Purchasing Office Furniture in Houston on a Budget

Purchasing office furniture in Houston is a huge investment to any business irrespective of its size. It is almost impossible for any business to survive without furniture even if most of their staff carry out their duties virtually. Furniture is always required even by those who work at the comfort of their home offices. Nonetheless, to those who are under a tight budget it is never easy to get good furniture. They should find ways of getting the best furniture within their budget constrain. An expert can help your business make the best decision with regard to purchase of furniture even when you are under a tight budget. Purchasing office furniture in Houston can be challenging, below are some of the ways of getting quality furniture for those on small budget;

  • Get Second Hand Office Furniture in Houston

For those setting up a small home office or a business that is under a tight budget, second hand office furniture make sense. Most of the second hand furniture come at affordable prices and are practically as good as new.  You can search google for keywords like office furniture Houston”, used office furniture Houston”, and in most cases you can find a used office furniture dealer who will cost a fraction of the normal office furniture dealer and will usually take a short time to be delivered. Furthermore, if you purchase furniture from a reputable used dealer, you always get furniture from top brands such as Herman Miller and others. Most of these brands design excellent quality chairs that last for years. Therefore you are always guaranteed to get value for money. As a matter of fact, not all brands sell at same prices but with second hand furniture you are assured of getting any item at least at fraction of its normal price. Furthermore, you have various options to choose from and this makes things much easier.

  • Consider Used Office Furniture

This is another great option for those businesses that are under a tight budget. They can either buy used or clearance furniture. A professional used office furniture dealer in Houston will offer a wide variety of pre-owned and clearance bookcases, desks, and chairs.  You can also get other amazing office items and accessories from the dealer. One of the greatest advantages associated with buying used and clearance office furniture is that you get products that are as good as new. The items sold under this category are acquired from firms that went out of business or those that decided to remodel and thus had no option but to sell out its furniture. In fact, most of them have never been used at all. It is even common to find out that most of the clearance furniture were products that were on display at some point and have worn out and torn naturally.

  • Used Office Chairs

Another great option for those on a tight budget is used office chairs. There is literally no limit to what to choose from when it comes to used office chairs. Various professional furniture suppliers deal in new and used office chairs. The used office chairs are sourced from firms that buy from top brands in the market. The chairs come in various sizes and styles; executive style chairs, mesh back office chairs, and even leather office chairs. The main benefit with getting used chairs is that they are quite affordable and mostly cost much lower than usual.

  • Used Filing and Storage Equipment

Office filing and storage often costs hundreds of dollars to install. It is therefore wise for those under a tight budget to opt for second hand filing cabinets since they cost literally a fraction of the normal price. They items are normally manufactured using robust metal or steel and therefore they can last for years. There are also some other alternatives for office storage such as wooden cupboards and pedestals installed under office desks. All these are also available as used storage and filing equipment.

  • Second Hand Bench Desks and Office Desks

Used office desks and bench desks are a great option for those who would like to buy all their office furniture at once. There are a wide variety of sizes, designs, and types to choose from when it comes to benches and desks. They can be tailored to suit your office space and individual taste and requirements. Furthermore, this can be done within a reasonable price. In some instances you may be able to get both a desk and pedestal bundle all of which solve your desk and storage problems.

  • Desk Accessories

A desk full of clutter can cause major disruption and impact productivity and efficiency at work. Therefore, a small accessory that keeps your desk organized is essential. You need a desk tray for keeping paper items organized and a container for pens and pencils. Desk trays come in handy at supply and department stores and thus you will never run short of what to choose from. You can go for plastic interlocking trays that can be stacked. This is an inexpensive option for those on a tight budget. You can even use a coffee can or old mug as your pen or pencil cup.

Getting a printer or multifunction stand is another great way of creating more usable space on your office desk. There are various inexpensive printer stands out there and this can be a great choice for those limited by a small budget. You should also get a multifunction printer as one of the ways to save money. A printer that performs more than one task will help save space and money.

