Used Office Cubicles in Houston

Office cubicles offer a lot of advantages, especially in most open office settings. Using office cubicles can be a great way to isolate employees and managers from the loud noises and sights of the entire workspace. They help achieve the needed privacy and closure for improved concentration, efficiency, and productivity. Clear Choice Office Solutions remains your go-to provider of superior-quality used office cubicles in Houston, TX. Our pre-owned cubicles are affordable, durable, and guaranteed to serve your office needs for many years to come.

Used Office Cubicles in Houston
Used Office Cubicles in Houston

Things to Consider When Choosing Cubicles for Your Office

Looking for office cubicles? Choosing the right used office cubicles in Houston that will serve you extremely well can be quite tough. Whether you intend to purchase only a few cubicles or furnish your entire workspace, calculating the exact type of panel systems that will fit into the office can be very tricky. Clear Choice Office Solutions, your reliable supplier of used office cubicles and furniture, will provide you with tips to help you choose the ideal office cubicles and plan your workspace efficiently.

The Available Space in Your Office

One of the major factors you should consider before choosing office cubicles is the available workspace. How large is your office space? How many office cubicles do you intend to fit into the space? Before ordering the used cubicles, measure the entire workspace you intend to outfit with cubicles. Note the measurements. If possible, you can obtain CAD files. The professional will be able to plan your space better using the room measurements and CAD files. This way, you can easily determine the accurate number of cubicles that will fit into the workspace.

Size and Needs of Your Workforce

Furthermore, you also need to consider the size of your workforce or team. Whether you are outfitting a space for several workers in an open office setting or for a few employees in a small office, choosing the ideal cubicle system requires that you consider the size and needs of everyone. Do your employees need peace and privacy to work? Do they thrive on team-based collaborations? If your employees need peace and privacy to work, then used office cubicles may be the ideal option for your office space. For team based collaborations, you can select cubicles with low heights.

Your Preferred Style & Color

At times, you may want to keep the office setting uniform and maintain the identity of your company or brand. In such situations, you may need to consider the style and color of the used office cubicles before purchasing.

Whether you want to stay on-brand or evoke a certain sensation in the workplace, Clear Choice Office Solutions offers a huge selection of color combinations in every style of office cubicles you could want. When you consider your style and color combination needs, our experts will help plan your office space seamlessly.

Your Budgetary Requirements

Finally, your budget will determine the type of cubicles you will purchase. Fortunately, used office cubicles in Houston are budget-friendly. At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful office, irrespective of the budget. No matter your budgetary constraints, we have the right used office cubicles that will fit your needs.

Various Styles & Heights of Office Cubicle

Now that you are ready to furnish your workspace with cubicles, the next thing is to determine the right styles and heights of used office cubicles to choose for your workplace. However, the sizes and heights of the used cubicles you purchase will determine the way you structure and organize your office space. Generally, there are three types of cubicles to choose from. These include:

Call Center Cubicles

Call center cubicles are perfect for businesses that want to maximize the amount of employees which can fit into the office space. The cubicles come with shorter walls or glass panels for additional transparency. They are usually found in 4’x4’, 2’x5’, or 5’x5’. However, call center cubicles can only be occupied by a single person. The space is often small; hence, no room for adding personal flair.

Standard Cubicles

Standard cubicles are quite spacious. This type of cubicles have various work surfaces and can be arranged in different layouts. Though, the standard office is generally intended for a single employee. However, there is space to add an extra chair, if need be. The extra space in the cubicle can be dedicated to computers, file cabinets, as well as other office equipment. They are usually found in 6’x8’, 6’x6’, or 8’x8’.

Modular Cubicles

Modular office cubicles are manufactured to create added privacy. These office cubicles come with higher walls and doors. They are the ideal solution for employees that need even more privacy than what is provided by the standard office cubicle. These can include financial, human resources, or medical personnel. The cubicles are made using solid or glass panels. They can be up to 12’ tall.

Cubicle Heights

Generally, there are three major heights of office cubicle:

  • Low office cubicles – about 42” wall height.
  • Medium office cubicles – about 54” wall height.
  • Tall office cubicles – about 60” wall height.

However, the height of the office cubicles slightly varies, depending on the manufacturer. Nonetheless, the kind of office culture you want to build will determine the height of the cubicle you choose. If your employees have to collaborate from time to time, cubicles with low heights will make it easier for them to communicate. On the other hand, if more privacy is the goal, simply opt for tall cubicle heights.

Why Invest in Used Office Cubicles in Houston

Are you finding it hard to determine whether to purchase new or used office cubicles? Often times, a lot of businesses find it hard to make this kind of decision. Here are some of the reasons why purchasing used office cubicles may be a great idea:

To Save Cost

One of the major advantages of used office cubicles is that they are cheaper than the new ones. In fact, buying used office cubicles can be an incredible way to save a lot of money from your Houston office furniture or setup expenses. If you are on a tight budget, you should consider investing in used office cubicles.

Flexible and Versatile

In addition, used office cubicles offer flexibility and versatility. These furniture pieces are designed to be easily reconfigured. You can simply change cubicle placement or position to suit your office setting, style, or for added privacy.

Buy Quality for Less

Furthermore, office cubicles made by top and reputable brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and so forth rarely lose their quality. Hence, purchasing used office cubicles manufactured by these top brands is the same as buying new quality office cubicles at a fraction of their initial prices.

Turn To Us for Quality and Affordable Used Office Cubicles in Houston

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we know that added privacy and fewer distractions will help improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. We offer both individuals and businesses in Houston, TX with superior quality used office cubicles at the best and most competitive prices. No matter your budget and preference, we have the right office cubicle for you.

In addition, we offer a guarantee on all our products. Our used office cubicles Houston are sourced from the top and most reputable furniture brands across the nation. These include Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Haworth, Allsteel, Hon, and more. Our warehouse and showroom in Houston feature a huge selection of used office cubicles with different styles, shapes, sizes, and height. These cubicles will fit seamlessly into your workspace environment.

Above all, our services are transparent and highly professional. We pride ourselves on providing clean, durable, and affordable used office cubicles and furniture pieces. Our dedicated team their time to clean, repair, and retouch these used cubicles. We make it a duty to provide the highest standards of quality furniture, and nothing less. This is why individuals, furniture dealers, and facility managers choose us as their preferred provider of used cubicles in Houston. No matter your office cubicle needs, we’ve got you covered.

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