Office Cubicle Buying Guide – Lean about the Effective Workspace Solution

Cubicles are the most efficient and affordable workspace solution. The cubicles are available in a variety of choices and it is really worth spending on cubicles as they can make your office look spacious and elegant.  Also, some employees spend over 40 hours per week in that cubicle, that is why, it is important to provide a spacious cubicle, which makes the employees work comfortably, and enhance their productivity and it also enhances your business simultaneously.

Buying cubicles for your office is different from buying office furniture, and cubicles are not just about a design or that looks good with the décor.  Spacious Cubicles are important as the employees spend most of their time in their workplace, so it is an involved process to which you need to put more effort to find the best cubicles for your office.

Cubicles are more than just a place where the each individual employee sit, or work on a computer and make phone calls. Cubicles can cultivate collaboration and can create privacy.  Finding the best cubicles is important when you want to save space in your workplace. Here you can find 5 best steps to find best cubicles

5 steps to finding best cubicles for your office:

  1. Measure your workspace: Before choosing cubicles for your office, you must take measurements of your office space. Take a professional help and provide architectural file or drawing to the service providers, they can easily provide you the best and professional workspace solutions with new designs of cubicles. You can ask for a free space plan.
  2. Know your Employees Requirements: It is always good to know exactly how your employees want their cubicles to work comfortably, so that, you can easily tell the cubicle providers the requirements of employees. The professional helpers can guide you in choosing the cubicle features, sizes, and options. Once you provide sufficient workspace for employees, then the results of your business achievement are apparent.
  3. Inform your budget limits: It is always a good idea to tell the professional cubicle providers about your budget limits, that way they can provide the cubicles according to your office needs and in your budget limits.
  4. Select the Design: You might have seen most of the cubicles in the offices look same, but if you want to make a difference, and you want to give some different look to your office, then you can tell the service provider about your choices, and select the material that comes under your budget, choose the cubicles that match your office décor, environment and style. The right choice can make a big difference.
  5. Get the cubicles on Schedule: You must tell the Cubicle providers exactly when they need to install the cubicles in your office. Plan your schedule, accordingly inform the providers the exact time and date to install the cubicles.

When you want to install cubicles in your office, then you must know that cubicles are available in 3 heights: 39 inches (3 x 2), 53 inches (4 x 3), and 67 inches (6 x 5).

Office Space Planning Consideration:

When you are planning to improve your workspace in your company, then you must know about some of the important things that can help you in designing an efficient office environment. It also helps your company’s growth and potentialities.  Creating a spacious workspace is not only crucial step to consider when you have quite a large number of employees working in their cubicle that is why proper planning is required when you want to install cubicles, and getting professional help can lessen your burden and also they can provide good designs and material with affordable options.

Get an exact number of cubicles that are needed for your workplace, and how many employees require additional workstations? You should also consider how quick your business will grow.  Also, you must consider the workspace legal requirements to make sure that all your employees have sufficient workspace and they can work safely and comfortably.  These rules are inclined to manage the minimum amount of space that is required for each and every employee in the organization.

Choosing a Cubicle Design and Configuration:

Choosing the right cubicle design or configuration is the most important decision that you should make.

  • You should make the decision according to the office size, space, and configuration.
  • Cubicle size is undemanding when you are looking for a compact solution.
  • If you are looking for a call center environment, then go with 3 x 4inch cubicles.  The height of the wall depends on the settings you are creating.
  • The Higher wall can offer privacy and creates a closed cubicle, or a lower wall can provide more interaction between the employees and also it gives the look of an open office setting.
  • You can provide workstations or larger cubicles to the managerial grade employees.
  • Workstation cubicles offer more workspace to the employees. Giving a makeover to your office with cubicle configuration is not just to show the spacious workspace environment, but also helps you save money with grouping cubicles.
  • If you install the cubicles next to the existing overhead sources or walls, then you can save a lot of money by just putting wall application poles or outlets. Also with the non-structural feature, you can hide wiring.
  • You can also find several choices with cubicle furniture, including, wheeled pedestals, filing drawers, wall cupboards or shelving, and freestanding bookshelves with locks or without locks.
  • You should choose the cubicles according to the task configuration, for instance, you want to install cubicles for computer professionals, then adding a keyboard tray is important.

Cubical style options: Choosing the right design and style of cubicles can make your office look spacious and elegant.

  • Fabric Options: You can find several colors and grades in fabric, where you can choose the right color for your office cubicles.  Also, if you have office theme colors, then choose the fabric color that matches the office settings.
  • Trim Color: Medium Tone is the standard trim color; it is a metal, sustaining trim, and contains plastic base punt plates and also contains metal storage and shelving.

Some big companies hire a professional interior designer to design their work area, especially when they get a lot of visitors.  If your company is large enough to hire a designer, then get a professional help and create cubicles according to your employee’s requirements for better output. If you are looking for both New and Used Cubicles Houston or any other location in Texas, give Clear Choice Office Solutions a call at 1-888-788-4268 or visit


Choosing Sustainable Office Furniture for your Company

In this new era when environmental conservation is a major concern, organizations take their conservation efforts seriously. Companies now recycle office furniture and use Sustainable Office Furniture since these are some of the ways of conserving the environment. The use of new furniture may be alluring to any company but it is very expensive and unsustainable to do this. Therefore, any company that is committed to conserving the environment should start by using sustainable office furniture.

