The Importance of Creating an Open Plan Desking and Collaborative Workspace

There are different types of spaces at workplace which will suit different working styles of employees. The argument between an open and closed space has been around for many decades now. The workspace that every employee occupies contribute to their productivity and performance. Some will prefer to work in a more private space to avoid being distracted of noise and have more focus on their work. For them, having a private room offers a better solution. Others prefer to work with peers around an office meeting tables positioned in an open workspace. Every company should develop a collaborative workspace to foster growth and development.

Below are the reasons why most organizations equate collaborative workspace with open plan desking:

Open Communication with Peers

Communication and collaboration are important factors for the growth of an organization. An open plan desking allows employees to communicate with each other, asking questions and helping each other regarding work. Employees will be more productive if they have open spaces where they share ideas and exchange information. A certain task can be easily accomplished with everyone’s collaboration on an open space.

Allow Employees to Work with Flexibility

With desks positioned in an open space, employees will develop the sense of flexibility. They are able to improve their workspace regardless of the task assigned, mood, culture or personality. They are able to adjust to the pressure of the environment around them including noise and other distractions. In short, they can make their desks the best spaces.

Prevents Intimidation among Colleagues

Having a private space to work on with walls that separate each other tend to develop an unfriendly atmosphere. For introverts, knocking on someone’s door and sit on conference room tables might sound intimidating. For most employees, having a conversation and exchanging of ideas on an open plan desking might be less intimidating. Likewise, seeing your peer sited next to you and walking right beside you can develop a good relationship towards work.

Saves Time and Efforts

Oftentimes, a private space requires emails or calls as communication. With lots of emails to read and calls to attend, less work can be accomplished. Why not have a desk on an open space where you can communicate with your peers directly while doing your job? This might be helpful to improve collaboration. Instead of reading and replying mails and calls, you cans ave time and effort to focus more on your job.

Be Updated on what is Going On Around

As employee, you are already a part of an organization. You just can’t get in your office, sit on your private space and walk home after office hours. You need to know what’s going on around your environment.

Open Floor Plan / Benching

An open plan desking and collaborative workspace refer to an atmosphere where employees work hand in hand to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. Working in open floor plan attracts open communication and collaboration that foster productivity and efficiency at work. With open space, you can ensure that employees are working at their best!





Choosing Between New and Used Office Furniture-Get the Best Deal

In the current business environment, every business whether a start-up or a huge corporation is considering adopting better ways of managing finances since office furniture takes up a huge portion of the company’s expenses especially when the business is starting. It is also a huge expense when the business scales up. Therefore, choosing between new and used office furniture is one of the most important decisions any business can make.

Factors to Consider

These factors will affect your decision when choosing between new and used office furniture:

  1. Budget-your budget is a key factor when deciding on which furniture to buy. If you are under a tight budget then it will not be feasible for you to buy new furniture. Instead, buy used from some top brands such as Steelcase and Haworth and save up to 80%.
  2. Long term or short Term View-when deciding between used or new furniture you need to understand the kind of business problem you have. New furniture will suit a business that has a plan of staying for a long time. As for those who plan to operate for a short time within an area, it makes financial sense to buy used office furniture.
  3. Time-you should consider the amount of time you need the furniture to be shipped and assembled. If you require furniture that will take a shorter time to ship and assemble, then used furniture will be a perfect option. New furniture generally takes longer to be delivered.
  4. Overall Appearance-the way you want your office to appear will affect the kind of furniture to buy. If you would love to have unlimited choices when furnishing the office then new furniture wins the day. As for used furniture you get limited choices and you might have to sacrifice one or more of your desires such as color, type of fabric, and many other aspects of your office’s interior decor.

Pros and Cons of Used and New Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture


  • Value for money-new furniture loses 25% of its value immediately you buy it. As for used furniture its value can remain as high as 75% of the purchase value long after purchase.
  • Environment-friendly-you help minimize the amount of waste that end up on the landfill when you buy used furniture therefore you are participating in saving the environment from pollution.
  • Time saver-it can take up to six weeks for a business to get new office furniture that has been ordered. This is just too long if your business is in urgent need of the furniture. Used furniture can be delivered in not more than 48 hours depending on the supplier.
  • Saves money-you can save up to 50% when you buy used instead of new office furniture. In fact used furniture from top furniture brands in market will last for years and give you the same value as new.
  • Short-term solution-used furniture is a great investment for those businesses that plan to on being within a location for a short time. It is also ideal for those that are planning to expand later on.
  • LEED points-used used or refurbished office furniture will give you LEED points in categories of recycled content, waste management, and resource and material reuse. This is ideal for building a good reputation for your business.


  • Limited selection-you may have to sacrifice a thing or two when buying used furniture. It is generally good for a small working space.
  • Lack of a warranty-you can get limited or no warranty at all when you go for this option.
  • Damages-used office furniture comes with some flaws such as scratches and other imperfections.

