Buying Used Cubicles Guide – Save Money and Environment

Buying used cubicles for your office not only brings the elegant look to your office, but also saves a lot of money. You can find a variety of pre-owned cubicles for your workspace solutions, and also you can get a wide range of stylish and pre-owned office furniture and cubicles from top brand names like Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, HON, and several other brands at a very affordable price. You can also find a full line of used brand name desks, cubicles, file cabinets, chairs, reception desks, conference tables, and other furniture to make your office look spacious and well-designed.  You can also get professional help from whom you can get an on-site project management and consultation for all your office furniture requirements.

The fact is, many offices use cubicles in their workspace, and working in a cubicle environment is the reality for many employees.  According to the surveys conducted in the employment workspace situations, about 20 percent of the funds are spent on new cubicles, and over 70 percent of business happens in cubicles. This survey result shows that most of the office work done in cubicles only, that is why it is important to make your office cubicles spacious and comfortable for your employees, and for the growth of your business.

Used cubicles:  How good for you?

  • Pre-owned Herman Miller and Steelcase cubicles are the best and a versatile cubicle unit that you can get for your office to save money and the environment. The technology used in this cubicle unit is very advanced as the tile and frame system integrated into this model facilitates you to change them easily to match your office décor.
  • A survey conducted by the BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) states that about half of the used office furniture are piling up in landfills, and most of this waste furniture thrown in landfills is actually still good enough to use.
  • Most of these high-tech companies throw away the old furniture and cubicles because they look outdated, and not because they are worn out. The pre-owned furniture can be easily remanufactured or refurbished instead of throwing them into landfills.  With this used furniture, you can make small modifications and make them new, and use them in your office. Just by giving a new look  and a few modifications to the panels and surfaces of the cubicles, you can make them like new again and you can also save a lot of money and you can reduce wastage of natural resources and strain on landfills.
  • The EPA estimation of the year 1995 shows that companies discarded about 3 million tons of used furniture and furnishings, which made NAT fee about 32 dollars per ton, and the possible evaded disposal costs are approximately 100 million dollars. The OFRF (Office Furniture Recyclers Forum) report shows that just by remanufacturing 40 workstations can avoid one load of tractor furniture from the landfill. So, keeping all these factors in mind, and buying used furniture is not only a wise idea, but also an environmental friendly idea, which also helps you create a new office environment for your employees.

Used Cubicles or office furniture:

Many people normally think when you use the term used cubicles or used furniture, naturally they foresee dent and scratch products.  But, most of this furniture can be remanufactured or refurbished and make it look new again. Refurbishing includes restoring structural damage and give the cubicle or any other office furniture a makeover and refreshing look.  Remanufactured cubicles are totally modified both aesthetically and structurally.

Buying cubicles for your office needs is an easy process if you know exactly where to find them. Here you can find some easy tips and steps on buying used or new cubicles.

  1. Know your Budget Limit: Most businesses know how to save money. If you own a company, then you must know how to save money on your office furniture and cubicle for your employee. The best thing to do is buying used cubicles initially when you are settling in your business.   Many companies also believe that used cubicles are the best and viable option.  The new cubicles can be very expensive; they can range between 1,500 dollars and 10,000 dollars on each cubicle. But, when you look for used cubicles that can range between 200 dollars and 1,200 dollars for a high-quality product.  You can see the big difference in used and new cubicle, and when you buy used cubicles you are not only saving money but also saving your surroundings and natural resources.  You should also consider shipping budget when you purchase used cubicles when you are getting from another place.
  2. Know your Employee’s Needs: You should always consider your employee’s needs before purchasing new or used cubicles.  You should know which employee is sitting in which cubicle.  This is important because some employees need a lot of storage area, and some employees need a lot of filing area and for computer professionals, they need a keyboard tray, etc.  Most of the time, the company owners neglect these facts in the process of saving money, they make the cubicles smaller and inconvenient for the employee. So, always consider their needs before your savings, when your employee work productivity increases, then automatically your company’s output increases.  If your employees like to have little privacy, then the best size is 6 x 6 cubicle sizes. For managerial category employee, you can buy 8 x 8 or 8 x 10 cubicle sizes.