While adopting sustainable office furniture options, any company has to balance between quality, sustainability, and cost.  Below are the options available when it comes to the sustainability of office furniture;

  1. Sustainable Office Furniture – Reuse Office Furniture

A company can reuse its own furniture or those that have been used by others.  The furniture is used at it is with no improvement or alteration.

This option is the most sustainable and it is the cheapest option if a company is reusing its own furniture. It will only affect the environment when it is being moved from one location to the other.

Some of the setbacks associated with this option include; it is expensive if you are buying from others, the used furniture can be in bad condition, it lacks quality assurance or a warranty, and you get limited volumes and colors.

Choosing to use second hand or used furniture can be the most sustainable but it can be risky, limits your company, and you may not get value for your money. It is also ideal when you are placing orders in small volumes. You can use pre-owned cubicles and used office furniture since they are the most sustainable choices.

  1. Refurbish, Refresh and Repair Office Furniture

This option comes second with regard to environmental conservation. This is where a company replaces fabrics that are worn-out or out-of-date.

It is the second best when it comes to sustainable office furniture especially where the fabric used is recycled. You will also get reupholstered office furniture at affordable prices. This will save a lot on cost for your company.

The major setback with this option is that scratches may still appear on some parts of the item. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best options of extending the life of your furniture.

  1. Remanufacture or Remake Office Furniture

Remaking or remanufacturing of office furniture simply means that a company reuses some long lasting components such as steel mechanisms and aluminum bases that are used in chairs and desks. The softer parts of the used cubicles and furniture are replaced. Once furniture has been remade or remanufactured it becomes quite difficult to distinguish the new from the old. In fact they carry the same warranty.

One of the advantages of this option is that you can get your preferred colors and fabrics at about a fraction of the price. You also save the environment by 80% per piece made using virgin materials. You can also get a warranty when you purchase from a reputed manufacturer. Professional furniture remanufacturing firms also get an easy access to large volumes of pre-owned office furniture. Therefore, they can handle huge orders for offices that require huge volumes.

One of the setbacks with this option is that it is a challenge to get a reputable manufacturer who will provide your required quality and specification. Nonetheless, this is a great option if done properly.

If you have challenges getting a reputable manufacturer, you can buy from suppliers who are well connected such as Houston’s Clear Choice Office Solutions. It supplies remanufactured office furniture from global manufacturers such as Friant, Haworth, Cherryman, Steelcase, Mayline, and Herman Miller.

  1. Recycle Office Furniture

A company can recycle office furniture since this is one of ways of minimizing the garbage that end up in the landfills. Recycled furniture refers to office furniture made from components that have been reclaimed from pre-owned or used furniture. These components are separated, shredded, and then melted and made into parts that are used to make furniture.

This option makes use of less virgin materials. However, this option has its setbacks; they cost the same price just like new and can even be more costly than new. They may also contribute to environmental pollution when they are melted down. It is also not possible to recycle all the materials 100%. For instance, wool fibers shorten every time they are recycled and therefore they require additional virgin material.

  1. Recyclable Office Furniture

Various manufacturers are now considering furniture materials that are recyclable to some extent. By purchasing furniture that is recyclable you are choosing sustainable office furniture.

This option is great since the manufacture has already identified the components of the furniture that will be recycled at the end of the furniture life. The major setback of this option is that it makes use of virgin materials. Furthermore, the label “recyclable” does not mean that every owner will recycle the furniture. Nonetheless, this is a great option if you are considering who to buy from between two or more manufacturers and everything else is the same.

  1. Virgin Office Furniture

This option is the most unsustainable. These are furniture sets that have been manufactured from virgin material and have never been used before. The buyer enjoys unlimited quantities when they choose this option and the wide variety of components can be transported all over the world. Furthermore, it is quite easy and fast to specify the color, design, or type of virgin materials to use.

The main setback with buying furniture made from virgin material is that they are quite expensive since its supply chain is complex and take up a lot of money. It is also the most unsustainable option.

Even though this option is the worst, if you end up choosing this option, buy from a manufacturer that designs long lasting furniture. The furniture should also be easily remanufactured.

Taking the responsibility to find and buy sustainable office furniture that meets your budget and needs of your business should not be a challenge. Clear Choice Office Solutions is the leading supplier of sustainable office furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. You should be cautious when furnishing your office since it not only affects how you feel and work but it also has an effect on the environment. To learn more about sustainable office furniture visit Clear Choice Office Solutions at




Used or Refurbished Cubicles: Immense Environmental Impact

Whether you are outfitting your new office space or trying to redecorate the existing one, searching for functional pieces of furniture can be a challenging undertaking. The basic structure of an office layout is to replace furniture that has worn or tired out over time. Doomed to the landfill stream, this is where old furniture are destined to be sentenced while new office furniture comes in the picture to provide the workspace with a new face lift. With the world’s dilemma on greenhouse effect, solid waste management and pollution, think about the ecological impact when buying furniture such as new or used cubicles, chairs, book shelves or cabinets.

Think About the Environment: Go Green

 While enjoying the comforts of having an elegant workplace with new office furniture, you are simply contributing to the destruction of the environment. Climate change impact and deforestation awareness are among the main concerns of most companies nowadays which demand for a “green” and healthy office furniture.