  • Computer

Computers take up a huge amount of money when it comes to setting a new office. They may not be office furniture per say, but they are part of your office tools and accessories. If you are under a tight budget then you do not have to necessarily buy the most expensive computer or the least expensive one. Buy a computer that can perform all the tasks required of it and has the features necessary for your business applications.

Final Word

The simple and practical strategies above may not necessarily give you the kind of office that appeals to visitors, but will guarantee an office that gives you comfort and is within your budget. Office Furniture purchasing in Houston can be difficult, so try to avoid the temptation to buy things that are not really necessary but instead settle for things that are needed and are within your budget.

What Can Go Wrong With Installing Office Furniture Yourself?

There are just some people that have the ability to do things successfully with their hands. Sadly, not everyone is good at installing or fixing things. If you are thinking that installing new or used office furniture is an easy task, then you are very wrong. Unless you have the right skills and tools, it would better if you can hire the professionals.

If you want to know what can possibly go wrong with installing office furniture on your own, then you should read on and learn. There are plenty of things that can totally go wrong, like the following:

Damaging and Destroying the Items

One look at office furniture will make you think that they are just few and easy to install. Typically though, an office will require at least 20 to 30 pieces of different furniture. There are office chairs, office desks, cubicles, conference room tables and cabinets. Each of these items should be installed in right order, right way and with the use of the right tools (hand tools and power tools alike). One misstep while working could lead to potential damage and destruction of the piece. And you need to consider that a cubicle or a regular work station can actually cost you thousands of dollars. One mistake means financial consequences. So if you want your office furniture to stay functional, you should think twice about installing them on your own.

Possible Injuries

You do not like to think that you or anyone else could be injured while you are trying your hands at DIY office furniture installation, right? It is a sad fact though that injuries happened before – and is happening now and will happen again in the future – because some people are simply too stubborn to know when to give up on something that they are not skilled to do. Sometimes, it may not even the business owners or managers that are at fault. There are well-meaning employees that would try to help in fixing or installing their new office furniture, only to get injured while doing the task.

Accidents that can cause injuries due to wrongly installed office furniture may not actually occur during or right after the installation. Your employees could be working for days or weeks before something happens. A shelf may suddenly decide to crash down. A cubicle may topple over. A workstation may collapse. Why would these accidents happen? Because the office furniture items were not properly installed. These accidents can be easily avoided if you can stop yourself from trying your hands at installing the furniture pieces.

Bottom Line

One thing is clear here, installing your office furniture without the right skills and tools is a very bad idea. Do not put yourself and the people around you at risk.  For the office furniture professionals in Houston, contact Clear Choice Office Solutions!




Sell Your Used Office Furniture: Know the Basics

Are you planning to renovate your workplace and wanted to redecorate with new sets of office furniture? As the modern demands of the workforce is increasing, it is important to keep high end and innovative office furniture. Before you decide to reorganize your workplace, you must first give attention on how to discard your used office furniture. You can’t simply take them all out and place on your stockroom. Challenging as this may sound, you need to undergo the right path towards discarding your used furniture. Selling them is an ideal thing to consider but how? The below article will show the basics of selling used office furniture.

Why sell your used office furniture?

Good fraction of the cost

Throw your used office furniture away in landfills and you won’t gain anything. Sell them and keep almost 50% of their original cost. If you think that used office furniture don’t have a good price, you are definitely wrong. They can be sold in the market so that you can earn something from them which can be additional allocation in buying new office furniture. If you transact with an office liquidator, your used furniture can be disposed and the monetary value of which will be deducted to the cost of new office furniture purchased.

Reorganize and redecorate the best way

Reorganizing the workplace will include discarding pre-owned office furniture. Because they have worn out through time, they will defy your goal of maintaining a modern look at your workplace. Deciding to sell them will be a great help to clear the workplace and get it ready for a new set-up.

Save the environment “GO GREEN”

One way or another, you help save the earth when you decide to sell your used office furniture instead of dumping them in landfill. With thousand tons of garbage being thrown in landfill that there is insufficient space to hold these waste products any longer. Rather than adding the trash, you can recycle used office furniture by selling them.

How to sell used office furniture?

