When people hear the term going green they think it is something complex and unattainable. However, you can be environmentally-conscious in the small things you do and contribute to the attainment of a sustainable clean environmental. Here are simple ways of going green with office furniture;

  1. Recycle and refurbish-instead of replacing furniture that look tired but still functional, refurbish it. You can sand, repaint, seal scratches, and repair damaged parts. Make all your repairs using green material.
  2. Purchase modular furniture-since businesses and business needs keep changing, when you buy modular furniture you can easily mix, match, and even reconfigure them to meet your needs. This way, instead of changing completely your working space you only add in a few pieces.
  3. Purchase used-one of the most sustainable ways of keeping the environment clean is by buying used furniture. According to EPA, it is stipulated that approximately 8.8 million tons of usable office furniture are disposed each year and end up in landfills. Do not participate in contributing to this garbage by buying used furniture. The use of used furniture is also healthier to employees since they do not release VOCs that usually affect indoor air quality.
  4. Be generous-donate old furniture and it will not participate in filling landfills. It will also help those who lack furniture. You can also get tax relief which translates to savings. You can donate your used furniture to charities or families that are in need.
  5. Natural light-experts estimate that 40% of office electricity bill go to office lighting. You will therefore save on cost and protect the environment when you use natural light in your office. Furthermore, natural light reduces eye strain and boosts productivity.
  6. Think outside the norm-there are so many ways of making your employees comfortable and productive at work. Instead of using traditional office chairs, adopt unique and health-conscious offices. For instance, you can buy stability balls. These are quite cheap and have been found to improve posture, minimize fatigue, and support core muscles. Look out for other cheaper and environmentally-friendly options as well.
  7. Cheap is expensive, think long term-an investment in ergonomic and green chair in most cases translates to more business expenditure. However, there is so much more benefit associated with ergonomic and green furniture. Your employees will get maximum comfort and stay healthy. This will help you save money that would have been used for sick leaves. It will also boost their productivity which translates to more profits. Furthermore, you will not replace furniture for a long time. A cheap chair will cost you much more in the long term.
  8. Use other alternatives-if you desire to make your employees more comfortable at work but lack the money for buying ergonomic furniture, accessorize the work station. Buy alternative items that will help them work without straining. Invest in accessories such as foot rests under their desks, adjustable height monitors, back rests, desk lamps that will relieve eye strain from fluorescent lights, and wrist rests for keyboards. You can also think of other cheaper alternatives that will ensure maximum comfort to your employees.