Used Office Desks in Houston

Despite evolving technologies, desks remain an essential piece of furniture in every workspace. The computer, files, documents, and other office equipment live on the desk. This makes the desk an important part of the day-to-day work life of every employee.

Whether you are designing your home office or you need to replace the old desk in your office, you can save money by purchasing a quality used office desks. Clear Choice Office Solutions is your reliable provider of superior-quality used office desks in Houston, TX. Our pre-owned office desks are highly affordable, durable, and guaranteed to serve your office work-life needs for many years to come.

Used Office Desks in Houston

What Type Of Office Desk Should You Buy?

Today, there are several types of office desks on the market. This can make it quite hard to determine the exact type of office desk to buy. Clear Choice Office Solutions, your destination for used office desks in Houston brings you the common types of office desk to determine the right choice for your work style.

 Executive Desk

These type of desks are generally used in large offices that have abundant space to spare. Executive desks are quite large. They always feature a double pedestal design. The executive desks come with box and file drawers to store documents, paperwork, and office supplies. Also, the desk comes with a single work surface. They are usually placed at the center of the office. Some executive desks come in L-shaped or U-shaped designs.

Computer Desk

Computer desks are smaller versions of executive workstations. These surface of the desks is wide enough to contain a desktop computer, printer, scanner, and other office equipment. The desk also features filing drawers and wire management capabilities. Whether you need a desk for your home office or something that isn’t as large as an executive workstation for your workspace, computer desks may be the ideal option for you.

Cubicle Desk

Also referred to as cubicles, cubicle desks come with a work surface which is surrounded by modular partitions. Cubicle desks are great for use in open office settings. They can provide employees with added seclusion and privacy. Thus, reducing noise, distraction, and improving concentration and productivity.

Adjustable Desk

At times, prolonged sitting can affect the body. Standing and adjustable desks offer an employee the opportunity to alternate between standing and sitting all through the workday. Standing desks are stationary. You will need to use the desk with an adjustable height stool or a standard height desk. You can simply raise or lower the desk height as you wish.

Compact Desk

Compact desks can also be referred to as smaller computer desks. These compact desks are suitable for use in tight spaces. They can come in straight, L-shaped, or corner-shaped designs. The compactness of the desks makes it possible to fit practically anywhere.

L-Shaped Desk

L-Shaped desks are designed just like the letter “L”. The desks feature two connecting parts—a desk and a return. While the desk portion is often larger, the return portion is small. The return portion only acts as an additional work surface space. L-Shaped desks come in different styles and sizes. They are great for employees that need more desktop space for their work.

U-Shaped Desk

U-Shaped desks are designed just like the letter “U”. The desks have three work surfaces. These include the main desk, a credenza, and a bridge. U-shaped desks are often very large. They also come with drawers and storage spaces. If you need a desk with a large surface to get your work done efficiently, U-Shaped desks are the best option for you.

Corner desk

Corner desks are different from L-shaped desks. They are designed to be positioned at a particular corner of the office. Unlike L-shaped desks where the user sits at one of the sides of the desk, the user of the corner desk will sit in the rounded corner of the desk.

Laptop and Writing Desks

Laptop and writing desks feature a table-like design. The desks consist of a considerably spacious work surface. You can easily work on your laptop on one side and still have enough space to write on a document beside. Some manufacturers include a keyboard tray or pencil drawer with their writing desks.

Credenza Desk

Credenza desks are narrow storage units. The desk usually features a knee space. Thus, they can be used as a workstation. Also, credenza desks have one or two storage units. They can be used in combination with a U-shaped desk.

What Type Of Material Should Your Desk Surface Be Made Of?

Desk surfaces are manufactured using different kinds of materials. These include laminate, glass, solid wood, wood veneer, and so forth. Each office desk surface material has its advantages. Let us take a quick look at the different materials for manufacturing desks surfaces. With this, you can choose the right material for your home office or workspace desk surface.

The Most Popular Choice: Laminate

Laminate is the most popular choice for making desk surfaces. It is a plastic finish which is applied to a wood core. Laminate is very affordable and durable. Desk surfaces made of laminate do not scratch or dent easily. This makes them very suitable for high traffic offices. In addition, laminate features a wide array of colors and wood grain patterns. They are easy to clean and maintain. If you are on a tight budget, laminate remains the best choice for your business.

The Most Elegant Choice: Wood or Veneer

Veneer desks come with a base similar to laminate. On top of that is a thin layer of real wood. Wood and veneer desks often look visually appealing and more elegant compared to other desk surfaces. However, veneer and wood desks are more delicate to clean and maintain. They are also quite expensive. Besides, they are not suited for heavy or rough use.

The Most Durable Choice: Metal or Steel

Most metal desks are made of steel. The appearance may not look very professional. However, they are reasonably priced, strong, and very durable. They are also suitable for high- traffic areas. The desk can come in a powder coated or chrome finish. If you are looking to invest in desk for long term use, metal or steel desks are the ideal choice. You can check the quality of the desk by feeling its overall weight.

Others: Solid Wood and Glass

There are also desks that come with solid wood and glass surfaces. Solid wood desks are manufactured using high-quality wood. These desks are very beautiful, heavy, and quite expensive.

Glass desks feature a work surface made of tempered glass. The surface is thick to prevent shattering. While glass desks are easy to clean, they often show fingerprints on any slight touch. In case you don’t want a desk with a full glass top, you can simply opt for desks with wood top options with a glass inlay.

Turn To Us for Quality and Affordable Used Office Desks in Houston

Clear Choice Office Solutions is your home for new and used office desks in Houston, Texas. We are dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with the best quality pre-owned office desks at the most competitive prices. Our quality used office desks are guaranteed to serve your day-to-day work life need for many years to come.

In addition, our Houston, Texas warehouse features a large selection of executive, laminate, and veneer desks. We also supply L-Shaped desks, U-Shaped desks, adjustable height desks, computer desk, writing desk, and many more. No matter your choice of office desk, we have the right size, style, and design that will fit your budget and needs.

What’s more, our sophisticated office desks are eye-catching and highly functional. Our used office desks in Houston feature ample spaces to accommodate your desktop computers, printer, scanner, and other office equipment. Whether you are in the market for a home office desk or commercial private office desk, we have the best work desk options for you.

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