For businesses having good sense of responsibility for the environment and to ease the burden from depletion, here are the best reasons why choosing refurbished or used cubicles over manufactured new products is absolutely the best decision:

Free from Chemical Pollutants

During the manufacturing of new products that harmful gases are being produced like volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde and other toxic wastes. These gases are being released in the atmosphere which contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer causing global warming in the long run. These chemical elements which are byproducts are also harmful for the health which most trigger the human respiratory and nervous systems.

On the contrary, remanufactured or refurbished cubicles undergo environment friendly process of repainting, reupholstering or being stripped down into pieces and reassembled to look like “brand new” again. Down the line are used cubicles and furniture which stood up the test of time and are readily available for use in their “as is” condition which oftentimes have been rarely used by previous owners and only require minor clean up.

Conservation of Energy

More energy and labor are required during the manufacturing of new furniture whereas, the process of refurbishing will save up to 95% of energy production.

Reduction of Landfill Stream

When furniture fabric or color scheme simply worn out, they are discarded in landfills which nowadays are having limited spaces. The remanufacturing of office furniture like cubicles only require a simple process which will again bring back into the market for resale. Likely, old cubicles in good condition can be sold in the market for only cheaper price. Utilizing refurbished or used furniture to vibrantly decorate the workplace is a great idea. When they are given their second life will result to reduced production of new furniture. This way, fewer products will be thrown in limited solid waste streams.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Among of the most important raw materials used in the production of furniture are wood and timber. Try to imagine if all companies will have high demands for new products. More and more tress will be cut down resulting to barren and nude forests.

Whereas, no new raw material is being used during the refurbishing process. This only requires a little remodeling with readily available parts which are recycled to look like new again. Alongside, used cubicles only need to be cleaned so no harm on utilizing additional raw material.

Reduction of Air Pollution

Recycling of furniture or utilizing used cubicles for your office will reduce the amount of toxic elements that are being released in the atmosphere. When harmful gases are accumulated in multitude at the atmosphere caused by the manufacturing of new products, acid rain, global warming, photochemical smog are formed. Sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, among other pollutants will result to air pollution.

The Environmental Impact of Refurbished or Used Cubicles is Getting Popular

Companies are getting too conscious and being aware of the climate change issues as well as air pollution. As part of green office campaign, furniture dealers including Clear Choice Office Solutions are providing extensive selections of refurbished and used office furniture such as cubicles, chairs, tables, cabinets, bookshelves and a lot more. As being a reputable brand in Houston and across the country, we are very committed to provide you with the perfect place to shop the right furniture for your needs.

We introduce environmental friendly cubicles that are well refurbished and slightly used ensuring that you have the most excellent designs and styles for your office space. Our huge array of refurbished and used cubicles Houston are available in various types and brands where you can maximize your space and help the environment. Our furniture are certified functional, attractive and durable which are suiting to the contemporary look of your workplace.

Clear Choice Office Solutions guarantees that quality and cost should not be in troubled when buying refurbished or used cubicles from us. We maintain our reputation in the industry by ensuring that our refurbished and used products are keeping the decency of product cost and quality. Apart from giving your company a lot of savings, we strongly promote ecological awareness. We likewise encourage companies to stop the misconception that refurbished or used furniture are inferior in quality. Our great range of selections have timeless look with durability that have stood up against heavy wear and tear.

Our selections of refurbished and used cubicles are built to last with durable material and superb construction. We have the artistic touch to transform outdated appearance of old furniture into sophisticated pieces that will perfectly match the contemporary furnishings and interior of your workplace. From color scheme to fabric and upholstery, our extensive collections will definitely satisfy your need for a vibrant, fresh and conducive office space for both employees and clients. To know more about our exceptional products and services, feel free to keep touch with us by visiting our official site

Care about the environment, think about the future generation. By purchasing refurbished or used cubicles, you will not only reap significant benefits for your business but a great help in saving the environment!

Used Cubicles Houston – Top Manufacturers at half the cost!

Are you looking for Used Cubicles Houston?   It is always very challenging for a start-up to setup a new office. This can be attributed to the huge portion of overhead cost office furniture and cubicles take up when starting a business. Furthermore, a company may need to upgrade their furniture and office cubicles and this will also require the use of some money. Relocation to a new workstation will also require some extra expenditure and therefore it makes economic sense for a company to get used cubicles. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s leading supplier of new, used, and remanufactured office cubicles and furniture supplied from world’s top manufacturers. It is a family-owned business that has built a good reputation with buyers of furniture and cubicles. It offers pre-owned cubicles from firms such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Allsteel, Haworth, HON, Trendway, and many others.

Used Cubicles – Used Does Not mean Lesser Quality

When cubicles first hit the furniture market, they generated mixed reactions. It gave a decent look to the office and completely changed the way an office could be arranged. Most companies drastically embraced the office cubicles and they have now become a staple in most offices in America and all over the world. According to statistics, about 60% of American working population use cubicles in their offices.

Despite the huge benefit that cubicles provide, not everyone can afford new cubicles. A start-up and growing companies have financial challenges in the beginning and therefore used cubicles can help them save a lot of money. They save approximately 80 to 90 percent and they give the buyer the ability to choose their desired materials. Cubicles can be designed using wood or steel and they also vary in sizes and shapes. They also have storage areas, drawers, and other useful amenities.

