In identifying potential Moving Companies for an office move, you will naturally tend to focus on aspects like professionalism, experience, cost effectiveness and reliability. Nonetheless, you still need another set of requirements on your list that fall in the ‘office furniture value added services.’ These are highlighted as below and their reasons as to why they should be mandatory instead of being optional.

Moving Companies with Significant Value Added Office Furniture Services that you require

1. Management of Asset Inventory

Among the most valuable assets in an office is furniture. Asset inventory management allows one to keep track of every item while in transit in order to always have an accurate and clear picture of where everything is.

2. Maintenance and Chair Cleaning

Used office chairs are among the most bacteria and germ-laden office furniture pieces. Moreover, they may cause a lot of injury if they are not properly maintained. If this service is provided by your moving company, then this is the opportune time of giving your used office chairs a powerful clean and ensuring that all are in proper working condition and that are all tuned up.

3. Panel Cleaning

Most likely, panels in your new location may not have been cleaned for quite some time; or probably not at all. In case these services are offered by your moving company, then it is time to have this taken care of in a professional manner before moving in your executive office furniture or your people. This should not be after as it can be costly, disruptive and inconveniencing.

4. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

In case a disaster such as fire, flooding or other factors prompt you to change locations, your moving company is capable and should have the expertise to assist you get back in operation soonest possible.

5. Reconfiguration Strategies

Office Furniture Liquidation and deployment is not only a science but an art as well. Your moving company can help in strategically planning where items can maximize in productivity, employee collaboration, space utilization and key other goals. Moreover, strategies in smart reconfiguration may assist in getting more usage and value from your existing furniture that will also save you from adding additional inventory and cost increment.  This will also involve used office furniture liquidation and office furniture liquidation sale.

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