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Maybe you have considered all factors and even chosen the right Used Office Furniture Webster. What else is there to be considered? Well, it is your office space. You can choose to lease or go for a serviced office space even if it might sound exciting to have a story about how your business started and is run within the comfort of your bedroom. Having own four-wall space allows you to feel more real and gives clients a glimpse of what you look like as a business. You can choose the kind of used office furniture that defines your brand and even go for interior décor that also matches it. Nonetheless, making such a move comes with its share of challenges since most startups and small business simply do not see or know when it is time to move or what options to choose from given the many choices to be evaluated.

When you have to choose between renting an office on a commercial lease and going for a serviced office option it is better to look into the benefits as well as the downside of each. That way you can be able to see the option that makes financial sense for your business. The business has to be treated uniquely since each business has its different needs.

Used Office Furniture Webster

About Traditional Leased Office and Serviced Office

The traditional office space simply refers to the commercial leasing of an office space from a landlord and is usually for a short or longer term. The tenant is given full dominion over the space and can utilize it in whichever way they want. On the flipside, the serviced office refers to a well-equipped and managed office space. The tenant has all essential office items such as internet access, phone line, used office furniture, and many others, and the equipment and space is managed by a management firm. There is ideally a small disparity between the two and each suits a business based on the needs.

It all Begins with what you have

  • Let us face it, with an ever increasing cost of office space one of our most important considerations, especially when starting off becomes the cost. At this time any budget-conscious business has to go a shoe that fits it. Those that dares go for a space they cannot afford over the long haul risk running out of business within a few months. Remember, profits are never guaranteed for the first few years in business. You therefore have to be prepared for that and that begins by choosing what you can afford.
  • When it comes to the cost, conventional office space is much cheaper. You do not have to incur lots of costs as the case might be for the luxurious and fully-serviced office space. The latter comes with its baggage that includes; phone bills, security and maintenance, internet subscription, lighting, refurbishment, reception, heating, and many others. Note that you are charged a premium for every service since that is the landlord’s business.
  • As it happens with most businesses, when you run into financial difficulties six months or so later, the serviced office space becomes the best choice. You might pay much more in the long run but this is better than a leased apartment where you get tied up by their contracts for a year or even more. In most cases the serviced office requires at least three months advance rent which is much cheaper.
  • Most firms, especially startups prefer the serviced office space since it does not require startup costs. All is set from onset and all you have to do is simply move in. This is never possible with the conventional rented space.

The Kind of Office Furniture Webster Needed

Perhaps one of the reasons why most starters are put off by an idea of leasing an office space is the hassle involved. To begin with there is lots of paperwork at onset of a contract. This is then followed by the plenty of time needed for house planning; choosing ideal used office furniture Webster, setting up phone lines, internet, contacting contractors, and many others. There is also the continuous maintenance of the office after setup. With all these mentioned, very few firms are ready to swallow such a pill.

There is also the issue concerning the kind of brand image your business desires to portray. The traditional leased space will give you full responsibility on the kind of décor, working benches or cubicles, chairs, tables, or lighting system to choose. All these can be tailored to match with your brand. You can even involve a professional when setting up your office. Clear Choice Office Solutions is one of those suppliers of new, used, recycled, and refurbished furniture that is well known in Webster and beyond. It offers tailored solutions to businesses in need of office furniture.

As for a serviced space, all that is involved in setting up your office has been taken off your shoulders by the provider. All you have to do now is focus time and energy in core business. Nonetheless, this comes with a price. You are not given the freedom to choose your own office furniture, whether used, refurbished, or recycled. You must also pay a premium for every service provided. All these when considered could add up to unfathomable amounts of money.

 Future Business Plans or Prospects

  1. One of the things can really help when one is weighing between the leased and serviced office space is the firm’s future plans. Those that intend to expand in future will save more on per desk basis. Contrarily, the serviced office space becomes feasible when the future of your business is uncertain and all you are concerned with is the short term. A business that might relocate, downsize, expand, or venture into something else in a few months might suffer if subjected to a contract of say 3 years.
  2. Therefore, if your business has clear plans for the near future then it is better to go for a traditional leased space. This gives you more flexibility in terms of fitting in some future plans such as expansion.

It goes without saying that it always pays off to include an expert when it comes to your needs regarding Used Office furniture Webster. Never take chances especially when starting your first office. Clear Choice Office Solutions, a reputed supplier of new and used furniture will provide a reliable service when it comes to making critical office furniture decisions. To get to know more about our company and trusted service, visit us at


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