Pre-owned cubicles that have been well-maintained appear and function just like new ones. Individuals who have never procured used cubicles may have the perception that these cubicles are of lesser quality. However, this idea can never be true. All used furniture items at Clear Choice Office Solutions are subjected to intensive inspection by experienced professionals. They are then passed through a checklist to verify that they meet a laid down criteria. By doing this, clients are guaranteed of getting cubicles that are of superior quality and will serve them for years to come. Therefore, by buying used it does not mean you are settling on anything less in quality.

Pre-Owned Cubicles – Tailored Solutions

Cubicle and furniture customization is another major concern among companies. With used cubicles a firm can receive cubicles that have been customized to bring out their brand and match the interior décor of their workstation. You can do this without using a lot of money since it is much cheaper to customize used office cubicles. Re-manufactured cubicles that have been thoroughly repaired and fitted with new parts are available and cost 45 to 75 percent less when compared to new ones. These products can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a business and therefore you are assured to get exactly what you are looking for when you turn to Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Does Organization Size Matter?

With office cubicles organization size, whether small or big never matters. They are perfect for those who would like to utilize the available space in their organization. Use cubicles come in different sizes and vary immensely. Depending on the needs of your organization, you can decide on the kind of cubicle you need and the number required.

Before you make an order for office cubicles you should have proper measurements of the workstation, evaluate the number of workers who will use the cubicle, and analyze how the cubicles will be used. For those who have small teams they can procure cubicles that have fewer blocks. Bigger teams can choose cubicles with more blocks. Asides the number of blocks required, you should also consider the required utility space. An expert will help you evaluate your need and tailor the cubicles to meet the needs of your company no matter the size.


Cubicles and Employee Productivity

The way a working area is arranged hugely affects the productivity of the employees. For maximum productivity to be attained, a workstation should be comfortable and give some privacy to the employees. The way a cubicle is designed provides a clean look to the office and gives employees maximum comfort. They can be arranged in a way that natural light can be utilized in the working area since natural light has been found to enhance productivity at work. You can also bring in some natural plants since they provide a sense of tranquility and boost productivity.

Another great advantage associated with a cubicle is the fact that they are so much easier to organize. Unlike open offices where papers pile up on top of office tables, the compact design of cubicles eliminates too much paper work on work stations and embraces wireless and paperless office solutions. This eliminates distractions and greatly improves the productivity of employees.

The office cubicle should be set up by an expert since it has to be done in a proper manner so as to eliminate careless assembling. If the cubicle is set up haphazardly, it will lead to some minor accidents in the working area. An office cubicle is lightweight and can be removed and repositioned with ease. Therefore, only an expert will guarantee good work is done during the installation process.

Where to Buy Used Cubicles

It is advisable that you only buy used cubicles from used furniture online retailers who are genuine. By doing so you will enjoy some extra benefits such as after sales services, financing, discounted prices, and many others. Most online retailers who deal in used and new office furniture offer after sales services to their clients.

Used cubicles are the perfect option for any business. They can be planned and configured to meet the space requirements of your working area. The experienced professionals at Clear Choice Office solutions will evaluate your floorplans and requirements and provide customized solutions that will meet your needs and requirements. So if your are looking for Used Cubicles Houston, visit us at to get more information.


Choosing the Right Cubicle for your Office – New, Used, or Refurbished?

Once everything has been set and it is time to outfit your new office with office cubicles which option should you go for; new, used or refurbished cubicles? All these options give benefits to your company but their suitability will vary with respect to your company’s budget. Brand new cubicles are highly preferred but since they come at hefty prices, it is not economically viable to outfit an entire workplace, more so, if you are just a start-up. Alternatively, an up-start company could go for the refurbished cubicles since they are quite affordable.

The modern workplaces have experienced a dramatic change in the way they are structured. Unlike the conventional open-space offices, the modern workplaces use smaller and more compact office cubicles. These options are sufficient to accommodate the requirements of the modern workstations that are characterized by paperless and wireless work places. Laptops, smartphones, limited wiring, tablets, and other small electronic gadgets take a huge part of these work places. Reliable statistics stipulate that in America 60% of those who work in formal employment use cubicles in their workstations.

Correlation between Price and Quality with Office Cubicles

When most of us come across the term used or pre-owned, we tend to associate such terms to low quality products. However, that is never true. Pre-owned cubicles and refurbished workstations may be more economical for a business but that does not mean they are of lesser quality when compared to new models.

Used cubicles that have been sourced from top global brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Allsteel, and HON, retain their high quality for a long time. They retain their appearance and functionality for years and it is even hard to distinguish the used from new. Clear Choice Office Solutions, Houston’s top supplier of new and used office furniture sources its cubicles and furniture from these top brands. It also offers office furniture liquidation for firms that are selling off or dissolving. They also recycle office furniture making it easier for companies to procure office furniture.

What to Buy – New Cubicles, Used Cubicles or Refurbished/Remanufactured cubicles

There are ideally three options to choose from when it comes to office cubicles; used, new, and refurbished.

