One of the 2018 top trends for office spaces is the collaborative workspace. For some, this means incorporating large workspaces and plenty of seating. For others, this means provide a blend of seating options from standard desk to spacious tables to lounge seating. Before you write it off, let’s look deeper into the benefits of lounge seating. No, your office isn’t a hotel or a living room. However, your employees do have homes and associate homes with all of these positive connotations. Lounge seating offers a way to meet your employees’ needs. Clear Choice Office Solutions provides office furniture in Houston that is exactly what you need to keep your space conducive to your company’s productivity and your employees’ happiness.

In a world where the workplace is shifting from the standard set up to more of a free environment, offices feel the pressure of having to keep up. Choosing the right office furniture in Houston doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. To support the different work modes of your office, think about offering your employees a range of settings to work in. Places that are quiet; places that are conversational; places that accommodate a variety of postures.

Lounge postures are a part of the mix that is often overlooked. Settings that allow for seated or reclined postures that have a relaxed and casual feel without the desk. By offering comfort and supporting freedom of movement, lounge environments promote workers’ physical, cognitive and psychological well-being, with benefits that carry over to the organization.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of lounge seating:

  1. Promotes Creativity

When people are relaxed, it actually prepares the brain to make connection and absorb ideas. Postures that are relaxed allow the mind to wander and dream. This leads to new insights and innovation and breakthroughs on previous mind blocks. Sounds like a fantastic environment to promote creativity. The excitement creators feel when the creatives juices are flowing is great to mental and emotional well-being. Lounge settings foster creativity because people are comfortable. Try making room in your workspace for this type of seating. Lounge office furniture can be found in Houston, today!

  1. Supports the Way People Work

Technology is more portable than ever. The way people work today is on the go; it is about being portable. They take their laptops and electronic devices with them everywhere they go. They transport themselves from meeting to meeting, desk to desk, coffee shop to coffee shop. The ability to work on the go is vital to today’s working population. Lounge settings accepts this reality and provides a way for employees to work the way they work. With a blend of seating options, side tables, ottomans, etc., an environment is set that supports employees work styles. Casual, comfortable, and reconfigurable environments are your employee’s preference.

  1. Encourages Personal Connections

Lounge seating encourages social connections in work environments. It seems obvious because it is. Where are people more approachable? The relaxed atmosphere is accessible and comfortable thus making it easier for people to start conversations, get to know each other, and collaborate. When work environments balance the individual workspace with collaborative seating areas, the opportunities are vast. Employees feel like they belong when they are comfortable. They are able to take ownership of their craft and engagement increases.