Office furniture has been playing an important role in making the workplace functional. But when it is time to redecorate and renovate or move to a new location that you are going to get rid some of the old furniture that have been around for some time. There are worthwhile ways to dispose used office furniture other than dumping them on landfills. Though they have rendered their service in considerable period of time, they still can benefit you in significant results.

If you think that your office furniture are still serviceable yet you need to get rid of them, reselling (Liquidating) is definitely a great idea. Before you decide to undergo the office furniture liquidation process, here are some of the most important points that you should take into consideration to make a good valuation:

Create an Office Furniture Inventory

Assign someone who will take charge of the inventory of used office furniture that you want to resell. An easy way to do the inventory is to classify the furniture according to their state of condition or quality and the year they are acquired. This will help you assess their costs later.

Make a little retouch to your used furniture

It is hard to find a buyer if you resell your sued office furniture with stains, marks or in distorted condition. Try to fix things first before you decide to create a price tag on them. Clean the furniture and apply wax to make them shiny and cover the stains or marks. You can also fix the arms and legs of chairs or tables as well as tightening their screws. It would also help if you can repaint faded furniture. If you have kept the assembly manuals, pass them on the buyer.

Assign price tag

Once you have categorized and retouched your used office furniture, it would be the right time to create a price list. Good looking and quality furniture should have a different pricing from those that are less attractive. Take note that furniture that are retouched well and given a fresher look can create impressive appeal to the buyer. For good conditioned items, the price you assign should not be lower than 50% of their original cost.

Do the proper advertising

After that you have finalized everything, you are now ready to take your used office furniture for resell in the market. One of the best ways to gain the attention of buyers is through advertisement. You can create simple catalogs or paper prints of the furniture you are to resell. Take photos of them and do the proper pricing corresponding the items. You can post your advertising materials in thoroughfares in your locality. Or if you have the budget, you can post your advertisement over the television or radio. Another helpful way of advertising is posting the ads on your website, if you have any. Advertisement will prompt potential buyers to contact you.

Make negotiations

There are many organizations which will be interested to buy your used office furniture if they got impressed with the condition, price and quality of the resell items. The many potential buyers, the better it would be. Make negotiations and take note to give priority to the buyer who agrees to get the items in good pricing. It would also be a good idea if the buyer can buy the items in bulk.

Where to Sell your Used Office Furniture?

There are various ways on how and where to sell the used furniture in your office. Either you will take the effort to directly sell them to buyers or opt for a third party, make sure that you gain good pricing in return. Here are some of the ways the will help you where to resell your used office furniture:

Act as direct seller

Get ready for a great challenge if you decide to sell your furniture directly to prospect buyers. You will undergo various steps such as advertising, marketing and eventually negotiations. This may not sound easy but you will definitely earn a good price without paying a middle man or discounted cost from selling them to furniture shops.

Seek the help of a middle man

If you think that it would take a lot of effort on your part to do the direct selling of your used office furniture, seek the help of a middle man. These are expert individuals who have been knowledgeable of the reselling process. They have knowledge where to take your furniture for potential buyers. They are able to make deals and negotiations. But before you trust their services, make sure to find someone reliable.

Negotiate with an office furniture dealer

Local furniture dealers would be interested to buy your used office furniture and resell them in the market. It is likewise a god idea to close a deal with the local shop because you don’t have to worry about the marketing and negotiations provided that they will purchase the items in bulk and in good price.

There are many ways to dispose your used office furniture which in return can cost you something to keep. However, if you do not intend to resell them, there are organizations that accept donations. All you need to do is browse some non-profit organizations and offer hem your donation in kind in the form of used office furniture. This is another way of getting rid of your used yet functional office furniture in absolutely the best way.

Used office furniture can be retouched and placed back to the market circulation. They are not just pieces of junks which can be thrown in he dump sites once they have been around for quite some time. Disposing them in the proper way will offer you with great benefits. You can earn something from reselling them and set aside the money as additional budget in redecorating or renovating the workplace. Or if you have the biggest heart, you can send them as donations to local non-profit communities. If you are decided to get rid of your used office furniture, think the right way!