The office space has changed dramatically over the last ten years and more than ever before it is important to consider the used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas when planning for your work space.  Some of the factors that affect your decision with regard to office space planning include age related or generational influences. Technology also affects all decisions and that included the office furniture to be procured. The commercial office furniture Houston market has particularly undergone some major changes over the years. Globalization and technological changes has impacted the way we work and interact at the work place. Employees can now work at home instead of driving or commuting to work. Teleconferencing and use of smart phones has also facilitated easy communication among teams in all organizations. There has been also a shift from the traditional office setting where clearly set hierarchies were in place and all decisions came from top then down. At the present time a more collaborative work space with more transparency and co-creation is encouraged. Office furniture items that encourage collaboration and team effort are now more popular unlike the secluded private office space.  With that said, in order to achieve a sustainable space plan requires some serious planning.

Choosing your Office Location in Houston

  1. On top of the list of what to plan for from beginning is the location of your office. This could be an urban or suburban location either of which has its pros and cons. A corporate office may be situated at any of the two but various factors must be considered. For instance, government incentives, recruiting, infrastructure, real estate prices, future plans, and others matter when planning. The younger generation may prefer an urban setting where it is easy to commute and various amenities are within close proximity to their residence. The older generation on the other hand would consider working for a firm that is located in an area where good schools, ideal residential houses, and a community exist.
  2. In order to appeal to both young and older generation, the office space planning should include a location where a combination of office, residential and commercial district is in place. This is sufficient to meet a range of employee preferences.

Employees Should Lead the Office Space Planning Strategy

  1. Office space planning should never be undertaken by the employer without the involvement of the employees. All staff should be involved from planning to completion since this tends to be more impactful in the long haul. Research has shown that employees are more engaged when they are involved in office decisions. As a matter of fact, those who take part in the planning for their office layout are happier and healthier. Remember these are the people who work for a longer period within the space. They are therefore in a better position of giving helpful insights that can help design a space that meets their needs.
  2. Some of the varying tastes and preferences among employees include; light levels, room temperature, office furniture, noise level, colors, level of privacy, and personal décor. These should be considered while planning for the space since it will ultimately affect staff satisfaction and engagement.

Company Culture and Needs

Company needs and culture differs immensely. This determines what is important to the firm and can be used as a guide when planning for the office space. Some of the factors consider include;

  • The future prospects of the business.
  • Change readiness.
  • Dominating work styles.
  • The culture profile of the organization.
  • Space utilization.
  • Employee demographics.

This data can help during the planning process. It is the only sure way to make planning decisions that meet the demographics, cultural profiles, and work styles of the organization.

Used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas and Plans to Emphasis Health and Wellbeing

One of the most popular office spaces at the present time in Houston, Texas and beyond is the office space that encourages employees to be involved in physical activity. It is important to therefore consider a location where a gym and other fitness amenities are situated close to the office. The office building should also have active design which means it should;

  • Be fitted with appealing stairways which allure to employees. This will discourage the use of the elevator.
  • Avail fitness centers such as yoga or athletic classes within the office location.
  • Put in place standing desks to encourage employees to minimize sitting and spend more time standing.
  • Have functional centers such as copy centers and coffee rooms away from where employees work so that they are forced to walk for some distance when in need of these frequented areas.

The importance of a healthy team can never be over emphasized. Healthy workers are free from stress and stay healthier which in turn leads to more satisfaction in their work and ultimately more profits to the business. Both mental and physical health affects employee productivity. The office furniture should also be ergonomic by design. It may make financial sense for a business to hire an expert when planning for their space where employee health and wellbeing I concerned. An expert such as Clear Choice Office Solutions helps business when planning for their office space. It is based in Texas and also specializes in the supply of new and used office furniture.

 Office space planning should be taken seriously and should consider the used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas. Everything from location, interior décor, office furniture, and space allocation should be planned for from the beginning. A few adjustments may be undertaken later on but it is important to plan for everything from the onset of the business. An expert such as Clear Choice office Solutions helps businesses make smart choices when it comes to office space planning. We supply new and used office furniture in Texas and beyond. The firm boasts of its well trained staff and their years of experience in the business.