Your Complete Guide to Choosing Office Furniture

Your Complete Guide to Choosing Office Furniture

Whether you are building a home office, or moving from a cubicle to a personal office, choosing office furniture can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when many furniture sales are now made online.

How do you know if the furniture you choose online will be the right height or comfortable for your frame?

What office chair should you choose for the best comfort and support – or how do you determine whether you should go for a corner desk, a standard desk, or a standing desk?

It seems like an impossible task with so many options available, but the right furniture can help boost your workplace productivity and morale.

In this complete guide to choosing office furniture, Clear Choice Office Solutions has set out to untangle the mysteries of purchasing office furniture online and help guide you towards a healthy, happy work environment.

You will learn how to choose everything, from the perfect ergonomic chair for your frame, to the best desk to suit your work style and longevity. Best of all, Clear Choice specializes in providing new and used office furniture to the Houston, TX area at incredible prices. With Clear Choice Office Solutions, choosing office furniture does not have to be overwhelming, difficult, or expensive!

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture for You

When you first set foot in your new office, whether it is a home office or a new personal office at the workplace, there is a thrill of excitement and newness that comes with that space. That is your space, and it is up to you to personalize it to the best of your ability. [1]

“How you set up that office will also be crucial as it provides some insight into the culture and vision of the company. And of course, the layout and decor will help encourage overall productivity. But how do you go about choosing the furniture and technology—and what kinds of creative amenities should you include?”

 —  Tom Taulli

That newness soon turns into responsibility, as a new office space needs to be furnished with ergonomic furniture that not only looks nice but functions well. Americans spend an average of 67 days out of the year working at their desks, so every element of the workspace must be impeccable to provide enough comfort and support for your body.

There are a few considerations you should make when choosing office furniture:

  • Assess How Much Room You Have

For first-time office furniture buyers, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is overestimating how much space you have in the office. It is not enough to simply generalize the square footage of the room, either. Measuring out the space each piece of furniture will take up in the room is ideal, so you can see just how much space you are left with.

For example, if you are looking at the large executive desk for your 10×10 office space, you might want to rethink your choices. An empty office space looks huge until there is an overbearing desk in the middle of the room.

A cluttered office that feels small will leave you less productive than a large office with a few pieces of furniture in it, but it is important to still accommodate your needs.

  • How Long Each Day Will You Use Your Office?

How long will you be in the office each day, reliably? What does a long day mean in the office, versus a short day?

You should always purchase furniture meant for the long day in the office. For a long day in the office where you spend anywhere from 6-12 hours a day at your desk, comfort wins over style. No matter what, you will be glad you chose the neutral black mesh chair with lumbar support and adjustable ergonomics, over the colorful and elegant yet utterly flat wooden chair when you spend your first 8-hour day sitting in it.

However, if you typically only spend 30-minutes to an hour in the office before you are off to another meeting or job site, then style may win over comfort.

  • Is It a Shared Space?

If your office is a shared space, it is important to consider that as well when choosing office furniture. The furniture in a shared space will typically be more minimalist, or space-efficient in design, helping two or more individuals work together, minimizing distractions, and increasing productivity.

If the office space is shared over different shifts, like how cubicles are shared at call centers between the day and night shift employees, then this is also a consideration to bear in mind. Both shifts will want a place to store their personal items, and both shifts will need a space on or around the desk that they can call theirs, whether it is a separate filing cabinet or set of drawers where they can store work notes and materials.

Shared spaces are all about keeping things separate in the same space to keep productivity high and maintain company morale.

  • Does the Furniture Fit Your Body’s Frame?

One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing office furniture is whether the chair fits your body’s natural frame. For example, a chair can have all the ergonomic benefits known to man, but if it is too small or too large, you are going to be uncomfortable in it.

It seems like a minor thing to consider, especially for the “get it done” personalities, but across the board, an uncomfortable chair will lead to back, hip, and neck pain, a loss in productivity, and poor morale.

Likewise, the right desk is important to maintain comfort in the workplace. Does your desk sit at the right height to keep you comfortable? If you are concerned about being sedentary all the time, consider a standing desk to help you adjust to your new office.

Wherever there is a problem or discomfort, there is office furniture that can help alleviate the problem.

What are the Types of Office Furniture?

There are so many different types of office furniture that it can be difficult to choose just one style or design. Fortunately, different styles come in a wide variety of colors as well, to help you match your décor even if the design is mixed.

There are several pieces of furniture that are essential to an office, no matter if it is in the company building or your spare bedroom. These pieces of furniture will help you keep your workspace organized and boost productivity throughout the day.

Once you know what you are looking for, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your office. No more weighing your options or deciding between two pieces of furniture.

Below is a short list of must-have essentials to look for when choosing office furniture.

  • Desk Chair

If you opt for a sitting desk, or simply want to sit at an adjustable desk for part of the time, then you should consider an office chair with ergonomic features that will help keep you free of back, hip, and neck pain throughout the day.

An adjustable lumbar pillow, adjustable backrest, and adjustable height lever are all must-haves in modern ergonomic chairs. Breathable mesh fabrics and optional footrests are also a benefit that might be important to you depending on your work environment.

You should also look for a desk chair that suits your needs. For larger frames, big and tall chairs are popular, with heavy-duty construction and bigger dimensions than normal office chairs. Likewise, petite chairs are also made to accommodate individuals with smaller than average frames.

  • Desk

The right desk can make your office space a welcome haven, rather than a prison. Choose a desk that suits both your needs and the office’s available space.

Looking for ergonomic support over anything else? A standing desk will help you get up and moving throughout the day, removing the need to be sedentary. [2] Of course, you should ease into standing all the time and keep a chair around for backup and purchase a standing mat.

“Take it easy on your knees, hips, and ankles by using a gel mat where you plan to stand. Take it a step further and wear non-slip, supportive shoes, too.”

 —  Thomas B. Trafecanty

Do you prefer to spend your day near one corner of the room? Try a corner desk with shelving and drawers.

Do you receive visitors and need your desk to be welcoming and easy to move around in? Try a managerial or executive desk in the center of the room, office chair facing the front door. 

  • Lighting

The right lighting can make or break a good workspace. If you need to work with papers a lot, consider a good, bright desk lamp that is shaded from the front but provides downcast lighting to help you see what is on your desk better. This will prevent you from straining your eyes during a long day of work.

Likewise, if there is no need for a desk lamp, consider the natural and fixed lighting in the space.

Are there dark spots that will cause a headache after a long day? Consider a standing lamp.

Does the light from the window need to be muted to prevent it from glaring off surfaces inside the space? You will need curtains to get the job done.

  • Bookshelf

A bookshelf, while not necessary in small spaces, can tie together a large office and provide elegant utility and impressive decoration if the right material is chosen.

A dark-colored bookshelf will help fill up space in large offices, while brightly colored or neutral bookshelves will help open up the office and provide the illusion of space.

  • Storage Drawers

No one wants a crowded desk, but personal items, work notes, paperwork, and books will all find their way onto the otherwise pristine surface of your workspace if there is no place to store them.

If your desk does not come with its own set of drawers, a set of storage drawers will help keep everything in the right place. Choose drawers that are easy to access at a moment’s notice for important documents and work files. If your office does not have a lock on it, you may want to consider a set of drawers that you can lock at the end of the day.

Try to match the color and material of the drawers to the desk to help bring together the office’s aesthetic.


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