  • New Cubiclesin this category are the most expensive workstations. The buyer can choose specific size, color, or finish when ordering new workstations. They are of high quality and can be imported at excellent prices when you order from well-connected suppliers. Brand new workstations will be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks lead time.
  • Used Cubicles-these are workstations that have been owned initially and used but are still in excellent working condition. They can function just like brand new workstations in any office. Even though these category of cubicles are an affordable option they have been in use for some time and may not be tailored or modified to meet the needs of the buyer.
  • Refurbished/Remanufactured Cubiclesthis category of workstations are ideally the best since the remanufactured products are sourced from top global manufacturers such as Steelcase, HON, Herman Miller, Trendway, Haworth, and Kimball. The workstations are stripped down and anything that is usable is reused. The dismantled framework is repainted, mended, and refinished using the best quality components in the market. Once completed, the office cubicles are basically new, the only difference is that they use recycled elements.

Refurbished workstations are built to the specific requirements of the buyer and are more economical when compared to new cubicles. Another great benefit associated with refurbished workstations is the fact that the process of reconditioning recycles office furniture by making use of cutting edge machinery. This process is environmentally-friendly and the use of reconditioned cubicles will help your company get LEED certification.

Where to Buy Office Cubicles in Houston, Texas

New, used, or refurbished office cubicles are easily available. You can buy from furniture stores that deal exclusively on used office furniture. One disclaimer though with buying from these stores is that you may fail to get sets of chairs and desks that match.

Other areas to get used furniture and cubicles include flea markets and garage sales. They may have what you want and they sell products at affordable prices. Another great option is online stores especially those that have a good reputation. In Houston there are a number of online stores that deal in new, used and refurbished furniture. However, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation among buyers of furniture and cubicles.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is your One-stop-Shop solution for everything New and Used Office Furniture!

Irrespective of whether you want new, used, or refurbished workstations, you will get what you want from the wide selection of cubicles at Clear Choice Office solutions. Its wide collection of modern cubicles and furniture are sourced from top notch manufactures of furniture. The professional and experienced staff at Clear Choice is dedicated to assisting you in getting the perfect solution for your business at an affordable price.

Clear Choice Office Solutions will also provide your company with some additional services such as;

  • Office Space Planning-you will receive expert services from well-trained professionals who will help bring your office space plan ideas into reality.
  • Interior décor-this is very crucial in bringing out the best overall look of your office. The experts at Clear Choice will handle all design tasks from specification to implementation. All the solutions are tailored towards making maximum use of the available office space, meet budget requirements, boost growth, and encourage collaboration among employees.
  • Delivery of Office Furniture and Installation-experts are required when it comes to the movement and installation of furniture whether new, used or free-standing. The team of experts at Clear Choice Office Solutions offer exceptional services when it comes to the delivery and installation of office furniture.
  • Panel Extenders and Cubicle Parts-you can also get these products at Clear Choice Office Solutions. The cubicle parts are compatible with a wide variety of workstations from some top manufacturers in the furniture market. It is prudent for every company to procure cubicles and furniture from top manufacturers since whenever repairs and replacements are required it becomes easier to get cubicle parts.

The decision to choose new, used or refurbished cubicles solely depends on the needs and budget of your company. Each of these products has its pros and cons and therefore you have to weigh each option and choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements.





The Reasons Why Companies Opt for Office Furniture Liquidation

The business landscape provides an arena of ups and downs. There are many factors contributing to the success or failure of any business. For some, a business is seen to be struggling when assets are sold out in order to pay off the debt. Office furniture liquidation oftentimes is a solution used by businesses during a bankruptcy proceeding where assets are disposed with a cost to pay the creditors.

Companies nowadays choose office furniture liquidation not only to pay off their creditors but have several reasons, which follows:

Plan of Moving to a New Location

 An organization can select a location which is favorable towards achieving its goals. When relocating to a new space, you might not be needing all the office furniture. The new workspace might not be able to accommodate the current office furniture in use. This way, you need to reach out to an expert office furniture liquidator to take control of the situation.

A Fresher and New Office Furniture Atmosphere

When the management decide to renovate and change the look of the current workplace, office furniture are being liquidated. Part of the renovation planning is the acquisition of new office furniture. Oftentimes, office furniture installation are also done which gives the workspace a new and fresher look.

Selling Used Office Furniture is better than Dumping 

Companies prefer office furniture liquidation than dumping used cubicles and other used office furniture away in a landfill. Companies which plan to employ new office furniture in the office will discard the old ones. Better than throwing away, you can contact a office liquidator to earn a fair price from used furniture. Now, the money gained from the cost of furniture liquidation can be added up in purchasing new sets of office furniture.

Cost Effective

When an organization plan to relocate, liquidating office furniture is found to be cost-effective. It is economical to leave everything the way they are and ask a liquidator to fill the gap while you move to a new workspace and purchase new furnishings. Paying for hauling the current office furniture is costly while the vulnerability of the furniture to breakage or damage is up stake.

Before you decide for office furniture liquidation, here are some of the reasons why you need the help of an expert liquidator:

Convenience – listing all your office furniture for inventory and selling them one by one is a tough job. With the help of the liquidator, you just have to sit back and wait for your money to come.

Simple – the process of selling your office furniture is difficult but through a liquidator that you can receive just price from your items. Liquidators are knowledgeable on the turnaround of buying and selling industry, so its easier for them to find a buyer who will pay a just cost on your furniture.

When you have small items to liquidate, and will not seek the help of a liquidator, your company can hold an office furniture liquidation sale. The above article will make you understand that office furniture are not only liquidated if the business is seen to be struggling but also a great way for office renovation or relocation.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is located in Houston, Texas.  However, we offer office furniture liquidation services across the United States.  We buy used office desks, used office cubicles, and other used office furniture from businesses of all sizes.