New Office Furniture


  • Warranty-new office furniture is fully covered by a warranty and therefore you can get any defective part fixed.
  • Unlimited Choice-unlike used furniture where you get a few choices and have to sacrifice one thing or another, new furniture gives you a wide variety of choices. You can get any style, size, and color. They are also adjustable and can be customized to meet your business needs.
  • Tax benefit-any expense on office supplies including new office furniture is normally tax deductable for small businesses. You can deduct them on your first year to some amount or depreciate it.
  • More Ergonomic-the new furniture have been designed with ergonomics in mind and the fact that they are new proves beyond doubt that they are safe and ideal for your employees.
  • Long-term Investment-brand new office furniture can last for ages and will still be refurbished and re-used at the end of their useful life. It therefore makes financial sense to invest in new furniture. In fact when protected through regular maintenance and good use, new furniture will outlast your employees.
  • Modern Appearance-new furniture will bring out an elegant and modern appearance of your office. It can even be customized to bring out your brand.
  • Change the old to new-an old office can be completely changed to look new by simply investing in new office furniture.
  • Here for good-new office furniture can be used to send out the message to clients that you are sticking around. Clients will be more reassured about your future plans when they see how much you have invested in your business.


  • Expensive-new office furniture never comes cheap especially when you are buying for an entire workplace. In fact, most businesses buy a mix of new and used office furniture when their budget allows.
  • Shipping time-it takes a long time to ship and deliver new office furniture. In most cases what the client orders may not be in the stock and it even takes more time if you need a customized order.
  • Assembly-it is a hectic process to unpack and assemble new office furniture. It can take weeks or even months to complete the entire process. If you want to shorten the process then you have to hire someone to do it for you.

Office furniture is a huge investment to your business and therefore you need to think wisely before investing in any new or used office furniture. Evaluate each of these options and choose the type that best meets your

Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide-Money Saving Tips for any Budget

Just as a picture speak a thousand words, so does your office furniture “shout out” a lot about your business. Your chosen quality and arrangement of office furniture will not only affect the impression created on others but it will also affect the productivity of your employees. Therefore you need to match your needs, required décor, and budget when buying furniture for your office. Fortunately, with some simple tips you can completely transform your working area even when under a tight budget.

Getting the Best Fit for your Office

To get you started, you need to have a comprehensive plan about your office before you even place an order.

  • Office layout-take accurate measurements of the available space within your workstation since this will affect the number and size of furniture to buy.
  • List the furniture items-prepare a list of all the furniture items you need and which will be utilized regularly. If you are an online worker then in most cases you may not need some items such as file cabinets. If your office is in need of file cabinets and bookshelves then ensure you include these on your list.
  • Storage-plan for your storage needs. This will be affected by the nature of functions carried out within your office. Offices that require a lot of documentation should plan well for storage areas.
  • Quality-it is always wise to buy sturdy and durable furniture since this will minimize maintenance and replacement costs. Choose furniture that has been made using high quality material.

Office Furniture Ideas


Budgeting is important when it comes to office furniture since this is a huge investment to any business irrespective of size. You can get a mix of new, used or refurbished furniture if you are under a tight budget.  If you are willing and able to splash out some cash, then you can go for new high end quality furniture since these will serve you for many years. Popular brands such as Haworth and Herman Miller have a wide variety of office furniture that will suit any budget.

Another great way to save on good quality furniture is to buy pre-owned furniture. To get the best quality, buy from suppliers who deal on furniture from reputed brands. Irrespective of your choice, ensure you make maximum use of your available office space since undersized or oversized work areas waste space and do not appeal.

When budgeting, consider the number of employees since this will determine the kind of furniture to buy. A shared workstation such as a large desk or a cubicle may be a great option in instances where you have a number of employees who share common functions. Shared workstations offer a great way of cost saving to any business. However, no matter the kind of desk or cubicle bought, new or old, always ensure you get furniture items that match and appeal to your customers and employees.

Interior Design

A well planned office should have some flair on its interior design. You can create a comfortable professional environment for your employees and clients by   adopting some simple design ideas;

  • Dress up team bulletin boards by painting them with color schemes that blends with your office’s interior.
  • Refinish and re-stain wooden desks that look weathered and old. You can also use color stains to add some custom accents to the wood trim on your desks and tables.
  • Consider dressing up the cork board by adding some cross ribbons for a more appealing look.
  • To give a more custom look to your dry erase board, paint its edges.
  • Dress up your plain desks by using stains that are designed to give plain desks a wood grain effect.
  • Choose color schemes that are gender sensitive for your office’s interior décor. It should also match with the color of the furniture.
  • Place a calming picture (s) or motivational posters within your working area since they have a great effect on your employee’s mood.
  • Use soft white lighting and avoid fluorescent bulbs since they tend to bring in headaches and distraction when overused. Make the best use of natural lighting also since it is effective in boosting productivity.

Arranging the Workstation

Proper arrangement of the work station can greatly improve the productivity of employees within your organization. The office and furniture should be organized in such a way that members that carry out same duties stay close to one another. For instance, it will be more effective for your sales team members to share or work close to each other. Mixing such a team with other teams such as finance or any other team will have a bad effect.

Another great way of arranging your working area is to place department, project and team leaders where their team operates. This will boost team work and greatly improve employee accountability and productivity. It will also eliminate the hierarchical sitting arrangement that is associated with traditional office arrangements.

When planning your office layout consider the needs of your employees and identify the members of your team that needs to work together. This will help arrange the working area accordingly.

