In this era and age when climate change has become a reality, most businesses no longer take lightly environmental conservation efforts. Buying recycled office furniture is one of the ways through which a firm conserves the environment and still be able to fatten its bottom-line. In order to get the best out of recycled office furniture, a firm has to employ some smart techniques.

Recycled Furniture Options

Simply put, recycled denotes any postconsumer furniture that has been pushed back into the market. Some of the furniture recycled includes; mailroom furniture, cubicles, chairs, filing cabinets, and reception chairs.  Most of the recycled furniture dealers sell items that fall into any of these three categories;

  1. Reused furniture-reused or used furniture is the kind that has not been repaired or altered in any way. They are normally shipped directly from the seller to the buyer.
  2. Remanufactured furniture-refers to furniture that has been restored to its original condition. They are usually as good as new and are available in various colors, fabrics, and surfaces.
  3. Refurbished furniture-is simply furniture that has been modified. They have been cleaned, repainted, and repaired.

Recycled office suits those who are flexible when it comes to colors, designs, and styles. Most dealers do not sell exactly what you may want even though they sell products from top brands such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Haworth. You therefore have to exercise some flexibility when buying recycled office furniture.

Things to Remember while Planning :

  1. It is all about Durability

Recycled office furniture is less costly and always saves money. However, you have to be smart enough if you want to get quality for every penny. Not all recycled furniture come in excellent condition. You have to choose furniture that has been manufactured by reputable brands. Some of the most common defects that do not take long to show in office furniture include; chipped edges, broken drawer runners, or torn veneers.

To get the best of your recycled office furniture, buy the furniture from reputable brands since their items are durable and given the current quality manufacturing employed by most firms, it is almost impossible to come across some common faults associated with used furniture. Those that have some faults are minimal and are repairable. Some of the components that can be repaired easily include; door runners, hinges, and catches. As a matter of fact, these components are interchangeable and are easily available in local supplier stores.

  1. Be keen to Detail, watch out for Critical Points

You have to watch out for critical points of furniture construction if you want to get the best of recycled office furniture. Office furniture should be solid in construction, more so, where there are multiple stability points. Examine keenly the corner legs and ensure they are solid and with no signs of bending. You should also examine metal component parts and ensure there are no crimped edges that pose a risk of injuries to legs. The recycled furniture should be clean as well so as to avoid infection in case legs or arms are injured accidentally by sharp edges. It should be free from rust as well.

Other critical points to watch out for are drawer handles. Ensure the handles are in good condition and are not dangerous to the users. It will not make sense to buy recycled furniture then later on use lots of more to repair and restore the furniture.

  1. Security should be Guaranteed

If you run an organization where security is a major concern then recycled furniture items purchased should guarantee that. Locks and bolting arrangements should be tested carefully prior to a purchase. Drawers and doors should be secure for staff to keep confidential documents and other valuables. The keys that come with the furniture should be tested and in case security is not guaranteed such items should be rejected immediately. It is always prudent to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your business. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Those with work environments that use computers and other electronic components should check out for recycled furniture that has port holes in their design. Incase such ports are not required the furniture should have plastic caps that seal the port holes. Well designed furniture will guarantee an organized working area and a secure environment for staff.

You should also check out the drawers and ensure they easily glide and with no need to employ force. The door edges also should be aligned properly and easily open and close.

  1. Watch out for the Edges

Edges are a major concern when it comes to recycled office furniture. The major areas of concern regard smoothness and alignment. The furniture edges should necessitate an easy alignment of furniture in a modular fashion.  The furniture sets should fit together properly and have smooth edges. Rough edges may easily catch on loose apparel and tear them apart. Staff should be able to move freely and easily between furniture stations without fear of rough edges.

  1. Furnishing Accessories

You can immensely improve the quality of recycled furniture by using your choice of furnishing accessories. Utilize wall coverings and furnishing fabrics and you will be amazed with the final outcome. Interior designers play an important role when it comes to lifting the condition of recycled office furniture. They can transform furniture that has lost its aesthetic appeal into elegant and unique set of furniture. Contemporary designs can be injected with new life and transformed into modern designs by simply adding in a few aspects here and there.

Recycled office furniture is the ultimate option for firms who want to optimize their expenditure on office furniture and at the same time conserve the environment. Nonetheless, it is never ideal for those who are not willing to be flexible enough when it comes to styles, designs, and colors. To get the best out of recycled office furniture you need to be cognizant about what to look out for prior to your purchase. Buy from suppliers who have built a good reputation and only settle for items that meet your needs and budget.