Contact an office furniture liquidator

When you decide of selling your used office furniture, seek the assistance of someone expert on this field. An office furniture liquidator is a person or a company has the expertise on furniture liquidation. Your used office furniture will be liquidated by an expert and can transact it in the market on sale. Once you have trusted a liquidator, you are already secured that your used office furniture are worth a good price.

Hold a furniture auction

When holding a furniture auction, make sure to do the proper preparation. You have to gather interested buyers on a particular venue so keep in mind that the auction process should be properly set. The more buyers you invite, the higher is your opportunity to get the chance of buying your used office furniture in good price. This will involve massive advertisement on the auction you are about to hold.

How to get a reliable office furniture liquidator?

One of the easiest ways to sell your used office furniture is contacting an expert individual or company to do the job for you. They are known as office furniture liquidator. To seek their assistance, you must know how reliable they are to do the job. The following tips will help you get the best office furniture liquidator:

Ask recommendations from friends or relatives

Getting recommendations from friends or relatives who recently have sought assistance of office furniture liquidator will help you dispose your used furniture easily. The office furniture liquidator they will recommend possess the reliability that you need. Remember that your friend or relative will not recommend someone or any company whom they have bad experience with.  

Browse Office Liquidation online

The internet nowadays has been playing an important role in disseminating or providing useful information to the online community. Their is online directory to help you contact a reliable office furniture liquidator. Their credibility can be seen through reviews customers who have previously sought their services. Their contact information is also displayed where you can keep in touch with them. 

Use the yellow pages or directory to find office liquidators and used office furniture companies

Another way of locating a trustworthy office furniture liquidator is searching through yellow pages or directory. You will see the list of various office furniture liquidator in the page along with their contact information. You might consider contacting them to know their terms and agreement.

Create a shortlist of office furniture liquidators in your locality

There are office furniture liquidator in your area and creating a shortlist will help you make the process easier. You can conduct your own background check on their reliability by either visiting their location personally. You can also rate them by getting information from their previous clients to know how reliable their services are. After taking note the important features you need, you are now ready to seek the assistance of the most reliable from the list you have created.

Ideally, used office furniture may have been some time in the workplace but they are still pieces of worthy items. Through time that they have worn out, faded paints and have some scratches but are still functional. Most of these furniture have been purchased from top brands and though their looks have vanished yet their functionality cannot be underestimated.

To get rid of used office furniture in a worthwhile manner is to resell them. The above tips will guide you on the basic of the selling process. The process might be daunting in a way that it involves a lot of tasks including risks but can reap applauding results in the end. Think positive when you decide to discard your used office furniture. Not only you will gain monetary consideration even half of the cost than their original pricing but you are helping the earth from saving spaces in the landfill areas. Sell your used office furniture and be a partner in making a greener and healthier place to live and work with.    



Helpful Tips to Dispose Used Office Furniture Properly

Office furniture has been playing an important role in making the workplace functional. But when it is time to redecorate and renovate or move to a new location that you are going to get rid some of the old furniture that have been around for some time. There are worthwhile ways to dispose used office furniture other than dumping them on landfills. Though they have rendered their service in considerable period of time, they still can benefit you in significant results.

If you think that your office furniture are still serviceable yet you need to get rid of them, reselling (Liquidating) is definitely a great idea. Before you decide to undergo the office furniture liquidation process, here are some of the most important points that you should take into consideration to make a good valuation:

Create an Office Furniture Inventory

Assign someone who will take charge of the inventory of used office furniture that you want to resell. An easy way to do the inventory is to classify the furniture according to their state of condition or quality and the year they are acquired. This will help you assess their costs later.

Make a little retouch to your used furniture

It is hard to find a buyer if you resell your sued office furniture with stains, marks or in distorted condition. Try to fix things first before you decide to create a price tag on them. Clean the furniture and apply wax to make them shiny and cover the stains or marks. You can also fix the arms and legs of chairs or tables as well as tightening their screws. It would also help if you can repaint faded furniture. If you have kept the assembly manuals, pass them on the buyer.