Buying Office Furniture

You can save a lot of money if you understand the right strategies to apply when shopping around for office furniture. Check out sales ads posted by local supply stores especially during the time of the year when great deals are on offer. You should also consider buying in bulk since some suppliers give great discounts when you buy huge orders. You should also shop around before making a purchase. Ask previous customers about their purchase experience.

Online purchase is one of the best ways of saving on office furniture. You can get unlimited options and deals when you buy online, more so, when you buy from the right supplier. Nonetheless, to get the best deal check out verified customer reviews before making a purchase. You should also be keen on shipping costs and verify the time it takes to receive the furniture.

You can bring out the best design in your office by employing some simple tips and strategies. Furnishing your office will be too expensive for your business only when you lack the knowledge of making the best out of what you can afford.

Receive Tailor-made Office Solutions from the Huge Selection of Cubicles at Clear Choice Office Solutions

Cubicles have been in use in offices for long. They came into use after being developed by Robert Propst, a designer of Herman Miller Furniture Company. This was back in early 1960s and at the time the office cubicle was referred to as the Action Office. Ever since then companies have realized the great benefits office cubicles over open-space offices. The major benefit associated with cubicles is the wide variety of options buyers get to choose from; you get new ones, used cubicles, pre-owned cubicles, or re-manufactured cubicles.

A cubicle unlike other office design options has the advantage of being a huge space and cost-saver. They occupy a small space and employees get an area of their own. This ultimately boosts employees’ productivity and freedom. While some firms today have reverted back to the open-work environment, the use of the cubicle is still popular with most companies.

In the US, cubicles are widely used by companies and there are various office furniture liquidation firms who deal in used and refurbished office cubicles and furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions is your one-stop-shop solution for all your office furniture and cubicle needs. You will get all you need from its huge selection of modern and pre-owned furniture. You get to choose from some popular brands such as Cherryman, Friant, Haworth, Mayline, Steelcase, and others. You will never run short of what to choose from given the wide range of world-class selection of full range products at Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Why Choose Office Cubicles?

When it comes to cost effectiveness, nothing beats an office cubicle. However, price should never be the only basis for your decision to install an office cubicle. Remember your workers spend more than 40 hours every week and even more while working in these work stations. Therefore, you have to ensure you have a workspace that improves the way you do business and maximizes employees’ productivity.

Cubicles are not simply a space where people sit, work, and make calls. They foster collaboration and create privacy. You get to choose from various options which include;

  1. 39-42 inches-an excellent option for ongoing conversation and idea sharing.
  2. 48-54 inches-with this option you enjoy privacy when seated or talking on phone and can communicate openly while standing.
  3. 66-69 inches-this option gives privacy to workers and provides some extra space for storage.

At Clear Choice you can choose from any of these options. Asides the height, you also will also get a wide variation in the amount of the workspace within the cubicle. Therefore, you have to evaluate the various employee roles within your organization and choose the cubicles based on the work done by each of the employees. A cubicle for managerial roles will be different from those for reception staff. Telemarketers will also have a uniquely designed workstation when compared to that for a customer service representative or salespeople who are rarely in the office. It is with this regard that an organization requires a competitive office furniture company that will tailor the office cubicles to meet the needs of the organization.

Another reason that makes a cubicle a perfect option for any company is the fact that cubicles cater for the needs demanded by the changing technological world. Current workstations are characterised by increased wireless and paperless offices. With a cubicle you are able to get space for minimal wiring and power sources. Furthermore, it gives sufficient space for laptops and mobile devices since these are drastically replacing the huge desktop computers. The cubicle meets the changing needs of the technological world.

There is also an outstanding versatility when it comes to the use of an office cubicle. The cubicle can be tailored to perfectly match the shape and size of the space available in your office. They can be configured to also meet each role of the employee. You can choose a pod cubicle if your cubicle is located at the middle of the room. This gives the most privacy and for those who would like to set up the cubicle against a wall they can choose a row configuration.

The styling of an office’s interior décor is also very important when you are setting up cubicles within the workstation. An expert will help you choose an ideal color and finish that will perfectly match the overall décor of your office and also be connected to your brand. A cubicle is excellent in reflecting what you do as a business and it also makes employees feel they are cared for since cubicles are quite stylish and modern in design.

Buy from an Expert

There is a huge advantage that comes with buying your cubicle or furniture from an expert. Even if you are not buying you may still need to recycle office furniture. The family-owned Clear Choice is your ultimate solution since they have extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions to its widespread clients in Houston and other areas.

When you buy from us we get to choose from new, used, or remanufactured cubicles and office furniture. Your company, whether small or huge will get what is ideal for their need and budget. No matter the type you choose from they all come in high quality and you can never differentiate the used from the new or the remanufactured.

If your company requires a huge order and desires to save on overhead costs, Clear Choice Office Solutions will give you an opportunity to get the best choice and save money. The remanufactured office cubicles in particular are popular among buyers. They have been restored and refurbished and are as good as new. You will save lots of money on this option and still maintain the same quality and appearance of new cubicles.