New, Refurbished or Used Office Cubicles: The Best Solution for Your Space Layout

The appearance and system of any office setting is influenced by the right type of office furniture particularly cubicles which occupies much of the space in your office layout. Oftentimes there are certain factors that a company should consider when deciding what type of cubicles to purchase. Three choices are available ranging from new to refurbished and used cubicles which will primarily depend on your budget, needs and other contributing factors.

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we offer Houston, Texas the widest selections of new, refurbished and used office cubicles available in extensive options of color, design, style, brand and cost. In addition, we likewise provide excellent service all throughout the process of selection, purchase and after sale. Our proficient staff have certified expertise and knowledge to cater the individual needs of different company setting. We ensure that every step of the way is made convenient at your end to make the entire process an engaging experience to everyone.

Choosing Between New, Refurbished and Used Cubicles

One of the ways to determine the right office cubicles that will work on your workspace is through evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most important points to consider which will equip you of the differences between these three options:

New Cubicles


First and foremost, new cubicles are designed with excellent looks! This will be the first advantage you have to reap. You can decorate, renovate or outfit your office the way you want because new cubicles will satisfy the aesthetic of any workplace. Another new goods is that you can order as many cubicles as you need in the whole office because they are made to order. You can get the same color, design, built, brand and style that you wish providing your workspace with the most luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, new cubicles since they are freshly manufactured are guaranteed to render lasting functionality making a lot of savings in the long run. Generally, they are sold with warranty which can backup their quality as well as providing you with an assurance that you can return the cubicles if in case any defect may arise.


One big disadvantage that most companies are being aware of is its impact in the environment. It was proven through various studies that the manufacturing of new furniture releases toxic gases that will pollute the atmosphere which in the short run is dangerous both to health and the environment. Alongside, more trees are being cut down which are used as the primary raw material during the manufacturing process resulting to barren mountains and bald forests. Accompanying its bad impact in the environment is the expensive cost of new cubicles. During the manufacturing that overhead expenses are highly costly which in return are passed to the consumers resulting a expensive prices.

 Refurbished Cubicles


Refurbished cubicles are those which are already in the market circulation meaning were used by previous owners but are given creative touches to get back in the market with new look. Also, the quality of refurbished cannot be underestimated because part of the process of making them look great is ensuring that their overall construction have met standard quality. These cubicles are being repaired, repainted or reupholstered to guarantee that they will not only appear new but will function the same.

Because these type of cubicles do not undergo expensive manufacturing process that they are sold in lower cost. Now, this is a great benefits to many companies who are searching for quality built cubicles but in tight budget. Likewise, another advantage of buying refurbished cubicles is that they are also from top brands so you can have a peace of mind of their durability and reliable functionality. Being an environment-conscious company, buying refurbished cubicles will show your support that you care about the Earth. Being an environment friendly organization is an advantage protecting the world and people around you.


Refurbished cubicles are available in the market because they are liquidated by companies due to bankruptcy, relocation or total outfitting. This means that they are available in limited stocks. If you are trying to outfit the whole office and be needing several cubicles and what you desire to buy cannot satisfy the quantity you need, this may sound a bit frustrating.


Used Cubicles


Buying used cubicles is an advantage because they are sold in cheaper prices, much lower than refurbished products. This is a good news for start-up companies with less capital investment for office furniture. This will make you spend less but guaranteed to maximize your space layout. Used cubicles are also guaranteed to render lasting functionality, you only have to buy them in trusted dealers that offer quality brands on used furniture. This way, you can receive the benefits of buying affordable yet quality cubicles. Another great advantage of purchasing pre-owned cubicles is that you are reducing the risk of overfilling he limited solid waste stream as well as protecting the nature from depletion.


Normally, used cubicles are only cleaned and then brought back to the market for lower cost. This will defeat the purpose of providing your office space with a fresh and vibrating look. Also, used products are limited in number which means that you cannot outfit the whole office because the quantity is only limited.

There are several types of cubicles in the market and Clear Choice Office Solutions is one of the most trusted and leading names in the industry. Our services are tested through years and we continue to strive in order to lead the curve providing you with only the best service and outstanding lines of office furniture.

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For your ultimate office cubicles needs, we all have them for you. Our quality new, used or refurbished office cubicles are guaranteed to provide your workplace with the most engaging and welcoming ambiance. Keep in touch with us today!


How to Reduce Cost with Used Office Cubicles?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying office furniture that goes down the line and beyond aesthetic or price. Misconceptions would tell that used or old office furniture like cubicles are inferior in quality. It is true that they come in cheaper cost but the misconception of inferior quality prove wrong as used office furniture can render reliability in terms of performance and function. Buying used office cubicles and other office furniture is an excellent cost-cutting chance for most companies whereby securing almost 50% savings in your corporate budget.

Buying used office cubicles!

Compared to new office furniture, here are some of the reasons why used cubicle items are much cheaper:

2nd Hand furniture –

2nd hand furniture as the term denotes, used furniture such as cubicles have been handed down from previous owners which caused to lower the price to almost half of the original cost. This gives the reason why they are cheaply sold in the market.

No overhead cost –

Pre-owned cubicles will not undergo manufacturing process that it will not require expensive overhead cost, thus making it available in the market with reduced price.