The other important things to remember when you are buying used cubicles include a floor plan. Which is very important for a convenient workspace, and also it   helps you find the right furniture and it can also speed up your furniture purchase. If you follow these simple and useful tips before buying cubicles for your office, then you can get the required cubicles in very affordable price which can fit perfectly in your office space.

Receive Tailor-made Office Solutions from the Huge Selection of Cubicles at Clear Choice Office Solutions

Cubicles have been in use in offices for long. They came into use after being developed by Robert Propst, a designer of Herman Miller Furniture Company. This was back in early 1960s and at the time the office cubicle was referred to as the Action Office. Ever since then companies have realized the great benefits office cubicles over open-space offices. The major benefit associated with cubicles is the wide variety of options buyers get to choose from; you get new ones, used cubicles, pre-owned cubicles, or re-manufactured cubicles.

A cubicle unlike other office design options has the advantage of being a huge space and cost-saver. They occupy a small space and employees get an area of their own. This ultimately boosts employees’ productivity and freedom. While some firms today have reverted back to the open-work environment, the use of the cubicle is still popular with most companies.

In the US, cubicles are widely used by companies and there are various office furniture liquidation firms who deal in used and refurbished office cubicles and furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions is your one-stop-shop solution for all your office furniture and cubicle needs. You will get all you need from its huge selection of modern and pre-owned furniture. You get to choose from some popular brands such as Cherryman, Friant, Haworth, Mayline, Steelcase, and others. You will never run short of what to choose from given the wide range of world-class selection of full range products at Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Why Choose Office Cubicles?

When it comes to cost effectiveness, nothing beats an office cubicle. However, price should never be the only basis for your decision to install an office cubicle. Remember your workers spend more than 40 hours every week and even more while working in these work stations. Therefore, you have to ensure you have a workspace that improves the way you do business and maximizes employees’ productivity.

Cubicles are not simply a space where people sit, work, and make calls. They foster collaboration and create privacy. You get to choose from various options which include;

  1. 39-42 inches-an excellent option for ongoing conversation and idea sharing.
  2. 48-54 inches-with this option you enjoy privacy when seated or talking on phone and can communicate openly while standing.
  3. 66-69 inches-this option gives privacy to workers and provides some extra space for storage.

At Clear Choice you can choose from any of these options. Asides the height, you also will also get a wide variation in the amount of the workspace within the cubicle. Therefore, you have to evaluate the various employee roles within your organization and choose the cubicles based on the work done by each of the employees. A cubicle for managerial roles will be different from those for reception staff. Telemarketers will also have a uniquely designed workstation when compared to that for a customer service representative or salespeople who are rarely in the office. It is with this regard that an organization requires a competitive office furniture company that will tailor the office cubicles to meet the needs of the organization.

Another reason that makes a cubicle a perfect option for any company is the fact that cubicles cater for the needs demanded by the changing technological world. Current workstations are characterised by increased wireless and paperless offices. With a cubicle you are able to get space for minimal wiring and power sources. Furthermore, it gives sufficient space for laptops and mobile devices since these are drastically replacing the huge desktop computers. The cubicle meets the changing needs of the technological world.

There is also an outstanding versatility when it comes to the use of an office cubicle. The cubicle can be tailored to perfectly match the shape and size of the space available in your office. They can be configured to also meet each role of the employee. You can choose a pod cubicle if your cubicle is located at the middle of the room. This gives the most privacy and for those who would like to set up the cubicle against a wall they can choose a row configuration.

The styling of an office’s interior décor is also very important when you are setting up cubicles within the workstation. An expert will help you choose an ideal color and finish that will perfectly match the overall décor of your office and also be connected to your brand. A cubicle is excellent in reflecting what you do as a business and it also makes employees feel they are cared for since cubicles are quite stylish and modern in design.

Buy from an Expert

There is a huge advantage that comes with buying your cubicle or furniture from an expert. Even if you are not buying you may still need to recycle office furniture. The family-owned Clear Choice is your ultimate solution since they have extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions to its widespread clients in Houston and other areas.

