Office Cubicles 101 : Buyer Tips

There are literally dozens of options to choose from when it comes to buying cubicles and office furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions will walk you through all the options available and help you make an informed choice. Some of the options to choose from when it comes to office cubicles include task lighting, work surfaces, lateral files, fabrics, cubicle extenders, cubicle shelves, trim, and many more. From new to used cubicles, we offer an extensive guide to enable you make the best out of your office and work environment.

Simply put, the office cubicle refers to a semi-enclosed workspace that is differentiated from other work stations by partitions that may be 5 to 6 feet high. A cubicle has various parts that include drawers, the working surface, shelves, overhead bin, and many others. You can either get a new cubicle with its parts or buy used office cubicles at a much cheaper price.

Benefits of Office Cubicles

The installation of cubicles offers immense benefits. These include;

  1. Togetherness-it brings team members together instead of giving each member a separate office. Members can therefore work together as a team. Furthermore, similar cubicles when installed, enhances the feeling of equality among workers.
  2. Cost-saver-by installing cubicles you eliminate additional expenses on extra furniture and storage. A cubicle comes with many drawers and overhead bins which can be used for storage purposes. The compact of cubicles help save space and cost. To top it off, Used Cubicles can even be the best cost saver.
  3. Easy installation and modification-it is quite easy and straight-forward to set up and remodel cubicles. They also come with a design that can easily be expanded or shrunk.
  4. Customizable-workers can add a personal touch to their cubicles. They can place a personal framed photograph at their workstation if they like, place colored stickers on the walls, put fresh flowers in a vase, and many others.
  5. Easy movement-with office cubicles workers can easily move around the working area. This is unlike traditional offices where work stations are cramped-up making it difficult for workers to move around. Office cubicles feature strong definite frames as well as tall separating walls all of which provide clear passageways.

Installation of Office Cubicles

  • The process of installing office cubicles requires extensive planning.
  • You should understand the general dimensions of the working area where the cubicles will be installed.
  • A special consideration should also be given to the employees who will be using the working area.
  • Those employees who belong to different departments should have different designs of cubicles installed for them.
  • The cubicles should be tailored to suit the needs of each employee and this will depend on the nature of their work.

It is wise to get accessories and Cubicle Parts in from the same brand so that it becomes easier to change or interchange hardware and panels whenever it is required.

To get the best Office Cubicles, you need to buy from a reliable supplier. Ideal office cubicles should be flexible, durable, and reliable. The supplier should also offer great after sale services so that you can easily get parts and services after making a purchase.

When you work with the office furniture professionals at Clear Choice Office Solutions , you will discover the best ways to improve your office space and build a great workstation environment.  Contact one of Clear Choice Office Solutions cubicle experts today and we can assist in optimizing your space layout. Our cubicle experts can create a free cubicle floor plan for your location.