ultimate theme for offices in 2018 will be the human-centered office. This work environment fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity while being conducive to the comfort and well-being of employees. It goes beyond ergonomically designed chairs and creates entire workspaces with humans in mind.

• Simplified Spaces
Leave the walls, clunky cabinets, heavy furniture, and room dividers in 2017 and create simplified spaces that don’t obstruct people’s view or creativity. Introduce open shelving, clean lines, and bright colors allowing for more airy workspaces that open the space and open the minds of employees. Think simple desks or table tops with electronic ports. Open concept layouts where people can bounce ideas off of each other from the comfort of their workspace. A minimized office is a cost-friendly office, and we are the clear choice for affordable used office furniture in Houston.

• Unconventional Workspaces
Collaboration is where ideas are created. Intentionally designing spaces where these natural interactions and can turn into collaborations is essential. For example, seating areas in centralized parts of open concept offices provide a change of scenery while still encouraging conversations. Purposefully creating collaboration pods in an office with large desks or unique seating areas with comfortable sofas and chairs encourages people to gather together. The open concept, co-working spaces are a staple of 2018 because they encourage creativity and inspire focus in a way that feels natural.

• Adaptable Spaces
Reconfigurable office furniture allows employees to optimize their workspaces. It provides a way for employees to rework their spaces just like they rework their ideas. These multi-purpose spaces are essential for meetings, training sessions, presentations, etc. Try a large table with electronic ports but with comfortable, cushioned, movable stools or chairs. These options can break of the monotony while still encouraging focused minds.

So, as we welcome in the New Year let us help you introduce these office trends into your workspaces. Clear Choice Office Solutions has used office furniture that helps companies be innovative and cutting-edge. From the sleek, simplified desks, adaptable storage underneath seating areas, to the unconventional workspace options, it will be easy to stay green and on trend. Staying on trend gives businesses the appeal that will attract and retain talented employees that are inspired when they come to work. Get the office of tomorrow now with Clear Choice Office Solutions and their used office furniture in Houston, TX.