Assign price tag

Once you have categorized and retouched your used office furniture, it would be the right time to create a price list. Good looking and quality furniture should have a different pricing from those that are less attractive. Take note that furniture that are retouched well and given a fresher look can create impressive appeal to the buyer. For good conditioned items, the price you assign should not be lower than 50% of their original cost.

Do the proper advertising

After that you have finalized everything, you are now ready to take your used office furniture for resell in the market. One of the best ways to gain the attention of buyers is through advertisement. You can create simple catalogs or paper prints of the furniture you are to resell. Take photos of them and do the proper pricing corresponding the items. You can post your advertising materials in thoroughfares in your locality. Or if you have the budget, you can post your advertisement over the television or radio. Another helpful way of advertising is posting the ads on your website, if you have any. Advertisement will prompt potential buyers to contact you.

Make negotiations

There are many organizations which will be interested to buy your used office furniture if they got impressed with the condition, price and quality of the resell items. The many potential buyers, the better it would be. Make negotiations and take note to give priority to the buyer who agrees to get the items in good pricing. It would also be a good idea if the buyer can buy the items in bulk.

Where to Sell your Used Office Furniture?

There are various ways on how and where to sell the used furniture in your office. Either you will take the effort to directly sell them to buyers or opt for a third party, make sure that you gain good pricing in return. Here are some of the ways the will help you where to resell your used office furniture:

Act as direct seller

Get ready for a great challenge if you decide to sell your furniture directly to prospect buyers. You will undergo various steps such as advertising, marketing and eventually negotiations. This may not sound easy but you will definitely earn a good price without paying a middle man or discounted cost from selling them to furniture shops.

Seek the help of a middle man

If you think that it would take a lot of effort on your part to do the direct selling of your used office furniture, seek the help of a middle man. These are expert individuals who have been knowledgeable of the reselling process. They have knowledge where to take your furniture for potential buyers. They are able to make deals and negotiations. But before you trust their services, make sure to find someone reliable.

Negotiate with an office furniture dealer

Local furniture dealers would be interested to buy your used office furniture and resell them in the market. It is likewise a god idea to close a deal with the local shop because you don’t have to worry about the marketing and negotiations provided that they will purchase the items in bulk and in good price.

There are many ways to dispose your used office furniture which in return can cost you something to keep. However, if you do not intend to resell them, there are organizations that accept donations. All you need to do is browse some non-profit organizations and offer hem your donation in kind in the form of used office furniture. This is another way of getting rid of your used yet functional office furniture in absolutely the best way.

Used office furniture can be retouched and placed back to the market circulation. They are not just pieces of junks which can be thrown in he dump sites once they have been around for quite some time. Disposing them in the proper way will offer you with great benefits. You can earn something from reselling them and set aside the money as additional budget in redecorating or renovating the workplace. Or if you have the biggest heart, you can send them as donations to local non-profit communities. If you are decided to get rid of your used office furniture, think the right way!

Fitting the Office Space with the Right Office Furniture Trends

Thinking to renovate or outfit your office? Either you are to redecorate your old office for a fresher look or simply moving to a new space, there are many ways to make the process as convenient as possible. One of the primary things to consider in trying to make your workspace a motivating and engaging environment for everyone, take a careful attention to your office furniture. Apart from having the perfect layout that suit to your workplace’ needs and specifications, the right office furniture trends can help maximize desirable results at the end.

The choice of office furniture can instantly transform your workplace into anything you desire to achieve. For a more remarkable atmosphere, you need to be very particular in choosing the perfect furniture that will work on the demands of the space as well as to the needs of your employees. Here are some of the most fantastic furniture trends that will perfectly fit to your office requirement:

Go Ergonomic

Nowadays, the workforce would really demand for a more comfortable space to work with. One of the most interesting trends in the furniture industry in the modern years is the introduction of ergonomic furniture. One cannot underestimate the power of a chair because this furniture has a big thing to do with how employees perform in the workplace. The working desk should have a size to accommodate adequate space for the legs coupled with enough storage if necessary.