Receive tailored office furniture solutions from Clear Choice Office Solutions in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio Texas. Get to choose from the wide selection of new and pre-owned furniture in our shop. We cater for the needs of both small and huge companies and offer solutions that meet even the smallest budgets. We have been in the business for long enough and understand the needs of companies no matter the size. To get more details visit






Your Green Office Move Has Never Been this Easy

Moving offices is one of the things a company does once in a while, more so, if a firm just started or does not have plans of scaling up in the near future. However, for a huge company that has several stores, moving offices is common from time to time. This activity is quite daunting since there are a lot of activities involved during a move. A firm that is planning for a move has to consider crucial activities such as office furniture liquidation and how they can recycle office furniture. These are some of the activities that should be considered so as to avoid disposing used cubicles and furniture on the landfills.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s leading furniture liquidation firm that has built a good reputation in Houston and beyond. It also supplies new and used office cubicles and furniture from top brands such as; HON, Herman Miller, Teknion, Haworth, Allsteel, and Steelcase. It is your one-stop-shop for all your office furniture needs. If you are thinking of greening your office move, then here are some office move ideas that can help you;

  1. Use Recycled Paper to Print

This is one of the smartest ways of going green in your new office. Instead of using paper from virgin fibers, buy print papers that have been made from recycled fibers. By using recycled paper, you are saving a lot on what would have been used on trees, water and energy. This also helps prevent air pollution since it needs less energy to produce. Statistics from Environmental Defense and Conservatree stipulate that it takes approximately 24 trees to manufacture a ton or 2000 pounds of virgin printer paper. Other reliable studies also show that Americans use 14 million tons of printer paper each year. This translates to 93 pounds of paper per person in the US.  The amount of paper used also varies from office to office. Some firms use more and others use less. You can minimize this huge consumption by using recycled paper for printing.

  1. Buy Recycled and Eco-friendly Office Supplies

Consider getting office supplies that have been made from recycled materials. For instance, get pens that have been made from recycled bioplastics and plastics. You can also buy pencils made using certified wood sourced from forests that are managed sustainably. There are also paper clips, mouse pads, and other supplies that have been made from recycled material. Some scissors that have recycled plastic handles are also available.

  1. Declutter, Swap, Donate

One of the simplest tasks you can do during a move is to declutter the office. This simple task will help conserve energy that will be used when moving the office. It also helps reduce stress during your move.

Office furniture is a major pain during office moves. In most cases you have to replace your used furniture and this is a major challenge. There are various options for your company for the used furniture; you can swap, liquidate, or donate, reuse your furniture. Office furniture liquidators offer green solutions to firms that are down-scaling, dissolving, or up-scaling and needs to rid office furniture. They acquire huge quantities of furniture in excellent working condition then determine a reasonable price for the items.

Donation of used cubicles and furniture is another great way of going green on your office move. You can donate the items to non-profits, churches, or schools that will find the items useful.

  1. Printing on Both Sides of Print Paper

This is another simple idea for your green office move. Print on both sides of the print paper instead of one side. This will not only eliminate unnecessary costs as a result of paper wastes but will also have a positive impact on the environment. You can use printers that allow double-sided printing and if they lack the feature, try to figure out how the printer prints then print on one side then turn the other side and print the second page as well.

  1. Recycling Electronic Supplies

This is another great way to go green on your new office move. Office electronics require some serious consideration during a move. You either dispose these items or move them. According to reliable statistics, about 70% of electronic waste ends up in the landfills. Instead of throwing away used electronic supplies, you should consider recycling them or contact firms that recycle them.

  1. You Can Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges

There are various stores that take used ink and toner cartridges. They will even offer free paper or discounts when you make future purchases in their stores. The main advantage with used cartridges is the fact that they are valuable to companies and recycling organizations. You can even donate used cartridges in support for a good cause. Carry out your research so as to identify some of the organizations that collect cartridges that are donated.

  1. Smart Strip Power Strips

PCs and other peripherals such as scanners and printers consume energy even when they are turned off; referred to as idle current and can eat up to 40% in power consumption. The use of Smart Strip power strips helps sense when the computer is switched off, and then turn off automatically those peripherals that are connected to the computer. They also offer exceptional surge protection and filter line noise.

  1. Use of Power Saving Mode

Whenever you do not use your computer, put it in energy-saving mode by setting it to sleep. The US Department of Energy has stated that; turning off your computer when not in use can save up to $186 in electricity consumed and reduce carbon dioxide emission by about 1-1/2 tons. One important point to note is that screensavers do not save energy the way sleep mode does.

  1. Use a Laptop

Desktop computers consume more energy when compared to Laptop computers. It is estimated that a laptop takes up about a quarter of what a desktop consumes.

Your green office move should never be daunting. Clear Choice Office Solutions will help you put in place the best strategies for going green. To get more information on various go green strategies visit


Important Tips to Consider When Buying Refurbished Office Furniture

An office designed with quality furnishings and office furniture contribute to the aesthetic of the work environment. The atmosphere of the workplace is a big factor affecting the performance of employees as well as to clients. Organizing the office with furniture is not an easy task to undertake. Whether you are renovating your office or moving to a new space, choosing furniture which are built to last is very important.