Upon knowing why used office furniture like cubicles are less expensive, you need to evaluate how to reduce cost from buying them. Here are some of the helpful tips:

Buy Used Cubicles in large quantity – Used office furniture due to its cheaper cost and unbeatable functionality that it has become an attractive alternative to purchasing new items. If you are relocating or decorating your workplace that requires additional cubicles, buying used products in bulk or in large quantity will be a total ease to renovate your office on a tight budget.

Settle for Warranty – Nowadays, there are a number of dealers that offer warranty on used office cubicles. This is an alluring feature where companies can benefit more in buying used cubicles. This will ensure that what you have bought from them is still in good functioning condition.

Go for Discounts – There are instances when manufacturers offer used office furniture in discounts or sale. So, apart from cheaper price, you still can reduce its cost by buying them in discounted cost.

Consider the Location of the Dealer – If you can purchase used cubicles from local dealers, the better. This will reduce the cost from shipping or transporting the commodities. Some dealers will offer free shipping but normally the real cost for delivery especially in distant locations is being passed down to the consumers.

Look for After Sale Support – it is a normal instance where purchased office furniture can be damaged along the way. Even returning an item with a simple defect is time consuming and costly. It will do you good if before committing, you should ask the vendor how will they handle the after sale service and support that you need.

Offers Timeless Style -a wise choice indeed if you decide to buy pre-owned office cubicles. They may not look much of a trendy aesthetic to your workplace but it is a guarantee that they never go out of style. Why buy for an expensive set of cubicles when you can utilize your tight budget in buying used cubicles that have timeless style while securing savings.

Now that you have the tips on how to reduce cost in buying used cubicles, it is time for you to go out in the market and do your ultimate shopping. To benefit more out from your used cubicle purchase, consider the following factors:

Evaluate Your Needs

More often, most companies will tend to shop impulsively without creating a plan or assessment. Take note that when you go out in the market, a lot of options are available there and rushing on a decision will make you regret in the end. Before you decide to purchase, know what type of cubicles are basically needed in the workstation. Consider the size and shape when planning and how as well as its safety and comforts to the employees who will use them.

Consider Its Adaptability in the Modern Corporate Arena

The workplace has drastically changed over the past 10 years adapting to what is the trend in technology. When buying office cubicles, you must take into account its usefulness for the years to come. As much as you are after on how much you will save from buying used cubicles, you must also consider if the space will be enough to accommodate important equipment such as laptop, desktop computer, task light, or printer.

The Cost Should Not Compromise Quality

Everyone loves discounts and bargains. Trying to avail cheaply cost used office furniture should not compromise its functionality. When buying, you must carefully evaluate that the price should have equal weight to quality. Make sure that what you intend to buy should not only come in lower price but must guarantee to withstand immense tear and wear. While being allured to buy lower-priced cubicles, consider that repairs and replacements will eventually wreck your budget in the short run.

 Opt for a Reputable Used Cubicle Office Furniture Dealer

One big factor affecting the buying process is the reputation and reliability of the dealer. When tempted to buy cheaper office furniture, do not be blinded with the vendor’s promotions and discounts alone. You must consider how the dealer have handled similar situations for over the years. Reputable dealers can back up your purchase while problems such as defects and damage may result during deliver or shipping.

We Value Your Purchase

 We care about your purchase and the need to boost your workplace. Our extensive range of office cubicles along with our expert designers and planners will help provide your needs regardless of your office layout preference. Ranging from different sizes, shapes, colors and brands of used cubicles, we are committed to deliver the perfect set for your office atmosphere. For more inquiries and details about our products, you may visit us at

We have been serving many companies in Houston ,Texas and across the nation with our huge selections of used and new office furniture including chairs, cubicles, tables, cabinets and many more. To reduce the cost in buying expensive cubicles and make the most out of your purchase, visit us today!


How Purchasing Used Office Cubicles Can Benefit Your Growing Business?

For over decades, most companies have given emphasis on how to effectively decorate their work stations providing an amicable working environment for both employees and clients. The incredible role of office cubicles have been largely seen in any business landscape. Its existence in the workplace has been found absolutely essential, thus gaining popularity across any business size. With its importance tremendously valuable, workplaces are now becoming the perfect venues for an organization’s increased productivity and efficiency.

There are several types of cubicles in the market nowadays due to the increasing demands of businesses ranging from all sorts of designs, brands and styles. As buyer, confusion starts to play in your mind from the many choices available. The buying process is one of the most crucial tasks that one should undertake therefore should be equipped with concrete ideas to come up with an informed decision. If you are just starting your business or already existing but on a small or tight budget, choosing used cubicles will be the right choice.

Why Decide for Used Cubicles?

Many companies have benefited from buying used office furniture like cubicles. For the following reasons, you too might consider it as perfect preposition for your growing business:


There are a lot of expenses that come along when starting any business. For office furniture purchase, choosing used cubicles will be a great way to utilize a tight budget. This will give you up to 50% savings and increasing discounts if you purchase in large quantities or in bulk. From having savings in buying used cubicles, you can allot the remaining budget for other office expenditures.

We offer different quality brands of used cubicles at a lower fraction of the cost. You can guarantee that our huge selections of pre-owned cubicles can cost you large amount of savings. This way, your business can have a better start without exhausting your budget.