Ergonomic chair enables to adjust with the height, contours and position of the body along with enough backrest to feel comfortable while working on the desk. Studies show that ergonomic furniture prevents stress injuries brought about by improper posture, back pain or tiring of arm and hands from typing in computer keyboards. Ergonomic furniture allows comforts and providing a working atmosphere. For some, buying this type of furniture may cost much but in the long run can save you a lot of penny.

Choose Only Quality and Sturdy Office Furniture

Many times, furniture are bought to aesthetically fir the office atmosphere without trying to consider its sturdiness and quality. Most offices are equipped with good looking furniture but are made of particleboard. This material is only made p of low quality elements which is not meant to last for heavy usage. If your budget can go for furniture made of wood, then it is a great idea to start with. On one hand, you can refit your office with high quality furniture out of a limited budget through buying refurbished or used furniture.

There are a huge dealers of reconditioned or refurbished furniture in the market. Just make sure to opt for a reliable dealer which could offer quality reconditioned or refurbished furniture. This option will not only satisfy the need for quality furniture but likewise can offer almost 50% savings on furniture expenses while making your office aesthetically attractive.

L-shaped Desk Working Table for Bulk Computer Works

Make sure that working desk should have adequate space to accommodate bulk computer works. Apart from allocating an area for computer or laptop, printer and fax machine, there should be remaining space enough for paper works. Make sure that these important equipment are easily accessible for smooth flow of work. Cabinets should also be provided in near distance for easy storage and to organize documents properly.

Easy Sharing of Resources

One of the trends in office setting nowadays especially in bigger companies is the sharing of equipment. For convenience purposes, employees can jointly use various equipment. Make sure that the table is strong and wide enough to accommodate printers, fax machines or telephones. It should be placed in a space where there is an easy access and will not hamper the movement and passage way.

As furniture has a tremendous impact on the look of the workplace and performance of employees, here are some of the ways on how to end up with the perfect furniture trend that will fit to your office atmosphere:

Consider the Needs of Employees

Oftentimes, company owners would give a bigger emphasis on the budget at hand for furniture cost without taking into consideration the demands of the modern workforce. Regardless how much you save for buying furniture when it does not satisfy the needs of employees for comforts, you will not expect productivity.

Proper Coordination to Space Plan and Layout

Let experts do their job by choosing the perfect sets of furniture suited to the layout of your office. Some furniture may not fit to the space as planned which will only ruin how your office appear. The choice of furniture should be in coordination with the plans and layout of your office space. After all, a nicely looking office clearly connotes your company’s brand and image.

Consider the Direct Effects on Employees’ Involvement and Inspiration

This is one of the most important factors to take into careful consideration when choosing the perfect furniture trend for any workplace atmosphere. Furniture choice should be in coordination with employees involvement in work assignment as well as functional enough to inspire them.

Creating an office that provides exciting atmosphere both to clients and the workforce may sound daunting. But with careful attention on the right type of furniture will extremely work to the needs of your workplace. From among the wide range of furniture trends in the market today, you can get the best set to clearly define your company’s objectives. Regardless or your company’s size and layout, choosing the right furniture trend is a great way to transform the workplace into an amazing venue to do and transact business.




Office Furniture Liquidation Guide

Businesses engage in office furniture liquidation for a number of reasons. First off, when a business scales down they have to liquidate any furniture and equipment that is not required. Secondly, office relocation may force a firm to liquidate some of its furniture and other equipment. There may be many other reasons for companies to look into office furniture liquidation and irrespective of the reason for liquidating this process is never an easy one.

Important Points to Remember about Office Furniture Liquidation 

Liquidation of office furniture requires a proper plan and implementation. Various professional office furniture liquidation companies exist in the market and each offer its unique service. It is always sagacious to hire a service provider that has a good reputation and has networked with reputed furniture brands.

