If you are looking for a place to call home or somewhere safe and fun to spend your vacation, Houston Texas is the city you should explore. Before moving to a new place where you can live with ease of mind and conveniences, consider taking into account the various features the city will offer. You need to weigh things in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Houston, over the years is seen to be a thriving and amicable place sought by those who wanted to make a difference in their state of living.

Here are some of the best reasons why living in Houston is one of the ideal choices to consider:

Low Tax Rates

Most of tax paying citizens will complain about higher income taxes. Per resident of New York will pay $7,400 while those in California is $4,900. Among the lowest tax rates in the country is Houston which only tax every resident with $3,500 that includes local and state taxes.

Affordable Living

As mentioned earlier, taxes at Houston are relatively low compared to other growing cities. As Houston is expanding, the cost of living here is likewise affordable. The city provide higher wage rate while taxes are low resulting to an affordable and comfortable living to every citizen.

Easier to Find Job

Since the city is growing fast, there are hundreds of big companies investing in. The increase in number of investors coming in provides higher opportunities to job seekers finding a decent job with lucrative wage. Even in time of recession, unemployment rate is sustainably low.

Space City

Find astronauts or know their expeditions on space while living in Houston. This city is where you will find Johnson Space Center where astronauts are trained for NASA’s expeditions. If you love to become one or meet a gorgeous astronaut, start moving in.

Home of the Largest Medical Center

The largest medical center in the world is Texas Medical Center where it housed 21 hospitals, 8 research facilities along with approximately 50 related organization. There is no worry if you get sick as you can find the nearest health facility to attend your medical needs.

Convenience of Feeder Roads

The Houston roads are always loaded with traffic but it is a great idea to have feeder roads. Compared to other cities that lack feeder roads, Houston is proud to provide its residents with this type of system that ease the flow of traffic around town. Additionally, public transportation in the area are made better, though less improved than other cities.

Lower Costs Housing

Housing is Houston is cheaper compared to neighboring and other cities in the America. This is one of the reasons why many are attracted to move in the city. The abundance of mass housing production is increasing which is offered on less than 80 dollars per square foot providing a comfortable abode to its citizens. Likewise, the custom designed houses are cost as much as three folds than mass housing. Homes are less costly where the low and middle income earners in the city can afford.

Lax Zoning Law

Anything can be placed anywhere around. This is surprisingly true at Houston. There is no zoning law that exist. You wouldn’t be surprised that anything can sprout around town.

Relaxing Green Environment

During a particular time of the year, wild flowers just grow on wide acres of and where passersby can enjoy the sweet and fresh air. Having a limited rainfall, wild flowers like bluebonnets just grow abundantly. Likewise, there are various parks found in the city. The place has become third when it comes to the largest green space occupying a total of approximately 50,632 acres.

Leisure Destination

Houston is the home to delightful restaurants, huge shopping malls, sophisticated hotels and myriad of stores. Anyone will enjoy shopping, dining and relaxing. Basically, most malls are host to sports and leisure activities. Just make sure not to do your last minute shopping during holidays like Christmas to keep yourself safe from stressful crowd.

Great Museums

Learning never ends at Houston. There are a number of museums in the area where you can explore and discover things from the past. Fr educational tours or family bonding, museums in Houston are a nice place to visit which offers significant things to learn. Some of the museums include Contemporary Arts Museum, The Children’s Museum, The Museum of Natural Science, The Weather Museum the Art Car Museum, The Holocaust Museum, among others.

Delicious Tacos

If you are looking for delightful tacos on breakfast, never miss to have it at Houston. Specifically in Texas, tacos are mouth-watering which you can buy all over the place. This completes a magical breakfast!

The Beauty in Diversity

From among the cities in United States, Houston is considered as the most ethnically diverse which surpassed New York. From food, people and culture, you can see the beauty of diversity that merge into one place.

The Top City in America

Nothing can give you the most satisfying reason than knowing that Houston is considered as the best city in America as according to the Business Insider. Low cost of living from housing to food and taxes along with wonderful attractions and fun-filled destinations, there is no doubt that Houston is a best place to live in.

The unique attractions and outstanding features of Houston are highly affecting the quality of living and boosting its economy. There are a lot of best things that Houston has to offer. Providing its residents with convenience and comforts of living, Houston is receiving tremendous growth in terms of economic development, competitiveness and remarkable popularity.

The above lists are only some of the many things that Houston is proud to provide its residents and visitors. The next time you think about the best city to move in, Houston should be the best option!