The quality of used cubicles cannot be underestimated. Like new sets of furniture, they too can render unparalleled functionality. It is sometimes hard to distinguish how sturdy the construction of new cubicles because they are painted, polished and shined very well. The quality of used cubicles can best be identified with previous owner’s background.

We have a detailed liquidation of used office furniture and ensure that we provide used cubicles in certified brands such as Allsteel, Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Hon, among others which are sure to deliver uncompromising quality.

Accommodate Any Workplace

Used furniture such as cubicles are available in a wide range of options including designs, styles, sizes, shapes and brands. Whatever your preference, it is assured that you can pick   the right sets to satisfactorily fill your office layout.

Our large collections of pre-owned cubicles will guarantee to enhance the look of your office atmosphere. This will efficiency accommodate your layout because we provide several cubicles regardless of your needs as to shape, size, design or brand.

Environment Friendly

It is a brilliant and environment friendly choice when deciding to buy used cubicles. This will save the environment because the manufacturing of new furniture uses chemicals which contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Additionally, this will lessen the dumping of used materials at landfills.

When you purchase used cubicles from us, we will guarantee that your business will not only get a lot of savings and benefit from its immense functionality but you can help save our environment as well.

Fast Delivery

Unlike purchasing new sets of cubicles which can be delivered after a month you ordered, used cubicles are readily available and will only take a maximum of two to three days before     you can have them in your workplace. If you are under time pressure and you need to ready     your office, buying used cubicles is a nice idea to satisfy your office layout.

You don’t have to wait for a month or more to completely decorate or renovate your office with cubicles. Our pre-owned cubicles are available at hand regardless of the quantity you will order from us. Rest assured that we will deliver the commodities as soon as possible to make sure that your business can start running.

Used Office Cubicles are Guaranteed to Boost your Growing Business

Across Houston and anywhere in the US, Clear Choice Office Solutions have been providing top brands and quality used office cubicles. Our exciting selections of office cubicles will be great additions to enhance the productivity of any office environment. We are pooled with expert personnel who check and inspect the quality, finish and function to guarantee that our pre-owned furniture are in perfect condition. We have been existing in the industry for many years and we aspire to increase the efficiency of our services by continuously providing excellent used furniture to our valued clients.

We understand the need of any business to grow and prosper amidst stiff competition, the reason why we offer used cubicles in lower prices but unbeatable functionality. We have different premium brands which are certified to render quality built and superb functionality. Whether you are decorating a new office space or enhancing your old layout, buying used cubicles from us will totally freshen up your workstation and a perfect choice to accommodate any office environment. With our cubicles in various sizes and shapes, you can pick the best cubicles per your budget and preference.

We offer reliable shipping and delivery to guarantee that you can start decorating your office instantaneously. Begin to grow your small business without spending so much. With our pre-owned cubicles, you are guaranteed satisfaction to your tight budget. To know more about how our services could be of help to your business, visit us today at Let us know what you need and we will provide the best solution for you per your specific requirement. At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we will give you an exceptional reason why buying used cubicles is an excellent choice!

Why Buying used Cubicles in Houston Makes Economic Sense

Why Buying used Cubicles in Houston Makes Economic Sense

As a business owner you are always cautious about how money comes in and out of your business. Expenses such as those allotted to furniture take up a lot of money from the business. However, it always saves a lot on expenses when you buy used items such as cubicles and other furniture. Buying used cubicles in Houston can be one of the best ways of saving on business expenses. Furthermore, cubicles and cubicle parts do not come cheap and therefore buying them as used items can also help save a lot on business expenses in Houston, Texas. As professionals with extensive industry experience in office furniture, Clear Choice Office Solutions will help you get the best deals on affordable used cubicles.

Benefits of Used Office Cubicles

There are immense benefits that come with the use of cubicles. They give a professional ambience to the work station and completely change the look and feel of the working area. With office cubicles you not only save on space but you also save on cost. They also bring out a unique overall outlook to the workstation. Furthermore, workers get the feeling of uniformity when similar cubicles are designed for everyone.

Used Cubicles come in various sizes and they have been designed to meet a particular need. They come in different prices as well as different quality. Used furniture is not poor in quality as some people think. In fact, they are just like the brand new ones. It is even difficult to distinguish the old from the new.

Advantages of Buying Used Cubicles-

  1. Cost Effective-installing used cubicles can be the most practical and cost-effective way of transforming your workstation. It is easy and quick to create additional office space using cubicles. They are already cut and predesigned making the installation process quick and affordable.
  2. Diverse Shapes and Designs– when you buy used office cubicles you get unlimited options when it comes to the shapes and designs. You can therefore shop freely for your desired designs and shapes.
  3. Durability-the fact that used cubicles have been in use is enough proof to show they are durable.
  4. Save on Set-Up Cost-you save about 80 to 90% when you buy used office cubicles. The money saved, especially for start-ups, can be used for other essential business activities.
  5. Perfect Condition-used cubicles are just as good as new products. They give the same appearance just like the new ones. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to tell the difference between the new and the old.
  6. After-sales Services-the buyer can enjoy after-sales services when they buy used cubicles from genuine used furniture online suppliers. It is not always guaranteed that you get after-sales services from dealers of brand new furniture.

You can get the best deals on Used Cubicles and Cubicle Parts in Houston if you understand which supplier to buy from. Used cubicles are just as good as the brand new ones. You can utilize every part of your office and save on cost and space by buying these items.