The experts keep talking of location, location, location and this holds true even when making decisions regarding office location for your Office Furniture Katy Texas. A business, whether small or big will be affected by its location and the difference between a struggling business and a successful one in most cases is about location. In the beginning, most businesses might be operated from almost anywhere imaginable including; coffee shops, bedroom, kitchen, café, home offices, parking areas, or even coffee shops. However, once things sky rocket, a desirable office location should be chosen for the business. Office furniture and office utilities also come into the picture once the location has been set and office space selected. Then décor and business branding follow. All of these should be taken seriously since they matter when it comes to the business’s overall image.

How to Choose a Good Location?

As a rule of thumb, any location chosen for a business irrespective of the size should be guided by four principles; clients, employees, networks and amenities. Some of the most important factors to have in mind when selecting a location of your office include;

  • Employee convenience.
  • Close proximity to clients.
  • The right office space.

Employee Convenience

  • Any business, especially the ones that are not or do not intend to be a one-man business strife to attract the best talent. Therefore, if you want to attract good employees, your business location really matters. Most employees prefer to work in an area situated close to a major urban center and thus you should know this before choosing a business location. Employees also prefer a location that eliminates long commute to work and is closer to their home. The place should also be well positioned for easy access to public transportation such as bus stops, transit line, or train route.
  • A good business should factor changes in environmental conditions also. Climate changes can affect a business and cripple performance. It is wise to choose a location that is close to major public facilities such as malls, public buildings, shopping centers, and many others. This ensures any weather changes such as snow fall is dealt with as soon as possible thus minimizing loses. It also makes it possible for employee to report to work even when it is challenging.

Close Proximity to Clients

  • We are all in business because of only one person; the customer. Without a client, here is no business. Therefore while choosing a business location consider your client base. If you offer software related products and services then your location should be close to software distributors, users, or manufacturers. If you specialize in consultancy services then you should be within an area where a wide number of corporates operate. If you are in the food industry then you should be situated in an area with a huge traffic of working professionals or handy men. It is also important to be within a place where your competition operates. That in itself shows there are clients already enjoying your product or service, which is a good start for your business.
  • Asides convenience, being close to your client base also helps build business networks. Once you are part of a neighborhood, you are considered a part of the business community. This way you get invites to major events that will expand your network. Contrarily, a business situated far from its client base is ignored and it becomes difficult to attract new clients.

The Right Office Space for Office Furniture Katy

Your business may be located close to your clients and convenient for your employees. However, if you do not have the right office space, chances of success are greatly minimized. A good building is essential for building a good image with clients and employees. No one is willing to be associated with a business that operates in a building that looks old and out of place. Choose a well-maintained and attractive building. It should also be within an area that is secure. There should also be sufficient space for parking and storing bikes for your employees.

The office space should also be large enough for your business. This will give you the freedom to choose any office layout you like. It will also be sufficient for your office furniture, employees, and office utilities. You can hire an expert to design a good office layout for your business or when in need of affordable office furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions is a firm that helps firms procure the right furniture for their office; whether new, used, refurbished, or remanufactured.

Minimize Occupancy Cost

You have two options when it comes to an office space; leasing or own space. If you are leasing a space then it might be too costly if you do not know how to minimize occupancy costs. Herein are some special tips to help you keep occupancy cost at minimum;

  1. Begin Early-allocate a minimum of 12 to 18 months for planning and searching for a space. If you already occupy a space then it is wise to devote at least 2 to 3 years to space research and searching if you are looking for a corporate space.
  2. Take what is needed-the space you choose will affect the kind of office furniture that will fit in and the layout options you can have for your space. It might also be inconveniencing in future when space requirements change. Therefore, choose only what you need and nothing more. You can hire an architect of space planner to ascertain your optimal space size and layout.
  3. Talk about competition while negotiating-landlords will treat you by the way you handle them. If you mention any potential competitor and their terms you stand a chance of getting a good price for your space.
  4. Think long run-you need to have a long term view. Consider things such as moving allowance, flexibility in rental rate, i.e lower at start and increasing with time, parking relocation, consider the renewal options and terms, total operating expenses in the long run and many others. You should also consider terms of sub-leases since sooner than later it becomes essential when you need to make some extra cash from sub-leasing your space.
  5. Flexibility-the lease agreement should consider things such as expansion, cancellation, and space reduction. If you go for a static lease it might really mess up things when a major change has to be made.

Your office space for your Office Furniture Katy really matters irrespective of the nature of your business. It should be a place where your employees are comfortable and feel proud to be associated with. Consider also good office furniture after choosing the right space. You can buy used, new, recycled, or refurbished furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions offers impeccable service when it comes to office furniture and office space planning. It has helped many within and beyond Katy with all that regards furniture for the office. To know more about us visit,