Buying new chairs, cubicles or executive office furniture come with a cost but considering refurbished units can be a great choice. Refurbished office furniture are manufactured to bring back the ‘new look’ condition while ensuring quality indistinguishable from new ones. If you decide to purchase refurbished office furniture here are some of the tips you need to consider:

Office Layout

Before you decide to buy refurbished office furniture, consider the space and layout of the office. Refurbished or remanufactured office furniture are available in various designs, sizes and styles. Make sure that you have plans on what type of furniture to buy. Take into consideration the size and theme of the office as well. Get an actual measurement of the space to make sure the size of the furniture to buy and ascertain that the design and style should complement the aesthetic of the office.

Get a Shortlist of  Manufacturers

There are numbers of manufacturers selling refurbished office furniture in the market and selecting a legitimate provider will offer you with best results. Try to create a shortlist of reputable manufacturers by checking online or the phone directory. First start a shortlist of manufacturers in your local area and take an in-store visit to have a personal talk with their personnel. Having a short list of reliable manufacturers will be easier for you to compare quality and prices.

Know Your Budget

 Comparing prices from one manufacturer to another should be dependent on how much you can spend. Knowing your budget is very important when deciding the number of refurbished office furniture you wish to buy. Price comparison will help you come up with the most affordable and quality furniture for your office. You might also consider opting for discount sales or promotions that will cost a little bit lower.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

 There are some manufacturers that provide warranty for refurbished office furniture. Meeting room tables, cubicles, chairs, desks, among others are available for sale with warranty depending on the manufacturer. It is a good idea to buy refurbished units with warranty to guarantee the quality of furniture you have bought.

Purchasing refurbished office furniture at will render a number of benefits if you are knowledgeable of the buying process. Apart from lesser cost than buying new furniture, refurbished items will help save the environment. Production of new furniture will require higher demand for raw materials and landfill for disposal of old ones. Your office will look fresh and vibrating by choosing the right refurbished furniture and will render long lasting functionality. Buying refurbished office furniture following the above tips will definitely offer you with best results.

Choosing Sustainable Office Furniture for your Company

In this new era when environmental conservation is a major concern, organizations take their conservation efforts seriously. Companies now recycle office furniture and use Sustainable Office Furniture since these are some of the ways of conserving the environment. The use of new furniture may be alluring to any company but it is very expensive and unsustainable to do this. Therefore, any company that is committed to conserving the environment should start by using sustainable office furniture.

While adopting sustainable office furniture options, any company has to balance between quality, sustainability, and cost.  Below are the options available when it comes to the sustainability of office furniture;

  1. Sustainable Office Furniture – Reuse Office Furniture

A company can reuse its own furniture or those that have been used by others.  The furniture is used at it is with no improvement or alteration.

This option is the most sustainable and it is the cheapest option if a company is reusing its own furniture. It will only affect the environment when it is being moved from one location to the other.

Some of the setbacks associated with this option include; it is expensive if you are buying from others, the used furniture can be in bad condition, it lacks quality assurance or a warranty, and you get limited volumes and colors.

Choosing to use second hand or used furniture can be the most sustainable but it can be risky, limits your company, and you may not get value for your money. It is also ideal when you are placing orders in small volumes. You can use pre-owned cubicles and used office furniture since they are the most sustainable choices.

  1. Refurbish, Refresh and Repair Office Furniture

This option comes second with regard to environmental conservation. This is where a company replaces fabrics that are worn-out or out-of-date.

It is the second best when it comes to sustainable office furniture especially where the fabric used is recycled. You will also get reupholstered office furniture at affordable prices. This will save a lot on cost for your company.

The major setback with this option is that scratches may still appear on some parts of the item. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best options of extending the life of your furniture.

  1. Remanufacture or Remake Office Furniture

Remaking or remanufacturing of office furniture simply means that a company reuses some long lasting components such as steel mechanisms and aluminum bases that are used in chairs and desks. The softer parts of the used cubicles and furniture are replaced. Once furniture has been remade or remanufactured it becomes quite difficult to distinguish the new from the old. In fact they carry the same warranty.

One of the advantages of this option is that you can get your preferred colors and fabrics at about a fraction of the price. You also save the environment by 80% per piece made using virgin materials. You can also get a warranty when you purchase from a reputed manufacturer. Professional furniture remanufacturing firms also get an easy access to large volumes of pre-owned office furniture. Therefore, they can handle huge orders for offices that require huge volumes.

One of the setbacks with this option is that it is a challenge to get a reputable manufacturer who will provide your required quality and specification. Nonetheless, this is a great option if done properly.

If you have challenges getting a reputable manufacturer, you can buy from suppliers who are well connected such as Houston’s Clear Choice Office Solutions. It supplies remanufactured office furniture from global manufacturers such as Friant, Haworth, Cherryman, Steelcase, Mayline, and Herman Miller.

  1. Recycle Office Furniture

A company can recycle office furniture since this is one of ways of minimizing the garbage that end up in the landfills. Recycled furniture refers to office furniture made from components that have been reclaimed from pre-owned or used furniture. These components are separated, shredded, and then melted and made into parts that are used to make furniture.

This option makes use of less virgin materials. However, this option has its setbacks; they cost the same price just like new and can even be more costly than new. They may also contribute to environmental pollution when they are melted down. It is also not possible to recycle all the materials 100%. For instance, wool fibers shorten every time they are recycled and therefore they require additional virgin material.

