Office furniture liquidation is necessary in a number of occasions. When the business is in the process of closing up, downsizing, or relocating, there will be need to remove the office furniture in the most economical manner. Even in instances where the business intends to recreate its office space and replace all the furniture at once, liquidation is also necessary.

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we specialize in providing excellent, top class office furniture liquidation. Our trusted experts have the tools and experience to handle every process involved in your office furniture liquidation, including the purchase, installation, disassembly, and removal of all types and brands of office furniture.

In addition, we understand that liquidating office furniture is never a simple task. It is not something anyone should try to handle alone. The most effective way to make it happen is to work with a reliable liquidator. Finding a liquidator is not the only thing you will need to do to make the entire process smooth. If you are thinking of where to begin, we will share some tips here that will help to make your office furniture liquidation easier and successful:

Start the Office Furniture Liquidation Process in Time

If you are handling office furniture liquidation for the first time, you will be surprised at how long the entire process can take. The reason for the liquidation normally affects the time it will take to complete the process. It may take a shorter time when you are just trying to remodel the office space than when the business is closing or relocating. In any case, it is important that you start the process in time. This will help you avoid rushing some things as that can easily lead to mistakes. When there is adequate time to plan, the process can be a lot smoother.


Ensure You Have a Comprehensive Inventory Checklist

It is important that you have a good idea of what you have to liquidate. Once the decision has been made to liquidate your office furniture, it is important that you get a complete inventory count of everything in the space that will be part of the liquidation process.

Reputable office furniture liquidators will perform a thorough walk through and create a detailed inventory when they get involved in the process. Having your inventory before their arrival will not hurt in any way. You can compare your own inventory checklist with what they come up with and reconcile any discrepancies.

Take Time to Find a Professional Furniture Liquidation Company

The success of your office furniture liquidation exercise will largely depend on the company you hire to handle it. Though your own efforts will matter a lot, once you have the wrong people handling the process, a lot of things can go wrong. It is important that you take time to find the right liquidator. You need a professional liquidator that will handle all facets of the exercise.

Some of the important factors you must consider while choosing a company includes the experience of those running the business and how trustworthy they are. You should take your time to do a background check to determine if they are the right candidates to work with.

Work With the Liquidators to Come Up With the Liquidation Timetable

Contacting liquidators and selecting one from the list of available companies in your area is only the beginning of the journey. What you are getting into is a process that involves several little tasks that will take time. A professional liquidator will provide a feasible timetable for the process.

Also, it is important that you work with the liquidator to draw this timetable so that it does not conflict with your own plans or the activities of your business. While drawing the timetable, let the professionals do what they know how best to do but don’t be afraid to speak up when you feel the plan will disrupt your other important plans and activities.

Avoid Any Temptation or Suggestion to Part It Out

You may receive suggestions from some quarters to sell your office furniture bit by bit. This is something you need to avoid. Some so called liquidation companies may even suggest to cherry pick from your available furniture. This should be a major red light.

If you allow anyone to handpick your furniture, you may be left with several less desirable pieces that will proof very hard to sell. This will meaningfully affect what you will realize from your office furniture liquidation. Ensure that you sell the entire thing as a whole; it will have more value and involve less cost.

Take Time to Research the Going Rate of Some of Your Office Furniture

It is also important that you try to make some estimations about what to expect from the sales of your office furniture. When you are able to figure out what the items will command in the secondary market, you will have an idea of the kind of job your liquidator is doing. If you really want to know about what to expect, do not rely on mere estimations or blind presumptions. Take time to research the going rate of some of the most important items in your office space.

Understand the Factors That Affects the Prices of Your Office Furniture

There are some important factors that will influence the cost of your office furniture. Understanding them will help you have a realistic idea of what they can fetch from the market. Some of the factors you should keep in mind include the manufacturers of the items, the age of the items, and the sizes of the items. Other things like the colors of the items will also count when determining the actual value. An experienced liquidator will take all these into consideration when valuing your office furniture, so it is important you take note of them.

Try To Understands the Costs Involved In Office Furniture Liquidation

There are several costs associated with office furniture liquidation. When you have a good understanding of these costs, you will have less surprises during the process. Such costs as removal fees and the cost of the trucks that will be used will count when it comes to determining how much you will realize from the sale of your furniture. The liquidation company will incur these costs and make up for them through the sales of your furniture.

Ensure Your Liquidators Are Not Just Brokers

This is something you need to figure out as soon as possible: furniture wholesalers and furniture brokers are not the same. Anyone can claim to be an office furniture liquidator but you have to make sure you are not working with brokers as they don’t make a commitment to liquidate your furniture until they have sold it.

Office furniture wholesalers are the right people to entrust with office furniture liquidation as they commit to the entire process from initial proposal till the end. They will remove the furniture within a stipulated timeframe and make the entire experience better for you.

Stay In Contact With the Liquidators Until the Process Is Completed

It is also important that you remain in active contact with the liquidators until everything is concluded. It will be a long process and the liquidator will know what to do at every step but there is need to know how things are progressing. A good liquidator will keep you or your team updated as events unfold until every business you have with them regarding the liquidation is concluded.

There you have it! Above are some useful tips to help make the entire office liquidation task relatively easy. Liquidating your office furniture can be very tasking. It will be less burdensome, however, when you work with a good liquidation company. The insightful tips provided above will be very helpful in making office furniture liquidation easier.

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