Used Office Furniture Minneapolis

There are several reasons why you should opt for used office furniture Minneapolis. Equally, there a few factors that should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, balancing out the pros and cons of purchasing previously-owned furniture for the office is the best thing that you need to do.

Used Office Furniture Minneapolis
Used Office Furniture Minneapolis

It is a common knowledge that purchasing newly manufactured items means paying more. If you are working on a strict budget, buying used office furniture is your next best option. There is no need to worry about quality and dependability of such items as they would not be made available for repurchasing if they are not tested, tried and refinished.

Tips in Buying Used Office Furniture Minneapolis

  1. In most cases, when looking for second-hand pieces, you would probably find office furniture that are made of wood. This is a good thing, as you would not want to buy used furniture made of plastic. Wood has the ability to stand the test of time. And though it tends to look worn-out after a few years, this down side can be easily remedied through re-polishing or refinishing. Wooden pieces are also strong and resilient. This results in furnishings that you would not need to replace immediately. That is definitely value for your money.
  2. The good thing about reputable dealers and sellers of previously-owned furniture is that most of them do not offer pieces that have not gone through some kind of re-assessment and refinishing. So, you can be assured that there is a big chance that you can find items that are eye-candy and of high quality. But, of course, if you are really trying to save money, you may be able to find items that you can restore on your own. By going with this option, you can re-create your pieces depending on your office interior design. Another alternative is to hire a furniture restoration service provider.
  3. Additional tip worth thinking of is finding sellers or dealers that offer a wide range of choices. If you are just going to scout around and search for what you need from garage sales, you will not likely find matching pieces. That may not be a bad idea, if you are not going for the complete professional look that requires uniformity in the setup. A little more patience and research will surely result in a few numbers of seller and dealers that may be able to provide you with complete sets of second-hand office furniture.
  4. Once you have a few sellers or dealers on your list, you can eliminate the need to get confused as to where to purchase by comparing prices. This is not a difficult task to do; just go to their websites or give them a call and then ask for their quotes. Before you do this though, make sure that you have a list of what you need, when you need them and what your budget is.


List of the Most Common Types of Used Furniture for the Office

  1. Desks – Office works are mostly done on desks. A desk is also called a workbench, wherein clerical operations are carried on. The main function of a desk is providing an appropriate surface for working on the computer, writing, examining and checking. Desks are also used for storage of files, papers and office supplies. Office machines (like photo-copy or portable printers) also need desks. Desks are classified as: executive, typist, secretary, machine and clerical.
  2. Office Table – A table can also be a desk, except when you are referring to a long furniture that is used for dining or conference. A conference table may not be a requirement for most businesses, so you can actually not include this on your list.
  3. Chairs – Desks need chairs; they simply go hand in hand. As office employees spend most of their working time sitting, it is wise to make sure that they are using the most comfortable chairs. Ergonomic chairs are the popular these days – not only because it is the craze, but due to the rising awareness of physical injuries that can be attained from long hours of sitting. To ensure health of your staff, you should look for those with adjustable back rest and height, as well as arm rests.
  4. Cabinets – Filing cabinets are still needed in office despite the fact that office documents can now be stored in the Cloud. In case, you want to purchase cabinets, go for steel as cabinets made of wood are not safe.
  5. Work Stations – Due to the need to save space, most offices are using work stations instead of individual desks and chairs. A workstation can be setup in one specific space in the office and it can accommodate two or more employees.
  6. Couches – If you have a reception area or a break room for your staff, couches are a must. They are comfortable and can provide relaxing time to your guests and employees.

Office Furniture – New versus Used

  • Newly manufacture furniture is more expensive than previously-owned ones; used furniture tends to be at least 40 percent cheaper.
  • Used furniture may have the signs of wear and tear. If you are not careful in choosing, you may actually end up paying more for restoration.
  • Manufacturing new furniture means the need for fresh resources like wood, plastic and steel. If you choose second-hand furniture, you can help save the trees.
  • If you are planning on using your office furniture for more than five years, go for the new, as used furniture can only serve you for three to five years the most.
  • New furniture pieces can surely make your office looking modern and sleek.
  • Delivery of new items though can take time.

Basically, the main consideration in choosing office furniture is the cost. If you have the money, you can just order new furnishings for your office. This will give you freedom in choosing design, style, color and material. In case, you want to save some money, you’d better prepare yourself to be content with what you can get. Do not despair though as there are many used furniture sellers – like Clear Choice Office Solutions – that offer high quality and affordable pieces. For your used office furniture Minneapolis needs visit


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