There is no substitute for a well-designed workstation. Asides boosting employees’ productivity, a well-structured working area will ensure the safety of staff as well. Reliable studies show that most Americans spend 90% of their waking hours indoors. Most of this time is spent at the computer and away from the closest window. No wonder there are many negative effects that most people who work indoors experience. A more lit room and well-organized working area improves productivity and has many health benefits. Here are some tips for an excellent office design

  1. Avoid Clutter and Keep things Tidy and Organized

Always keep your working area free from clutter, tidy, and well-organized. By keeping things in order you will be able to work productively and store items in places that enhance an easy retrieval. One of the best rules to implement in your office is “zero tolerance to food on desks” policy. You can also eliminate rubbish bins from the working area since they encourage rubbish pile up.

Putting in place a storage compartment within the office will help to eliminate unnecessary pile of paper and documents on top of desks. It will also create more space for working.

  1. Space Planning

A well planned office space layout can be compared to a well-structured urban plan. Workers treasure a private space and they also need to have a public space since this is essential for maximum productivity and interaction with others. An ideal office design should have room for private and public meeting spaces, a passageway for easy maneuvering within the units, and a private cubicle and more public one for short impromptu meetings.

A proper plan should be put in place so as to ensure maximum benefit to every employee. For instance, senior management staff should be given offices that have doors since they tend to hold more private meetings. As for office assistants, they should be provided with spaces that are easily accessible. There should be a well balanced structure to enhance public interactions and privacy.

  1. Create Break-out Spaces

Break-out spaces can be an important addition to your workstation. They not only serve as places for taking lunch but they are ideal for creativity away from the working desk. The break-out spaces should be non-bookable so that anyone can take a break away from their desk and think whenever they need to. The spaces encourage informal chats and also provide a change in scenery. Employees can also brainstorm and come up with excellent ideas within these areas.

  1. Noise

Noise is a major hindrance to employee productivity since it lowers their concentration and increases stress levels. An excellent office design should incorporate materials that boost great acoustics. You can use the correct materials in the right location so as to curb noise distractions.

For maximum noise absorption in offices with low ceiling height, use ceiling tiles. Offices that have high ceilings on the other hand require other methods such as use of acoustical wall panels and lining the walls with fabric banners. Air conditioners and fans also help limit a noisy environment since they create a monotone background sound, commonly referred to as white noise. Other options include use of water fountains and the installation of sound masking system.

  1. Invest in Good Quality Office Furniture

Companies that are in a tight budget may be forced to save money by investing in cheap office furniture. This may look awesome in the short run but in the long run you lose more than you budgeted for. Frequent employee sick off and emergency offs will be an order of the day which will have a huge effect on your company. A bad chair causes back pain resulting in complaints and absenteeism.

Invest in ergonomic furniture and you will greatly boost the productivity of your employees. You should also consider investing in IT infrastructure that facilitates easier working within your offices. Wireless connectivity and use of laptops can allow staff to work from anywhere within the premise hence boost their productivity and morale. It is also very easy to walk around with a laptop during impromptu meetings.

  1. Lighting

There can never be too much natural light within an office setting. The use of natural light will greatly lower your electricity payments and boost the productivity of employees. You should therefore consider this when designing your office. It allows employees to get a wide color spectrum and helps them see more details when performing tasks. Studies show that people who work in dark environs suffer from depressed brains and are affected psychologically. Bad light on the other hand will strain the eyes, lead to headaches, and general irritation.

To create a well-lit working area, eliminate interior walls and use glass walls instead within the private offices. Bench desks should also use glass material. There should also be sufficient space within the work stations so as to facilitate an easy movement.

  1. Blending with Nature

Various researches have been conducted and they have proven that those people who work in areas where there is an element of nature are more productive and exhibit a higher level of well-being. A natural setting also reduces stress immensely by giving employees a natural feeling of being connected with the outer world.

There are some simple things you can do to achieve this. You can have some paintings with images of nature within the working area. You can also create a small indoor courtyard or color your office with colors, patterns, and textures that resemble natural elements. A glass wall will also give your staff a glimpse of the nature outside the office.

  1. Workplace Branding

Experts state that workplace branding is as important as branding your stationery. The entire work environment should market your brand. Clients and employees should see the brand all around them.  Avoid placing branded wallpapers on the wall since they never shout loud enough. Instead, put your logo on a feature wall so as to create visual interest. You can also use the brand images on floors to guide clients within your premises.

There are literally dozens of office design ideas that can help boost your employee productivity and build your brand.  A professional can help take your company a notch higher by redesigning your office’s interior design. Contact a reputed firm and you will notice instant change within no time.