When you buy from us we get to choose from new, used, or remanufactured cubicles and office furniture. Your company, whether small or huge will get what is ideal for their need and budget. No matter the type you choose from they all come in high quality and you can never differentiate the used from the new or the remanufactured.

If your company requires a huge order and desires to save on overhead costs, Clear Choice Office Solutions will give you an opportunity to get the best choice and save money. The remanufactured office cubicles in particular are popular among buyers. They have been restored and refurbished and are as good as new. You will save lots of money on this option and still maintain the same quality and appearance of new cubicles.

Receive tailored office furniture solutions from Clear Choice Office Solutions in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio Texas. Get to choose from the wide selection of new and pre-owned furniture in our shop. We cater for the needs of both small and huge companies and offer solutions that meet even the smallest budgets. We have been in the business for long enough and understand the needs of companies no matter the size. To get more details visit






Clear Choice Office Solutions is your Reliable Office Furniture Removal Service Provider

In corporate America, it is common for businesses to down-size or up-size and in either case firms need to recycle office furniture. For those firms that are considering office furniture liquidation this also helps rid office furniture that is not required. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s top office furniture removal provider. It is a family-owned business that has built a good reputation with corporate bodies within Houston and other regions.

One of the major challenges that firms face while disposing office furniture, is doing this in a way that is environmentally friendly. It is also quite a challenge to sell office furniture if it is not in a good working condition. Furthermore, it is challenging to recycle due to the various materials used in making furniture; plastic, wood, and metal. An expert can only understand how to handle all these.

Why Hire Office Furniture Removal Experts

There are lots of benefits when you handover your office furniture removal to an expert. First off, you have a peace of mind since the expert clearly understands how to carry out the office furniture disposal. Secondly, a certified firm will help you get a “Certificate of Insurance” prior to the operation. This will ensure a smooth operation during the day the process is carried out.

The tax benefit is also another major benefit that a firm enjoys when they hire an expert to dispose off their office furniture or used cubicles. The office removal expert will donate the furniture then issue the company with a tax deductable donation receipt. There is also a high possibility that your pre-owned cubicles and office furniture will receive a second life since the office removal providers have partnered with thrift stores and local charities. Finally, for furniture that is in poor condition and cannot be donated, it is recycled and if it cannot be recycled it is taken to the landfill as a last resort.

Removable Office Furniture 

Clear Choice Office Solutions will remove the following types of furniture;

  • including guest chairs, executive chairs, and many others.

  • Office Chairs.

  • Modular office desks.

  • Fireproof cabinets.

  • Traditional wooden desks.

  • Computer cabinets and armoires.

  • Conference tables.

  • Executive wood desks.

  • Office cubicles and panels.

  • File cabinets.

  • Break room and training tables.

You Can Save Money Removing Office Furniture

Office furniture removal is a process that may cost a company a lot of money if it is not conducted in the most effective and cost-efficient way. The removal can be daunting irrespective of the location of your new office or home and therefore you should put in place a workable plan prior to the removal. Here are some things you should do prior to the removal;

  1. Make and Stick to a Reasonable Budget-it is imperative that you prepare a budget prior to the removal. Prepare a list of all possible expenses such as; hotel stays, packing supplies, takeaway foods, fuel, professional movers, and many others. You should also set aside some cash for miscellaneous expenses.
  2. Hire Professionals-compile a list of furniture removal firms and interview several of them then get quotes. Once this is done try to compare the various firms then choose an expert that best meets your company needs. A furniture remover will charge its moving expenses depending on various factors; volume or number of material, time of the year, and the distance between the two locations. It is always costly to move during peak times such as holidays, summer, and weekends. You should also be careful when considering the quotes from various providers; a lower price estimate does not always mean you got the best arrangement.
  3. Employ Affordable Packing Methods and Supplies-there are plenty of ways to avoid unnecessary expenses when moving office furniture; you can handle the packing and unpacking yourself, get free boxes for packing from family members, friends or your local supermarket.
  4. Reduce Travel Weight-furniture removers charge clients based on the volume of their possession. Therefore, to avoid being charged more money, consider reducing the volume of items to be moved. If possible, get rid of unnecessary items through garage sales or even donate to a charity.
  5. Notify Interested Parties of Your Move-inform your customers, local government service providers, partners, and any other interested party in advance about the change. One of the best ways to do this is by including a sticker on every letter at least a month before the move. Receptionists can also inform clients and your website should also have some alerts on the change of location.

