Working in at a computer desk can take eight hours or even more. Imagine how stressful a long day will be having discomforts in the workplace. Basically, amongst the immediate furniture at the office frequently used by employees is their computer desk. For over the years the argument between regular or standing desk still continues whether what type enhances more productivity. If you are deciding to renovate your office or move to a new space, you must first decide what type of desk will be more advantageous.

Here are some of the helpful comparisons between two options in order to come up with an informed decision:

Regular or Traditional Chair


  1. Desk chair that are ergonomic provides comfort and support. A correct position while sitting on a chair will lessen back and neck pain.
  2. Sitting is likewise important to persons with injuries, varicose veins or pregnant women. There are a wide range of cheap office desks that work for everyone depending on preference which is an advantage.
  3. This will also allow the body to rest from arduous whole day activities.
  4. A chair with lots of adjustability like seat and back tilt or arm and seat height will permit posture into good alignment where you can shift sitting position and stretch your legs.



  1. Sitting with incorrect posture will develop health issues such as back and neck pain.
  2. Prolonged sitting decreases alertness thus inviting sleepiness.
  3. Sitting for long period hinders direct communication through talking with colleagues.
  4. In case of emergencies such as urgent meeting or occurrence of calamity, it will take some time before you can stand up and get away from your desk.


Standing Desk



  1. Standing while working allows the blood to flow easily whereby promoting alertness of mind and energy booster. This will minimize the risk of fatal diseases such as obesity, heart attack, back pain, diabetes, heart disease and more.
  2. Standing Desk can help strip off unwanted fats or cellulite in the body resulting to weight loss.
  3. Without sitting, task can be easily accomplished because your mind never wanders and will only have full concentration towards finishing your work.
  4. Eliminates headache that prolonged sitting for 8-10 hours in an standing desk.
  5. The weigh is shifted from one foot to the other while standing which eliminates the feeling of anxiety from not smoking a stick of cigarette.
  6. Maximizes the strength of the core and promotes good posture when you are using a standing desk all day.


  1. Having bad posture while standing means that your spines are not in good alignment which will result to stiffness, all sorts of soreness and pressure.
  2. Standing with uncomfortable shoes will only stimulate back and foot pain.

The Choice from Both

 Regular computer desks or standing desk have both advantages and disadvantages. While working, it is important to keep balance. This can only be achieved through switching of positions, from sitting to standing and vise verse. An office with wider space will allow both standing and regular desk to accommodate the switching of positions more convenient. For limited space, adjustable desk for sitting or standing position is likewise a good option.

Modern furniture Houston and other parts of the globe are beginning to adapt adjustable desk where employees can work in both surface. To know more about the benefits of both, click and learn what option will be best for you and your colleagues. Always take into consideration that health and comforts are great factors in achieving a more productive workforce.