  1. Recyclable Office Furniture

Various manufacturers are now considering furniture materials that are recyclable to some extent. By purchasing furniture that is recyclable you are choosing sustainable office furniture.

This option is great since the manufacture has already identified the components of the furniture that will be recycled at the end of the furniture life. The major setback of this option is that it makes use of virgin materials. Furthermore, the label “recyclable” does not mean that every owner will recycle the furniture. Nonetheless, this is a great option if you are considering who to buy from between two or more manufacturers and everything else is the same.

  1. Virgin Office Furniture

This option is the most unsustainable. These are furniture sets that have been manufactured from virgin material and have never been used before. The buyer enjoys unlimited quantities when they choose this option and the wide variety of components can be transported all over the world. Furthermore, it is quite easy and fast to specify the color, design, or type of virgin materials to use.

The main setback with buying furniture made from virgin material is that they are quite expensive since its supply chain is complex and take up a lot of money. It is also the most unsustainable option.

Even though this option is the worst, if you end up choosing this option, buy from a manufacturer that designs long lasting furniture. The furniture should also be easily remanufactured.

Taking the responsibility to find and buy sustainable office furniture that meets your budget and needs of your business should not be a challenge. Clear Choice Office Solutions is the leading supplier of sustainable office furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. You should be cautious when furnishing your office since it not only affects how you feel and work but it also has an effect on the environment. To learn more about sustainable office furniture visit Clear Choice Office Solutions at




Simple Go Green Tips for Any Business

Everyone these days is talking of going green and every company, small or big has put in place strategies geared towards going green. In Houston, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation as one of the leading suppliers of used cubicles and furniture. It supplies licensed furniture and cubicles from global suppliers such as Steelcase, ALLSTEEL, Herman Miller, Trendway, Teknion, and Haworth. The use of used, remanufactured and pre-owned cubicles is one of the ways a firm can go green. Clear Choice also handles office furniture liquidation. Below are some simple go green tips for any business;

Buy Sustainable, Durable and High Quality Office Furniture

Purchase office furniture that is in good condition, durable, and is of excellent make. Instead of embarking on the tedious process of checking the parts, it is easier to do this. One of the easiest ways of getting high quality office furniture is by relying on a trusted furniture supplier. It will be easier to get some items that require bulk orders, for instance, office cubicles, desk suits, workstations, office chairs, desk sets, conference tables, and reception desks. It will even be much better if you get a supplier who has different styles in stock from trusted brands in the market. This will ensure you get furniture items that meet the needs of your company and are up to the required standards. Clear Choice Office Solutions supplies various furniture designs from popular brands. It also offers discounts for bulk orders and is convenient as a one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs.

Maximize Office Space

One of the best ways to conserve space in your company is by maximizing usable work space. The smaller the space that can fit more employees, the better it will be for your company. This is because a small space translates to fewer office buildings and ultimately higher savings on cost and minimal environmental impact. Clear Choice Office Solutions provides a myriad of top quality, modern designs to maximize your office space. A proper arrangement of your workstation will also help arrange electrical wiring and electronic components in such a way that energy is conserved.

Office Furniture Liquidation and Disposal

Before disposing or selling your office furniture, contact experienced office furniture liquidation firms. These firms will pay for the furniture and resell to other firms. You should never let your valuable items go to waste. Office furniture manufacturers will remanufacture and recycle the furniture items and ensure they are not disposed on the landfill. Clear Choice Office Solution liquidates office furniture and will assemble and transport it to where it is required. All these are done in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

Virtual Workstations

For those who work virtually, do not feel left out since there are many ways of going green in your own small way. Buy used or pre-owned home office furniture that is sustainable and benefits the environment in some way.

Space Conservation

There are lots of smart ways of conserving space when it comes to the design of your office buildings. First off, instead of building or expanding horizontally, make use of vertical square footage since this preserves the ecosystem and minimizes environmental impact. In terms of brand reputation, a vertical building adds more value in perception than a flat warehouse-style building. You should also install workstations and cubicles since they are more environmentally conscious. You can also locate your premises in areas which are considered undesirable as farmland or any other common use.

Lighting and Ventilation

Another great way of conserving space and energy is through the design of office buildings that can be ventilated freely by prevailing winds. Get an architect who will consider the flow of wind in the area. You can also save on energy by maximize on natural light streaming into your office. It also adds some touch of style and uniqueness. You can save a lot by simply installing efficient lighting system in the exterior, interior, and parking area. It also saves a lot of time that would have been spent replacing inefficient lighting bulbs.

Solar Panels

The use of alternative clean sources of energy may be expensive but it is also another way of being environmentally conscious. You can get solar panels that are efficient and durable these days since solar technology has improved immensely. You will not only protect the environment by using sun energy but you will also save a lot on energy expenses.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Consider installing green recycling containers within a prominent area in several areas within your company such as near the printer, at the eating area, or at the workstations. Once collected, reduce and reuse the trash collected. You can also limit the use of paper and instead rely more on electronic files and read from the PC. You can also use the back of used papers for writing some short notes and messages instead of using unused paper. Once you have used these items recycle them. You should consider joining organizations that collect and recycle waste or even start one in your company.

