Once everything has been set and it is time to outfit your new office with office cubicles which option should you go for; new, used or refurbished cubicles? All these options give benefits to your company but their suitability will vary with respect to your company’s budget. Brand new cubicles are highly preferred but since they come at hefty prices, it is not economically viable to outfit an entire workplace, more so, if you are just a start-up. Alternatively, an up-start company could go for the refurbished cubicles since they are quite affordable.

The modern workplaces have experienced a dramatic change in the way they are structured. Unlike the conventional open-space offices, the modern workplaces use smaller and more compact office cubicles. These options are sufficient to accommodate the requirements of the modern workstations that are characterized by paperless and wireless work places. Laptops, smartphones, limited wiring, tablets, and other small electronic gadgets take a huge part of these work places. Reliable statistics stipulate that in America 60% of those who work in formal employment use cubicles in their workstations.

Correlation between Price and Quality with Office Cubicles

When most of us come across the term used or pre-owned, we tend to associate such terms to low quality products. However, that is never true. Pre-owned cubicles and refurbished workstations may be more economical for a business but that does not mean they are of lesser quality when compared to new models.

Used cubicles that have been sourced from top global brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Allsteel, and HON, retain their high quality for a long time. They retain their appearance and functionality for years and it is even hard to distinguish the used from new. Clear Choice Office Solutions, Houston’s top supplier of new and used office furniture sources its cubicles and furniture from these top brands. It also offers office furniture liquidation for firms that are selling off or dissolving. They also recycle office furniture making it easier for companies to procure office furniture.

What to Buy – New Cubicles, Used Cubicles or Refurbished/Remanufactured cubicles

There are ideally three options to choose from when it comes to office cubicles; used, new, and refurbished.

  • New Cubiclesin this category are the most expensive workstations. The buyer can choose specific size, color, or finish when ordering new workstations. They are of high quality and can be imported at excellent prices when you order from well-connected suppliers. Brand new workstations will be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks lead time.
  • Used Cubicles-these are workstations that have been owned initially and used but are still in excellent working condition. They can function just like brand new workstations in any office. Even though these category of cubicles are an affordable option they have been in use for some time and may not be tailored or modified to meet the needs of the buyer.
  • Refurbished/Remanufactured Cubiclesthis category of workstations are ideally the best since the remanufactured products are sourced from top global manufacturers such as Steelcase, HON, Herman Miller, Trendway, Haworth, and Kimball. The workstations are stripped down and anything that is usable is reused. The dismantled framework is repainted, mended, and refinished using the best quality components in the market. Once completed, the office cubicles are basically new, the only difference is that they use recycled elements.

Refurbished workstations are built to the specific requirements of the buyer and are more economical when compared to new cubicles. Another great benefit associated with refurbished workstations is the fact that the process of reconditioning recycles office furniture by making use of cutting edge machinery. This process is environmentally-friendly and the use of reconditioned cubicles will help your company get LEED certification.

Where to Buy Office Cubicles in Houston, Texas

New, used, or refurbished office cubicles are easily available. You can buy from furniture stores that deal exclusively on used office furniture. One disclaimer though with buying from these stores is that you may fail to get sets of chairs and desks that match.

Other areas to get used furniture and cubicles include flea markets and garage sales. They may have what you want and they sell products at affordable prices. Another great option is online stores especially those that have a good reputation. In Houston there are a number of online stores that deal in new, used and refurbished furniture. However, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation among buyers of furniture and cubicles.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is your One-stop-Shop solution for everything New and Used Office Furniture!

Irrespective of whether you want new, used, or refurbished workstations, you will get what you want from the wide selection of cubicles at Clear Choice Office solutions. Its wide collection of modern cubicles and furniture are sourced from top notch manufactures of furniture. The professional and experienced staff at Clear Choice is dedicated to assisting you in getting the perfect solution for your business at an affordable price.

Clear Choice Office Solutions will also provide your company with some additional services such as;

  • Office Space Planning-you will receive expert services from well-trained professionals who will help bring your office space plan ideas into reality.
  • Interior décor-this is very crucial in bringing out the best overall look of your office. The experts at Clear Choice will handle all design tasks from specification to implementation. All the solutions are tailored towards making maximum use of the available office space, meet budget requirements, boost growth, and encourage collaboration among employees.
  • Delivery of Office Furniture and Installation-experts are required when it comes to the movement and installation of furniture whether new, used or free-standing. The team of experts at Clear Choice Office Solutions offer exceptional services when it comes to the delivery and installation of office furniture.
  • Panel Extenders and Cubicle Parts-you can also get these products at Clear Choice Office Solutions. The cubicle parts are compatible with a wide variety of workstations from some top manufacturers in the furniture market. It is prudent for every company to procure cubicles and furniture from top manufacturers since whenever repairs and replacements are required it becomes easier to get cubicle parts.

The decision to choose new, used or refurbished cubicles solely depends on the needs and budget of your company. Each of these products has its pros and cons and therefore you have to weigh each option and choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements.