Selecting a desk where laptops or desktops, mobiles, and valuable documents are kept is always an essential task. It is undeniably important to choose the right one. When you are selecting an office desk for your home office, then you should consider style and design of the desk. The decorating, fashion will often speak the style of the office desk, you have to make sure the office furniture style will match with the décor of your office. Also, you should consider your budget factor while buying an office desk, and with so many choices available on the market, it is easy to find an affordable desk.  The specific task and the end use are some other vital factors you need to consider before purchasing office desk.

Office Desk Material

  • Selecting the appropriate material which you want your office desk to be comes hand in hand with the cost of it and the environment which you are working in. Choosing a material within your budget yet fulfills all your requirements is a top priority. The conventional office desk is wooden. Natural wood of good quality tends to be more expensive, and less durable. So if you want a material similar to wood but a much more affordable rate, wood veneer is your best option.
  • The main factors, which must be taken into consideration when selecting an office desk includes the material and the durability, heftiness, and firmness and other factors. For example, if you are a regular shifter, whose furniture needs to be moved time and again, you should be looking for a light and sturdy material.

Below is a list of materials, and their properties for you to make it easier to choose the right one for your desk.

  • Steel: Along with low maintenance, steel desks are extremely durable and have huge spaces for storage which still look classy and professional. They are available at reasonable prices and come in a variety of colors and designs to fit in with your furniture perfectly.

  • Laminate: Lamination is the means by which 2 or more sheets of a material are put together, which increases the firmness. Also available in an endless number of designs and colors, laminated desks are the ideal choice for commercial spaces. These desks can also be customized according to your needs, like a keyboard tray, extra storage space, etc.

  • Veneer and Solid Wood: Probably the most durable of the lot, this material is sure to keep you satisfied for many years, given that it is well maintained. Solid Wood and Veneer have been very popular amongst customers not only for their abundant availability but because of the vintage aesthetic that it carries with it. If one is willing to spend more money, these desks are available in the higher price ranges also, therefore suiting all budgets.

  • Glass: A harder to maintain material, glass requires constant consideration for the weight that is placed on it, and a lot of cleaning, but is popular because of its sophisticated style. Nowadays tempered glass is doing well in the market, because of its sturdiness and the elegant look it offers.


Space is also very important and measurements are an absolute must. The difference between being able to comfortably sit at your desk for hours and banging your knees against the hard material every time you move is the difference between your desk, and a desk.

The space underneath is definitely the most important. People need to have enough space to sit cross-legged, and enough space to have an occasional stretch. Make aura you also make sure there’s enough space in front of and behind the desk in your workspace, for ample movement and convenience.

Types of Office Desks

There are a large number of types of desks; classic, modern, customized, or basic. Whichever type suits the work you do and is the most comfortable for you to work in is the basis for your decision on which type to choose.

Some different types are:

  • Computer Desks

Typically, these desks are made to hold the old schools’ computer equipment, providing much more space than what is required to house, a laptop, or a tablet. They have a grand work surface area, a movable keyboard tray, a cabinet for the processing unit, and even a slide out shelf for a printer.

  • Laptop Stands

If you work from home, then a portable laptop stand is a perfect compact yet substantial workspace for you. They are height adjustable, which allows you to multitask very easily. Generally, no storage area or extra workspace is provided, but a few models do have side pockets for small storage.

  • Writing desk

Writing desk is simple furniture, and these open desks come with minimal storage option and a large desktop space. You can place the writing desk along a wall as it can fit perfectly, or you can place in the middle of your office or home floor. The design of the writing desk is created to suit better for a laptop, but not comfortable for desktop computers. The conventional style of the writing desk looks sophisticated in any space.

Executive desk:

The executive desks are big and they are considered as a king of home office furniture. It comes with lots of drawers and storage area, surface area, and also with huge a footprint.  The engraved wood varieties convey a sense of opulence and timeless demand that makes them special from other designs and styles.

When you consider in choosing a traditional desk, then choosing the executive desk is a sensible decision as they come in a single rectangular model that can fit perfectly in your office environment.

Credenza desk

Credenza desks are a combination of a desk and a cupboard. Generally, people use this furniture in living or dining rooms. This model of furniture comes with a desk, which offers more benefits as you can use it as a desk and also use the cupboard space for other things. But, it occupies a lot of space, but, it is worth for its style, fashion, and convenience.

Office Desk Accessories

You can also add accessories to your office desk and make it a unique piece of furniture for your requirements. A desk that facilitates you to add storage options is helpful when you have to change your workplace constantly, or if you need more extra storage space.

Right Return or Left Return? Right Bridge or Left Bridge?

One of the many details people often struggle with when buying a new office desk is what is a U-Shaped Desks, an L-Desk, and the positioning of left or right returns and bridges. While the decison between right and left may seem easy, you might ask: “Is that my left if I’m sitting behind the desk…or would it be my right if I’m approaching the desk?”

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you.

“L”-SHAPED DESK – This is an office desk and with a return connected in an L-shaped configuration. Often times the desk is preconfigured with the return on either the left or right side.

Your decision of left or right is not determined by the side when facing the desk but rather on the side on which you need the return when you are sitting behind the desk. In other words, when you are working at your office desk, a left return will be on your left-hand side and a right return will be on your right-hand side.

“U”-SHAPED DESK – This is often a three-piece desk consisting of a office desk in front and a credenza in the back, with both parts connected by a bridge to form a U-shaped desk configuration. Typically, the desk is preconfigured with the bridge on either the left or right side, which must be specified when ordering.

Once again, your  choice will be determined by the side on which you need the bridge when you are sitting behind the office desk. A left bridge will be on left-hand side when you are working at your desk and a right bridge will be on your right-hand side.  Here are a few simple guidelines to put it in perspective for you.

Some office desks need extra parts to improve their functionality. The extra storage includes drawer pedestals, file, storage cabinets, matching bookcases, vertical and lateral files, hutches, and keyboard trays.

These are some of the useful guidelines that can help you buy the best office desk for your work environment. From past few years, most people are looking for ergonomic computer desks for their office needs. The comfortable design and additional features can make your work efficiently and comfortably, and it increases your productivity. The best ergonomic computer desk can lessen your stress levels, and it can help you avoid injuries like CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). That is why it is important to find the best and comfortable office desk for your office needs.