Why Choose Clear Choice Office Solutions?

For all your office furniture liquidation and furniture recycling needs, Clear Choice Office Solutions is there for you. It has helped literally dozens of firms dispose used furniture within Houston and beyond. Clear Choice is committed to reducing the number of trash that end up in the landfills each year.  At Clear Choice, its staff has been trained on how to sort out various items. They understand items that can be recycled or donated to charity, as well as those that are treated as trash. Apart from these, Clear Choice Office Solutions is a fully-licensed, insured, and bonded organization. The clients are therefore well protected.

By choosing Clear Choice, clients will also enjoy the benefit of getting tax deductable receipts as well as recycling reports that are crucial in boosting the company’s reputation. Few removers will give you this benefit. You will also enjoy low upfront pricing with no hidden charges.

Office furniture removal is a daunting task and for you to have a peace of mind during the entire process you have to hire a reliable office furniture removal professional. You can rely on Clear Choice Office Solutions for all your office furniture removal needs since it is Houston’s leading provider.  Clear Choice will recycle office furniture and also handle office furniture liquidation. If you also need new or used cubicles look no further since Clear Choice Office Solutions supply them as well. To get more information, visit



Clear Choice Office Solutions will Help Your Company during the Liquidation Process

A company may liquidate for various reasons and this may make one wonder what liquidation is all about. Liquidation in simple terms refers to the process of converting a firm’s assets into cash so that creditors may be cleared. Office furniture liquidation is one example of a liquidation process that requires a professional so as to ensure the used furniture and office cubicles are liquidated in a hassle-free manner. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s top furniture supplier. It offers a wide range of pre-owned cubicles and furniture items sourced from top brands such as Haworth, Herman Miller, Cherryman, Steelcase, and Mayline. The professionals at Clear Choice Office Solutions will work you through the liquidation process and cater for your office furniture liquidation needs.

A firm will go into liquidation either by volunteering or through compulsory liquidation.

  • Compulsory Liquidation-this is where the petitioner demonstrates that they have exhausted all options and the only way to pay off the company’s debts is through winding up. Some of the reasons for compulsory liquidation include; tax owed to the government, the company’s liabilities exceed the assets by far, or the company is not able to pay its debts. Once any of these reasons are validated, the company is placed under receivership to an accredited receiver and liquidator who then values and sells the company’s assets.
  • Liquidation by Volunteering-this is usually a more relaxed liquidation that is well-planned by the company’s directors. In this case there are no court cases involved and the firm is wound up and its assets divided to all parties in a satisfying manner. One of the reasons for voluntary liquidation is when the company fails to make profit consistently. It can also be undertaken where the company registration fails according to the applicable laws.

Office Liquidation Process

When it has been agreed that the business has to be dissolved and the business’ assets liquidated, the following steps are followed;

  • Identify the Assets to Liquidate

This is the first step and involves listing the physical assets the business owns and any money owed to the business such as rent, unpaid bills, and security deposits. Some of the items to list include; computers, credit card machines, phones, vehicles, real estate, office furniture and supplies, prepaid insurance premiums, and security deposits with utilities, landlords, and tax agencies.

Describe in detail the business’ property such as its condition, category of property, and the real owner of the property. You should also write down saleable intangible property. These include; work in progress that has potential value, any outstanding accounts receivable, the company’s commercial lease, company name and customer base,  attractive contracts with suppliers and customers, and intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Having a clear list of these items will be useful in case a creditor questions the liquidation process later on when you file for bankruptcy. This information is also required for tax returns.

  • Finding Buyers for the Assets

This is a crucial step in the liquidation of business assets. You would want to find buyers who are willing and able to buy your assets. These include assets that are fully paid for and have not been used as collateral for other loans. At this stage your industry contacts such as suppliers and competitors will prove to be invaluable in finding buyers. You can sell your property to your competitors since they might be interested in patents, trademarks, work in progress, or even customer lists and copyrights.

