In the current business environment, every business whether a start-up or a huge corporation is considering adopting better ways of managing finances since office furniture takes up a huge portion of the company’s expenses especially when the business is starting. It is also a huge expense when the business scales up. Therefore, choosing between new and used office furniture is one of the most important decisions any business can make.

Factors to Consider

These factors will affect your decision when choosing between new and used office furniture:

  1. Budget-your budget is a key factor when deciding on which furniture to buy. If you are under a tight budget then it will not be feasible for you to buy new furniture. Instead, buy used from some top brands such as Steelcase and Haworth and save up to 80%.
  2. Long term or short Term View-when deciding between used or new furniture you need to understand the kind of business problem you have. New furniture will suit a business that has a plan of staying for a long time. As for those who plan to operate for a short time within an area, it makes financial sense to buy used office furniture.
  3. Time-you should consider the amount of time you need the furniture to be shipped and assembled. If you require furniture that will take a shorter time to ship and assemble, then used furniture will be a perfect option. New furniture generally takes longer to be delivered.
  4. Overall Appearance-the way you want your office to appear will affect the kind of furniture to buy. If you would love to have unlimited choices when furnishing the office then new furniture wins the day. As for used furniture you get limited choices and you might have to sacrifice one or more of your desires such as color, type of fabric, and many other aspects of your office’s interior decor.

Pros and Cons of Used and New Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture


  • Value for money-new furniture loses 25% of its value immediately you buy it. As for used furniture its value can remain as high as 75% of the purchase value long after purchase.
  • Environment-friendly-you help minimize the amount of waste that end up on the landfill when you buy used furniture therefore you are participating in saving the environment from pollution.
  • Time saver-it can take up to six weeks for a business to get new office furniture that has been ordered. This is just too long if your business is in urgent need of the furniture. Used furniture can be delivered in not more than 48 hours depending on the supplier.
  • Saves money-you can save up to 50% when you buy used instead of new office furniture. In fact used furniture from top furniture brands in market will last for years and give you the same value as new.
  • Short-term solution-used furniture is a great investment for those businesses that plan to on being within a location for a short time. It is also ideal for those that are planning to expand later on.
  • LEED points-used used or refurbished office furniture will give you LEED points in categories of recycled content, waste management, and resource and material reuse. This is ideal for building a good reputation for your business.


  • Limited selection-you may have to sacrifice a thing or two when buying used furniture. It is generally good for a small working space.
  • Lack of a warranty-you can get limited or no warranty at all when you go for this option.
  • Damages-used office furniture comes with some flaws such as scratches and other imperfections.

New Office Furniture


  • Warranty-new office furniture is fully covered by a warranty and therefore you can get any defective part fixed.
  • Unlimited Choice-unlike used furniture where you get a few choices and have to sacrifice one thing or another, new furniture gives you a wide variety of choices. You can get any style, size, and color. They are also adjustable and can be customized to meet your business needs.
  • Tax benefit-any expense on office supplies including new office furniture is normally tax deductable for small businesses. You can deduct them on your first year to some amount or depreciate it.
  • More Ergonomic-the new furniture have been designed with ergonomics in mind and the fact that they are new proves beyond doubt that they are safe and ideal for your employees.
  • Long-term Investment-brand new office furniture can last for ages and will still be refurbished and re-used at the end of their useful life. It therefore makes financial sense to invest in new furniture. In fact when protected through regular maintenance and good use, new furniture will outlast your employees.
  • Modern Appearance-new furniture will bring out an elegant and modern appearance of your office. It can even be customized to bring out your brand.
  • Change the old to new-an old office can be completely changed to look new by simply investing in new office furniture.
  • Here for good-new office furniture can be used to send out the message to clients that you are sticking around. Clients will be more reassured about your future plans when they see how much you have invested in your business.


  • Expensive-new office furniture never comes cheap especially when you are buying for an entire workplace. In fact, most businesses buy a mix of new and used office furniture when their budget allows.
  • Shipping time-it takes a long time to ship and deliver new office furniture. In most cases what the client orders may not be in the stock and it even takes more time if you need a customized order.
  • Assembly-it is a hectic process to unpack and assemble new office furniture. It can take weeks or even months to complete the entire process. If you want to shorten the process then you have to hire someone to do it for you.

Office furniture is a huge investment to your business and therefore you need to think wisely before investing in any new or used office furniture. Evaluate each of these options and choose the type that best meets your