Every work area needs an office chair. Whether it is a professional office space, a home office, or even if it’s a small work desk, a chair can provide you the comfort you need to be more efficient and productive at your work. Due to this, it is very important to buy quality office chairs in Houston, Texas, that will serve you excellently.

A good office chair should provide adequate lumbar and pelvic support. This will help you achieve a better sitting posture, less fatigue, and improved comfort. However, buying a chair is a huge decision. There are lots of factors you need to put into consideration before making your final decision. If you understand user requirements as well as the available chair features, you will be able to choose the ideal office chair.

Clear Choice Office Solutions, your reliable provider of high-quality office chairs in Houston, Texas, brings you a step-by-step guide to help you buy the ideal office chair.

Determine Your Office Chair Needs

Before buying the office chair, the first thing to put into consideration is your needs. Office chairs come in a wide range of sizes and styles ranging from luxurious executive chairs to armless stools. Take a look at your office space to see the individuals that will be making use of the chair as well as the kind of work they do.

For a home office, a basic chair with backrest and adjustable seat-height is perfect. You don’t need something complex since you will only be using the chair for only a couple of hours weekly. However, if the chair will be for employees that will spend between 8 and 10 hours daily at their computers, ergonomic chairs personalized to suit their work habits will be more appropriate.

Choose Chairs with Cushion

To help improve employee efficiency and productivity, the ultimate level of comfort is essential. Chairs with cushions are perfect to provide the needed level of comfort. The soft padding and upholstery materials will offer adequate support for the user’s seat and back.

In addition, the cushion chairs also feature lumbar supports that will reinforce the natural shape of the human spine. This will help relieve lower back stress. The contoured part of the seat will support the legs of the user without blocking circulation. All these will make the user comfortable, thus, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Purchase Chairs with Adjustable Seating

Most office chairs have a wide range of positional controls to accommodate individuals of different physique. The office chairs also feature 360-degree swivel bases that enhance freedom of movement. The chair should also have controls to lower or raise the seat to fit the height of the user.

In addition, users that spend several hours working on the keyboard can opt for chairs with armrests. This will help relieve their shoulder and reduce wrist fatigue. It will also reduce the risk of stress-related injuries.

Hence, ensure that you opt for adjustable chairs. These kind of chairs feature backrest height and angle controls, as well as the seat depth adjustments. This makes it possible for the chair to accommodate different individuals with different body types, height, and varied postures.

Choose Chairs with Backrest

When buying office chairs, it is also important to choose the seat with the right backrest. The majority of office chairs usually feature one of the three styles of the backrest – small, mid-height, and high backrest. Task chairs feature small backs that help support the lower back. They are suited for users that need to access file cabinets as they allow freedom of movement.

What’s more, most ergonomic desk chairs feature mid-height backrests to provide extra back support for users. They are more suited for employees that spend several hours working. Executive chairs feature high backrests to support both the back and shoulders. Some models also feature headrests for added comfort.

Available Space

In addition, it is also important to consider the available space. An armless task chair will not be suitable for an executive office. However, it will be the ideal chair for a reception area that has limited space. Also, the chair must not take up too much space in the office. There should be enough space left to enable free movement.


Lastly, when buying office chairs, it is advisable to purchase office chairs that encourage mobility. These kind of chairs feature casters which enable the user to move and reach drawers or files without any need to stand up. A high-quality office chair will have five equally spaced casters to ensure that the chair is stable when seated upon. However, if your office space has carpet or hardwood finishing, you can use a chair mat to protect the floors.

There you have it! Above are some of the things you need to consider when buying office chairs. Once you understand your needs and the available space in your office, you will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Nonetheless, ensure that you choose an office chair that can be easily adjusted and will accommodate different types of body types and sitting posture. With this, you can improve productivity, efficiency, and comfort, while reducing the risk of stress-related injuries.

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