You can list some items such as equipment, fixtures, and furniture on Craigslist, eBay, and other sites. Specialized auction sites will also help liquidate some items such as construction equipment, restaurant equipment, industrial machinery, and many other items.

You can also choose to donate some items and claim a tax deduction since some items may fail to get buyers. It will be hard to sell worn out equipment or furniture that is in bad condition. In fact, even products that are in excellent shape may not sell for more than 80% of its value. Remember also that your accounts receivable will also lose its value when you close and therefore be quick in making arrangements with a debt buyer or a factor who follow up on them for a fee or buy them at fraction of their worth.

  • Handling Leased and Secured Assets

Leased and secured assets need to be handled separately from others. You should set aside any of the assets that have been used as collateral for a loan or debt. It is illegal to sell loan collateral before you have finished paying off the loan and is treated as a crime. You therefore need to negotiate with the creditor on how this will be sorted out. You can either give it back to the creditor or seek permission to sell it then pay the creditor using the proceeds.

As for leased property, two options are available; you can either seek permission from the leaser before handing over the contract to someone else or return the property to the leaser.

  • Prepaid Insurance Premiums

You should request for refunds of employees’ liability and compensation premiums since these are usually paid in advance. However, getting a refund will depend on the terms of your policy.

  • Liquidating your Firm’s Assets

If you lack the skill, desire or time for liquidating your assets, there are various ways you can liquidate your assets;

  1. Pay a broker to sell your assets.
  2. Pay a professional auctioneer to hold a public auction and sell the assets.
  • File for bankruptcy and that case a bankruptcy trustee will liquidate the assets.
  1. Hand over your assets to an asset liquidator.


Clear Choice Office Solutions offers exceptional services when it comes to office furniture liquidation. It is Houston’s leading asset liquidator with many years of experience in the industry. They not only help liquidate your business assets but also recycle office furniture and therefore you are assured that the office furniture will end up in the right place. To find out more on how to liquidate your business assets, visit their site


Choosing Sustainable Office Furniture for your Company

In this new era when environmental conservation is a major concern, organizations take their conservation efforts seriously. Companies now recycle office furniture and use Sustainable Office Furniture since these are some of the ways of conserving the environment. The use of new furniture may be alluring to any company but it is very expensive and unsustainable to do this. Therefore, any company that is committed to conserving the environment should start by using sustainable office furniture.

While adopting sustainable office furniture options, any company has to balance between quality, sustainability, and cost.  Below are the options available when it comes to the sustainability of office furniture;

  1. Sustainable Office Furniture – Reuse Office Furniture

A company can reuse its own furniture or those that have been used by others.  The furniture is used at it is with no improvement or alteration.

This option is the most sustainable and it is the cheapest option if a company is reusing its own furniture. It will only affect the environment when it is being moved from one location to the other.

Some of the setbacks associated with this option include; it is expensive if you are buying from others, the used furniture can be in bad condition, it lacks quality assurance or a warranty, and you get limited volumes and colors.

Choosing to use second hand or used furniture can be the most sustainable but it can be risky, limits your company, and you may not get value for your money. It is also ideal when you are placing orders in small volumes. You can use pre-owned cubicles and used office furniture since they are the most sustainable choices.

  1. Refurbish, Refresh and Repair Office Furniture

This option comes second with regard to environmental conservation. This is where a company replaces fabrics that are worn-out or out-of-date.

It is the second best when it comes to sustainable office furniture especially where the fabric used is recycled. You will also get reupholstered office furniture at affordable prices. This will save a lot on cost for your company.

The major setback with this option is that scratches may still appear on some parts of the item. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best options of extending the life of your furniture.

  1. Remanufacture or Remake Office Furniture

Remaking or remanufacturing of office furniture simply means that a company reuses some long lasting components such as steel mechanisms and aluminum bases that are used in chairs and desks. The softer parts of the used cubicles and furniture are replaced. Once furniture has been remade or remanufactured it becomes quite difficult to distinguish the new from the old. In fact they carry the same warranty.

