Do you have office furniture in Houston that you intend to get rid of? There are different options you can explore. If you want to be charitable, there are a number of organizations that will willingly receive them as donations. Finding such organization may take some time and taking it to them will definitely involve some costs. You can also decide to contact a recycler or a company that offers old furniture removal and disposal services to handle the entire process for you. It normally involves some costs too.

If you have office furniture in Houston that you want to get rid of, you may want to explore other options asides from the ones discussed above. This is the best thing to do if you want to realize some money from the used office furniture. Instead of giving your used office furniture away or inviting a recycler or disposal company to take them away, you can actually sell them.

You may not know it but there are lots of individuals and businesses that will willingly buy your used office furniture. Finding these individuals may be a little hard which is why this article has been written to help you. Even when you have a way of contacting few individuals to buy your used office furniture, there is no assurance that they will buy them at a fair price. Here, we will discuss the different options you have including the one that makes the most economic sense.

Local Newspaper and Online Platforms

Placing ads in local newspapers is a traditional way of selling used office furniture but it works even today. Houston TX has a number of local newspapers that sell classified ad space at different prices. You can buy an ad space and place your old office furniture for sale. Asides from print newspapers, you can also buy online space to advertise the furniture you intend to sell. There are several websites and blogs that will also sell you ad space. If your business has a good website and you don’t mind, you can even advertise your old office furniture there.

While this method has been around for decades, it still works. The only problem is that it may take too long for your furniture to sell. Some buyers may also price them at ridiculous prices especially when they feel you are desperate about getting rid of the items. It is even possible to spend so much in advertisement that the money you will realize from the sale will barely offset the money you spent trying to sell it.


Craigslist ads is another easy way to sell your used office furniture. Unlike in similar websites like eBay and Amazon, purchases in Craigslist are usually made by locals. There are also lots of people that specifically browse through the website for used products. This means you are more likely to find individuals or businesses from Houston that are willing to pay for your office furniture. You just need to ensure that you set up your ad well to make the process smooth.

Setting up your ad on Craigslist should be easy. You need to take photos of your inventory and upload them. It is important that you take high-quality and detailed photos for the ad. While setting up the ad, it is important that you provide every important information. Specify if you are willing to deliver the furniture or if the buyer should be ready to handle that. You can decide to let different buyers contact you individually and inspect the items when they want or to hold an open house or garage sale. The first option can be rewarding but you have to be ready to answer so many questions. Holding an open house/garage sale is less stressful as buyers inspect the furniture simultaneously and bid for them.


There are businesses that are interested in used office furniture and will pay handsomely for them. This is unarguably the best way to sell your office furniture in Houston. In Houston, just like in several other cities, there are several of such businesses. Finding the best one to deal with should be your priority. It is important that you find a company that will buy your office furniture directly and sell them independently.

There are several advantages of working with businesses that buy your office furniture directly. For a start, they offer the fastest means of getting rid of your used furniture. You don’t have to advertise to get their attention. Once you know how to contact them, you should be certain of selling your office furniture as fast as possible.

However, the majority of the businesses that offer this service also offer a range of other services including office furniture recycling services, commercial moving and relocation services, and office planning and design services. So many of them also sell new and used office furniture. You will have no problem changing how your office looks as they can take care of your old furniture and supply new ones as soon as possible.

There you have it! Above are a couple of tips for selling your office furniture in Houston. At times, trying to dispose your used office furniture in Houston can be quite tough. It may take you some time to get a broker, dealer, or liquidation company to purchase all the furniture. Anytime you need to sell your office furniture in Houston, always turn to Clear Choice Office Solutions. We are the perfect fit to get the job done.


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