The appearance and system of any office setting is influenced by the right type of office furniture particularly cubicles which occupies much of the space in your office layout. Oftentimes there are certain factors that a company should consider when deciding what type of cubicles to purchase. Three choices are available ranging from new to refurbished and used cubicles which will primarily depend on your budget, needs and other contributing factors.

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Choosing Between New, Refurbished and Used Cubicles

One of the ways to determine the right office cubicles that will work on your workspace is through evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most important points to consider which will equip you of the differences between these three options:

New Cubicles


First and foremost, new cubicles are designed with excellent looks! This will be the first advantage you have to reap. You can decorate, renovate or outfit your office the way you want because new cubicles will satisfy the aesthetic of any workplace. Another new goods is that you can order as many cubicles as you need in the whole office because they are made to order. You can get the same color, design, built, brand and style that you wish providing your workspace with the most luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, new cubicles since they are freshly manufactured are guaranteed to render lasting functionality making a lot of savings in the long run. Generally, they are sold with warranty which can backup their quality as well as providing you with an assurance that you can return the cubicles if in case any defect may arise.


One big disadvantage that most companies are being aware of is its impact in the environment. It was proven through various studies that the manufacturing of new furniture releases toxic gases that will pollute the atmosphere which in the short run is dangerous both to health and the environment. Alongside, more trees are being cut down which are used as the primary raw material during the manufacturing process resulting to barren mountains and bald forests. Accompanying its bad impact in the environment is the expensive cost of new cubicles. During the manufacturing that overhead expenses are highly costly which in return are passed to the consumers resulting a expensive prices.

 Refurbished Cubicles


Refurbished cubicles are those which are already in the market circulation meaning were used by previous owners but are given creative touches to get back in the market with new look. Also, the quality of refurbished cannot be underestimated because part of the process of making them look great is ensuring that their overall construction have met standard quality. These cubicles are being repaired, repainted or reupholstered to guarantee that they will not only appear new but will function the same.

Because these type of cubicles do not undergo expensive manufacturing process that they are sold in lower cost. Now, this is a great benefits to many companies who are searching for quality built cubicles but in tight budget. Likewise, another advantage of buying refurbished cubicles is that they are also from top brands so you can have a peace of mind of their durability and reliable functionality. Being an environment-conscious company, buying refurbished cubicles will show your support that you care about the Earth. Being an environment friendly organization is an advantage protecting the world and people around you.


Refurbished cubicles are available in the market because they are liquidated by companies due to bankruptcy, relocation or total outfitting. This means that they are available in limited stocks. If you are trying to outfit the whole office and be needing several cubicles and what you desire to buy cannot satisfy the quantity you need, this may sound a bit frustrating.


Used Cubicles


Buying used cubicles is an advantage because they are sold in cheaper prices, much lower than refurbished products. This is a good news for start-up companies with less capital investment for office furniture. This will make you spend less but guaranteed to maximize your space layout. Used cubicles are also guaranteed to render lasting functionality, you only have to buy them in trusted dealers that offer quality brands on used furniture. This way, you can receive the benefits of buying affordable yet quality cubicles. Another great advantage of purchasing pre-owned cubicles is that you are reducing the risk of overfilling he limited solid waste stream as well as protecting the nature from depletion.


Normally, used cubicles are only cleaned and then brought back to the market for lower cost. This will defeat the purpose of providing your office space with a fresh and vibrating look. Also, used products are limited in number which means that you cannot outfit the whole office because the quantity is only limited.

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