There are different types of spaces at workplace which will suit different working styles of employees. The argument between an open and closed space has been around for many decades now. The workspace that every employee occupies contribute to their productivity and performance. Some will prefer to work in a more private space to avoid being distracted of noise and have more focus on their work. For them, having a private room offers a better solution. Others prefer to work with peers around an office meeting tables positioned in an open workspace. Every company should develop a collaborative workspace to foster growth and development.

Below are the reasons why most organizations equate collaborative workspace with open plan desking:

Open Communication with Peers

Communication and collaboration are important factors for the growth of an organization. An open plan desking allows employees to communicate with each other, asking questions and helping each other regarding work. Employees will be more productive if they have open spaces where they share ideas and exchange information. A certain task can be easily accomplished with everyone’s collaboration on an open space.

Allow Employees to Work with Flexibility

With desks positioned in an open space, employees will develop the sense of flexibility. They are able to improve their workspace regardless of the task assigned, mood, culture or personality. They are able to adjust to the pressure of the environment around them including noise and other distractions. In short, they can make their desks the best spaces.

Prevents Intimidation among Colleagues

Having a private space to work on with walls that separate each other tend to develop an unfriendly atmosphere. For introverts, knocking on someone’s door and sit on conference room tables might sound intimidating. For most employees, having a conversation and exchanging of ideas on an open plan desking might be less intimidating. Likewise, seeing your peer sited next to you and walking right beside you can develop a good relationship towards work.

Saves Time and Efforts

Oftentimes, a private space requires emails or calls as communication. With lots of emails to read and calls to attend, less work can be accomplished. Why not have a desk on an open space where you can communicate with your peers directly while doing your job? This might be helpful to improve collaboration. Instead of reading and replying mails and calls, you cans ave time and effort to focus more on your

Be Updated on what is Going On Around

As employee, you are already a part of an organization. You just can’t get in your office, sit on your private space and walk home after office hours. You need to know what’s going on around your environment.

Open Floor Plan Benching

An open plan desking and collaborative workspace refer to an atmosphere where employees work hand in hand to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Working in open floor plan attracts open communication and collaboration that foster productivity and efficiency at work. With open space, you can ensure that employees are working at their best!