One of the advantages of this option is that you can get your preferred colors and fabrics at about a fraction of the price. You also save the environment by 80% per piece made using virgin materials. You can also get a warranty when you purchase from a reputed manufacturer. Professional furniture remanufacturing firms also get an easy access to large volumes of pre-owned office furniture. Therefore, they can handle huge orders for offices that require huge volumes.

One of the setbacks with this option is that it is a challenge to get a reputable manufacturer who will provide your required quality and specification. Nonetheless, this is a great option if done properly.

If you have challenges getting a reputable manufacturer, you can buy from suppliers who are well connected such as Houston’s Clear Choice Office Solutions. It supplies remanufactured office furniture from global manufacturers such as Friant, Haworth, Cherryman, Steelcase, Mayline, and Herman Miller.

  1. Recycle Office Furniture

A company can recycle office furniture since this is one of ways of minimizing the garbage that end up in the landfills. Recycled furniture refers to office furniture made from components that have been reclaimed from pre-owned or used furniture. These components are separated, shredded, and then melted and made into parts that are used to make furniture.

This option makes use of less virgin materials. However, this option has its setbacks; they cost the same price just like new and can even be more costly than new. They may also contribute to environmental pollution when they are melted down. It is also not possible to recycle all the materials 100%. For instance, wool fibers shorten every time they are recycled and therefore they require additional virgin material.

  1. Recyclable Office Furniture

Various manufacturers are now considering furniture materials that are recyclable to some extent. By purchasing furniture that is recyclable you are choosing sustainable office furniture.

This option is great since the manufacture has already identified the components of the furniture that will be recycled at the end of the furniture life. The major setback of this option is that it makes use of virgin materials. Furthermore, the label “recyclable” does not mean that every owner will recycle the furniture. Nonetheless, this is a great option if you are considering who to buy from between two or more manufacturers and everything else is the same.

  1. Virgin Office Furniture

This option is the most unsustainable. These are furniture sets that have been manufactured from virgin material and have never been used before. The buyer enjoys unlimited quantities when they choose this option and the wide variety of components can be transported all over the world. Furthermore, it is quite easy and fast to specify the color, design, or type of virgin materials to use.

The main setback with buying furniture made from virgin material is that they are quite expensive since its supply chain is complex and take up a lot of money. It is also the most unsustainable option.

Even though this option is the worst, if you end up choosing this option, buy from a manufacturer that designs long lasting furniture. The furniture should also be easily remanufactured.

Taking the responsibility to find and buy sustainable office furniture that meets your budget and needs of your business should not be a challenge. Clear Choice Office Solutions is the leading supplier of sustainable office furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and beyond. You should be cautious when furnishing your office since it not only affects how you feel and work but it also has an effect on the environment. To learn more about sustainable office furniture visit Clear Choice Office Solutions at




Simple Go Green Tips for Any Business

Everyone these days is talking of going green and every company, small or big has put in place strategies geared towards going green. In Houston, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation as one of the leading suppliers of used cubicles and furniture. It supplies licensed furniture and cubicles from global suppliers such as Steelcase, ALLSTEEL, Herman Miller, Trendway, Teknion, and Haworth. The use of used, remanufactured and pre-owned cubicles is one of the ways a firm can go green. Clear Choice also handles office furniture liquidation. Below are some simple go green tips for any business;

Buy Sustainable, Durable and High Quality Office Furniture

Purchase office furniture that is in good condition, durable, and is of excellent make. Instead of embarking on the tedious process of checking the parts, it is easier to do this. One of the easiest ways of getting high quality office furniture is by relying on a trusted furniture supplier. It will be easier to get some items that require bulk orders, for instance, office cubicles, desk suits, workstations, office chairs, desk sets, conference tables, and reception desks. It will even be much better if you get a supplier who has different styles in stock from trusted brands in the market. This will ensure you get furniture items that meet the needs of your company and are up to the required standards. Clear Choice Office Solutions supplies various furniture designs from popular brands. It also offers discounts for bulk orders and is convenient as a one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs.