Shared Amenities

One of the best ways to conserve the available amenities within an area is by choosing a location that facilitates easy access to shared everyday amenities. Some of these amenities include restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, general stores, business luncheons, and many others. The idea behind being close to such amenities is to minimize on employee commute during working hours. You can also use networks within the office building for additional convenience.  You should liaise with your architecture so that some facilities such as rest rooms, WiFi, conference rooms, and food courts are planned to facilitate sharing.

There are dozens of go green ideas that can help your business contribute towards conserving the environment. Clear Choice Office Solutions will help your business implement the best go green strategies. It is one of the leading distributors of new and used cubicles and furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas and beyond. Visit to get more information on how your business can go green.

Exciting Tips in Choosing the Best Cubicles for Your New Office Space

The modern office layout is characterized by cubicles where the productivity of an organization starts to develop. Most office settings nowadays are widely viewed with the use of cubicles eliminating individual rooms which are space-consuming. An employee’s performance and eventually the enhancement of any business depend on how an office look. Though this may not be the only factor for a company’s progress but nevertheless plays an important contributing factor. Office cubicles along with other furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets are big investments in starting or renovating an office therefore should be given careful attention.

For an office atmosphere to become inspiring, motivating and functional should employ the right office furniture for every employee and cubicles are not an exception. Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying the best cubicles for your new workstation:

Office Space

Before you start counting how many cubicles you are to purchase, stop for a moment and grab a measuring tape and pen. The buying process might sound so simple but you need to be equipped with detailed information before you decide to crank hundred bucks out from your company’s budget. Consider the measurement of your office space where you intend to place the cubicles. Make sure that the sizes of cubicles must accommodate the available workspace that means not too large nor too small but should absolutely fit.

Comforts of Employees

Basically, cubicles come in various sizes and shapes. When deciding to outfit your new office space, it is important to consider the comforts of every employee before buying. Employees differ in sizes so do cubicles. If you are trying to look for cubicles in uniform sizes and height, make sure that everyone will be comfortable working on them. The height should not be too high or too low. Likewise, the work space for each desk is also a factor affecting the comforts of employees. There should be enough space where they could freely as well as ample working area on the desk where they could place their laptops, printers, monitor or other important equipment.


As soon as you have determined the number and type of cubicles you will purchase, think about your budget. Ask yourself how much your money can go? A great way to utilize a small budget is buying used cubicles. The beauty behind this purchase is getting quality furniture from renowned brands suitable to your company’s budgetary needs. There are a lot of reliable dealers in the market providing quality pre-owned cubicles in cheaper cost.

The Need for Privacy

In buying cubicles, you will not only look after the comforts of your employees and their privacy as well. Cubicles are available in various sizes and types where you can choose the best option for your team of workers. Try to evaluate how much privacy your team requires. If your team is more focused on private functions and require a little silence, you must consider cubicles with higher walls. Or if your team is working on a large group where privacy is less required, you can opt for open-space cubicles.

The above tips will aid you to choose the right type of cubicles for your new work space but you must also get acquainted on the real situation once you are out in the market for ultimate purchase. Here are some of the important steps to consider during the buying process:

Know Your Office Furniture Dealer

Trust your purchase only to a reputable dealer and don’t be tempted with sweet sales talks and promising discounts of fraud vendors. How will you know a legitimate dealer? Simple. You do a little of research either online, furniture directory or simply asking your friends. Upon knowing the credibility of the dealer, verify it by asking the following questions:

  • Do you offer warranty on used cubicles
  • How long will be the shipping period and are their additional shipping fees? 
  • Will the warranty cover any defect or damage on the product while shipping and how will you replace the damaged items? 
  • Do you have available supply for the quantity or number of cubicles I will order? 
  • Are there discounts when buying in bulk?
  • How much? 
  • Do you have any team to assist in layout and design?

Buy from Local Office Furniture Dealers

As the saying goes, why search far and wide when all you need is right before your eyes? Before you step out any farther, look for local furniture shops that offer quality and affordable office cubicles. This will save you time and effort apart from wasting too much budget for expensive shipping and risk of damage and loss.

Compare Prices and Other Offers

Once you have identified a reliable dealer, it is noteworthy to take their quotations including terms of agreement and then make a comparison. By doing so, you can create a complete decision where to trust your ultimate purchase. In addition, a well reputable dealer must be able to let you understand everything about the terms and conditions as well as the risk or benefits associated during the buying process.

Be Watchful

Make sure that every agreement is written in clear sheet and every page is easy to understand. In case of doubts or confusions, feel comfortable to ask your dealer. Only sign the written agreement once you have clearly understood everything. Likewise, if you can negotiate directly to a dealer without the help of a middle man would be more convenient. Direct buying will cost less than having a middle man to do the negotiation for you unless it is badly needed.

The market nowadays is crowded with overflowing number of office furniture including office cubicles. The purchasing process might be a pretty tough job for you especially when you are starting to outfit a new workspace. Allow Clear Choice Office Solutions to provide you with unparalleled service and high quality office furniture. For many years in the industry, we are dedicated to meet the satisfaction of our clients when it comes to selecting the best cubicles and other furniture for any office layout.

