Does Your Office Have a Third Space?

Firstly, what is the third space? The third space is commonly used to reference the space between home (first space) and the workplace (second space). With the increase of telecommuting and employees working from laptops, lines are blurring between home and work. Because of this, spaces that are casual and comfortable have become very popular for workers. It provides a way to collaborate and get more work done outside of normal settings. If you think about it, what does your ideal work space look like?

Third spaces look like coffee shops, public places, casual restaurants or cafes that encourage socialization and promote community while providing an area to work. In a workspace, the third space is different than the standard desk workstation setup or a conference room. It is decided to foster collaboration. The office furniture is specific for these areas. It’s designed with a purpose and accommodates a range of functions within one space.

Adding a Third Space

The purpose of this third space is to increase productivity and creativity by providing employees with a range of different ways to work. Mobility in the space is key, comfort and aesthetics matter, and functionality is essential. The option to work with laptops gives employees the freedom to work in a variety of settings all within the office. This allowance gives employees a chance to work in areas aside from their desks which in turn energizes them, helps creativity, and creates more productive employees overall.

A third space gives employees the essence of home away from home. Equipping your space with comfortable areas gives a little freedom and choice back to your employees. The option to work anywhere in the office is really freeing; try it. The results will astonish you.

Assess your space and let’s chat. We can find the perfect way to incorporate a third space in your current space. By providing options for your employees, you are showing them that they matter and investing in their well-being. When employers care, employees care. Finding this type of office furniture in Houston isn’t hard. Let’s chat!