Maximize Office Space

One of the best ways to conserve space in your company is by maximizing usable work space. The smaller the space that can fit more employees, the better it will be for your company. This is because a small space translates to fewer office buildings and ultimately higher savings on cost and minimal environmental impact. Clear Choice Office Solutions provides a myriad of top quality, modern designs to maximize your office space. A proper arrangement of your workstation will also help arrange electrical wiring and electronic components in such a way that energy is conserved.

Office Furniture Liquidation and Disposal

Before disposing or selling your office furniture, contact experienced office furniture liquidation firms. These firms will pay for the furniture and resell to other firms. You should never let your valuable items go to waste. Office furniture manufacturers will remanufacture and recycle the furniture items and ensure they are not disposed on the landfill. Clear Choice Office Solution liquidates office furniture and will assemble and transport it to where it is required. All these are done in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

Virtual Workstations

For those who work virtually, do not feel left out since there are many ways of going green in your own small way. Buy used or pre-owned home office furniture that is sustainable and benefits the environment in some way.

Space Conservation

There are lots of smart ways of conserving space when it comes to the design of your office buildings. First off, instead of building or expanding horizontally, make use of vertical square footage since this preserves the ecosystem and minimizes environmental impact. In terms of brand reputation, a vertical building adds more value in perception than a flat warehouse-style building. You should also install workstations and cubicles since they are more environmentally conscious. You can also locate your premises in areas which are considered undesirable as farmland or any other common use.

Lighting and Ventilation

Another great way of conserving space and energy is through the design of office buildings that can be ventilated freely by prevailing winds. Get an architect who will consider the flow of wind in the area. You can also save on energy by maximize on natural light streaming into your office. It also adds some touch of style and uniqueness. You can save a lot by simply installing efficient lighting system in the exterior, interior, and parking area. It also saves a lot of time that would have been spent replacing inefficient lighting bulbs.

Solar Panels

The use of alternative clean sources of energy may be expensive but it is also another way of being environmentally conscious. You can get solar panels that are efficient and durable these days since solar technology has improved immensely. You will not only protect the environment by using sun energy but you will also save a lot on energy expenses.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Consider installing green recycling containers within a prominent area in several areas within your company such as near the printer, at the eating area, or at the workstations. Once collected, reduce and reuse the trash collected. You can also limit the use of paper and instead rely more on electronic files and read from the PC. You can also use the back of used papers for writing some short notes and messages instead of using unused paper. Once you have used these items recycle them. You should consider joining organizations that collect and recycle waste or even start one in your company.

Shared Amenities

One of the best ways to conserve the available amenities within an area is by choosing a location that facilitates easy access to shared everyday amenities. Some of these amenities include restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, general stores, business luncheons, and many others. The idea behind being close to such amenities is to minimize on employee commute during working hours. You can also use networks within the office building for additional convenience.  You should liaise with your architecture so that some facilities such as rest rooms, WiFi, conference rooms, and food courts are planned to facilitate sharing.

There are dozens of go green ideas that can help your business contribute towards conserving the environment. Clear Choice Office Solutions will help your business implement the best go green strategies. It is one of the leading distributors of new and used cubicles and furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas and beyond. Visit to get more information on how your business can go green.

Choosing the Right Cubicle for your Office – New, Used, or Refurbished?

Once everything has been set and it is time to outfit your new office with office cubicles which option should you go for; new, used or refurbished cubicles? All these options give benefits to your company but their suitability will vary with respect to your company’s budget. Brand new cubicles are highly preferred but since they come at hefty prices, it is not economically viable to outfit an entire workplace, more so, if you are just a start-up. Alternatively, an up-start company could go for the refurbished cubicles since they are quite affordable.

The modern workplaces have experienced a dramatic change in the way they are structured. Unlike the conventional open-space offices, the modern workplaces use smaller and more compact office cubicles. These options are sufficient to accommodate the requirements of the modern workstations that are characterized by paperless and wireless work places. Laptops, smartphones, limited wiring, tablets, and other small electronic gadgets take a huge part of these work places. Reliable statistics stipulate that in America 60% of those who work in formal employment use cubicles in their workstations.