For more information about our products and services, contact us today by visiting our official page at We will assist your needs to come up with the right cubicles for your new office space requirement.  We service all of Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and more)

Earth Day 2016 – The Environmental Impact of Office Furniture

It is a common fact how excessive smoke from vehicles, garbage thrown to bodies of water or smoke from big factories contribute to the depletion of nature. But do you have any idea how a comfortable chair can likewise be hazardous to the environment? Of course, you cannot imagine why would this piece of furniture that provides maximum comfort will have a bad environment impact. The manufacturing of furniture like office cubicles have disadvantages in the environment. On one hand, environment-conscious companies have found ways on how to minimize and reduce the risk of harming the natural resources of the Earth we live in.

Knowing How the Manufacturing of Furniture Harm the Environment

Your office will definitely look pleasing with quality furniture that satisfies the space layout. Before you purchase office furniture, make sure to think green. This means that you have to consider the protection of the environment while having a perfect office layout in your mind. Here are some of the ways how the manufacturing of office furniture provides risk in the environment:


  1. Harms the atmosphere

The manufacturing process includes glueing and coating of furniture which requires the use of solvents. Most solvents contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are proven high risk to the atmosphere. Harmful gases are also being released like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. which are dangerous to the atmosphere. Likewise, sawing and sanding releases dust and other particulates that contribute to air pollution.


  1. Depletion of natural resources due to high demand of raw materials

Wood and timber are primary raw materials used in the manufacturing of furniture. The high demands of production will quickly result to barren mountains. Once trees are being excessively cut down, more harm to the environment will as tress are best protector against air pollution, flooding, etc.


  1. Contaminates water and air

Hazardous liquids will pollute the water when they are not properly disposed. Containers of solvents and other chemicals will soak into the ground then eventually penetrate to the water causing contamination. Likewise containers when thrown in the waste stream that are not properly covered will result to spilling of harmful liquid which again can escape into the atmosphere causing damage to the air.


  1. Creates annoying noise

Heavy machineries and equipment used during the manufacturing of furniture creates annoying noise. An atmosphere filled with huge noise will not provide a healthy environment for everyone.


  1. Overflows the landfills

There are limited spaces in the waste stream and dumping chips and off-cuts from woods will increase the waste products thrown.



The Best Environment-Conscious Practices


There are various agencies that are extending extensive campaign and raising awareness on how to be ecologically friendly. For many furniture manufacturing companies, here are some of the ways to protect the environment:


  1. Choosing Raw Materials and Design Preference

In choosing raw materials such as wood or timber, companies should secure a certification from respective agency guaranteeing that raw materials came from managed forests. With the risk of depleted forest, the environment as well as bio-diversity are endangered. Likewise, companies can also utilize substitute materials which are eco-friendly and will not compromise quality of the particular material. If you can go for materials which cannot harm the health and environment, the better. Make sure that the replacement will satisfy both quality and functionality. The design of the furniture should likewise minimize the use of raw material resulting to less wastage.


  1. Storage and Stock

Materials used for manufacturing should be properly stored. Liquids like solvents, paints and adhesives should be kept in close containers and properly sealed. Place the storage area away from the water system to avoid contamination when spills happen. Likewise, regularly check containers for possible leakage. In stocking raw materials, only choose the minimum quantity needed. This will eliminate the disposal of non-usable materials when there are problems due to change in product, quality or obsolete materials.


  1. Noise Reduction

It is a good idea to go for equipment with low-noise feature when buying. Likewise, muffling or shielding noisy equipment will help reduce the annoying sound these equipment create. Placing the work area where noisy equipment are used away from the entry doors will be a better option.


  1. Waste Disposal

Containers of liquid waste should be properly transported and disposed. Make sure that containers are properly closed to avoid spilling in the ground. Likewise, containers should be tightly covered to avoid the escape of odor into the atmosphere. Choose materials which can be recycled when the furniture reaches their time expectancy. Pre-owned furniture such as used cubicles, tables or chairs can still be in the market circulation for sale when quality and functionality survived the test of time.


  1. Proper Housekeeping

There are various house rules which to be followed in order to minimize the risk of harming the environment. A dust extraction system should be generated in companies where there requires large amount of dust accumulated. Sanders and other heavy machining tools should be fitted with dust extractors which help filter wood particles and dust. An enclosed container should be used in storing the collected dust and wood particles to avoid its escape in the atmosphere. When transporting or during handling of liquids within the premise like solvents, thinners or paints, make sure that containers should be kept close.

Recycle Office Furniture

There are many ecological friendly ways to protect nature during the manufacture of office furniture. To recycle office furniture is also one of the best ways to save the environment as the process will not require energy consumption or the use of hazardous solvents. In addition, buying used cubicles and pre-owned office furniture will provide more savings while satisfying your need for a vibrant office renovation or outfitting.


Across Houston and the rest of the United States, Clear Choice Office Solutions offers cutting-edge options to ecologically decorate or renovate your office space with our environment friendly furniture like office cubicles, used office chairs and much more. From new, remanufactured or used office furniture items, we have the best selections with eco-friendly features to ensure that you are supporting the go green campaign.


For your ultimate office furniture Houston, visit us at When you care about nature, so are we! Contact us today!