Correlation between Price and Quality with Office Cubicles

When most of us come across the term used or pre-owned, we tend to associate such terms to low quality products. However, that is never true. Pre-owned cubicles and refurbished workstations may be more economical for a business but that does not mean they are of lesser quality when compared to new models.

Used cubicles that have been sourced from top global brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Allsteel, and HON, retain their high quality for a long time. They retain their appearance and functionality for years and it is even hard to distinguish the used from new. Clear Choice Office Solutions, Houston’s top supplier of new and used office furniture sources its cubicles and furniture from these top brands. It also offers office furniture liquidation for firms that are selling off or dissolving. They also recycle office furniture making it easier for companies to procure office furniture.

What to Buy – New Cubicles, Used Cubicles or Refurbished/Remanufactured cubicles

There are ideally three options to choose from when it comes to office cubicles; used, new, and refurbished.

  • New Cubiclesin this category are the most expensive workstations. The buyer can choose specific size, color, or finish when ordering new workstations. They are of high quality and can be imported at excellent prices when you order from well-connected suppliers. Brand new workstations will be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks lead time.
  • Used Cubicles-these are workstations that have been owned initially and used but are still in excellent working condition. They can function just like brand new workstations in any office. Even though these category of cubicles are an affordable option they have been in use for some time and may not be tailored or modified to meet the needs of the buyer.
  • Refurbished/Remanufactured Cubiclesthis category of workstations are ideally the best since the remanufactured products are sourced from top global manufacturers such as Steelcase, HON, Herman Miller, Trendway, Haworth, and Kimball. The workstations are stripped down and anything that is usable is reused. The dismantled framework is repainted, mended, and refinished using the best quality components in the market. Once completed, the office cubicles are basically new, the only difference is that they use recycled elements.

Refurbished workstations are built to the specific requirements of the buyer and are more economical when compared to new cubicles. Another great benefit associated with refurbished workstations is the fact that the process of reconditioning recycles office furniture by making use of cutting edge machinery. This process is environmentally-friendly and the use of reconditioned cubicles will help your company get LEED certification.

Where to Buy Office Cubicles in Houston, Texas

New, used, or refurbished office cubicles are easily available. You can buy from furniture stores that deal exclusively on used office furniture. One disclaimer though with buying from these stores is that you may fail to get sets of chairs and desks that match.

Other areas to get used furniture and cubicles include flea markets and garage sales. They may have what you want and they sell products at affordable prices. Another great option is online stores especially those that have a good reputation. In Houston there are a number of online stores that deal in new, used and refurbished furniture. However, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation among buyers of furniture and cubicles.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is your One-stop-Shop solution for everything New and Used Office Furniture!

Irrespective of whether you want new, used, or refurbished workstations, you will get what you want from the wide selection of cubicles at Clear Choice Office solutions. Its wide collection of modern cubicles and furniture are sourced from top notch manufactures of furniture. The professional and experienced staff at Clear Choice is dedicated to assisting you in getting the perfect solution for your business at an affordable price.

Clear Choice Office Solutions will also provide your company with some additional services such as;

  • Office Space Planning-you will receive expert services from well-trained professionals who will help bring your office space plan ideas into reality.
  • Interior décor-this is very crucial in bringing out the best overall look of your office. The experts at Clear Choice will handle all design tasks from specification to implementation. All the solutions are tailored towards making maximum use of the available office space, meet budget requirements, boost growth, and encourage collaboration among employees.
  • Delivery of Office Furniture and Installation-experts are required when it comes to the movement and installation of furniture whether new, used or free-standing. The team of experts at Clear Choice Office Solutions offer exceptional services when it comes to the delivery and installation of office furniture.
  • Panel Extenders and Cubicle Parts-you can also get these products at Clear Choice Office Solutions. The cubicle parts are compatible with a wide variety of workstations from some top manufacturers in the furniture market. It is prudent for every company to procure cubicles and furniture from top manufacturers since whenever repairs and replacements are required it becomes easier to get cubicle parts.

The decision to choose new, used or refurbished cubicles solely depends on the needs and budget of your company. Each of these products has its pros and cons and therefore you have to weigh each option and choose the one that best meets your needs and requirements.