Below are some important aspects of office furniture liquidation;

  • Accuracy and Reliability-any liquidation project has its unique needs and requirements and therefore any service provider should be able to give you an accurate time frame of project duration. The reliability of such a provider can be gauged by its ability to give a reasonable time frame for a project and deliver as promised. The two factors that affect project duration are scope and accessibility.
  1. Scope-this simply refers to the size of the liquidation project. A business may have a few items that need to be removed. Whereas others may have a huge stock of furniture and equipment that need to be removed from entire floors.
  2. Accessibility-the accessibility of a business will affect the efficiency of removing old furniture. Some of the things that affect the accessibility of a premise include elevators, docks, and many others.
  • Pricing-pricing is an important factor when it comes to office furniture liquidation. You should be very cautious when hiring providers since others have some hidden fees. A reliable provider is one that gives you a competitive price upfront and lays down everything clearly before you commit your finances. There should also be no unanticipated price adjustments.
  • Furniture Quality-the quality of furniture and equipment is very important when it comes to liquidation. This affects the ability of the item in question to fetch market demand. Generally, for office furniture the quality is affected by the ratio of plastic to steel. A product that has more steel is of a higher quality and the reverse is true. It s therefore to deal with a supplier that only sales products from the top brands in the market. This way you are guaranteed to get a high quality product.

Why Liquidate Office Furniture?

There is a huge benefit associated with selling used office furniture to furniture liquidation firms instead of disposing them to the landfill. These include;

  • Benefit to the environment-as the saying goes,” numbers do not lie” this is true. It is stipulated that Americans alone generate a whopping 236 million tons of garbage annually. Of this, only 30% is composted or recycled and the rest ends up in the landfill. Furniture makes up 8,550,000 tons of the garbage and to even further aggravate the situation, office furniture contain chemicals that pollute the environment. When you liquidate office furniture, you save the environment.
  • Benefit to your Bottom line-you save a lot of money when you liquidate furniture. You will get some extra cash for your business and help another business that will utilize the used office furniture.

Why Choose a Reputable Office Furniture Liquidator

Office furniture liquidators who have built a good reputation are preferred mainly because of these reasons;

  • Cost-irrespective of whether you are selling or buying from the liquidator, you are guaranteed of getting the best price.
  • Quality-this is top priority when it comes to office furniture since furniture does not come cheap. When you buy you want a product that is built to last and is worth every penny. A reputable firm only deals on good quality products. They collect supply furniture from top brands in the market.
  • Types-you will get a variety of options to choose from when you buy from a well known office furniture liquidation firm.
  • Timeliness-if you are selling then you would prefer a firm that undertakes the liquidation within a reasonable time frame. Those who are buying will also prefer a firm that completes the process efficiently with no delays. Only reliable liquidators can do all these.

Mistakes to Avoid During Office Furniture Liquidation

  • Poor timing-the liquidation process requires a lot of time and therefore you should not give the liquidator an unrealistic timeframe for the task. Try as much as possible to allow some extra time for the task.
  • Poor planning-most business do not plan for their office furniture liquidation and eventually end up losing most of their furniture items. You need to make proper plans and keep an inventory of your existing furniture. This will give you an exact figure of the number of items you have and your expected revenue.
  • Parting it out-this is a common mistakes committed by most liquidating business. They sell off some parts of the furniture since they feel such items sell off fast. You should avoid this mistake and instead sell off everything as a package otherwise you will end up with tiny left over furniture that has no use.
  • Lack of Research-you will lose a lot by simply failing to carry out your homework about the going rate of the furniture you want to sell. Do not focus too much on the only liquidator you know in town. It always pays off tremendously to just take some time in researching about what other office furniture liquidators are willing to offer. You should factor in all aspects of liquidation including removal fees and cost of hiring the removing trucks.

Your office furniture liquidation move should never be daunting as it always is when you do it alone. A reliable office furniture liquidation firm will help you make the entire process fast and hassle-free. Office furniture liquidators are a time saver and will ensure maximum comfort for those considering pre-used office furniture. Another great advantage associated with these firms is that they greatly enhance ergonomics in your workstation. They tailor your office furniture to meet the needs of your employees.




Tips for an Excellent Office Design

There is no substitute for a well-designed workstation. Asides boosting employees’ productivity, a well-structured working area will ensure the safety of staff as well. Reliable studies show that most Americans spend 90% of their waking hours indoors. Most of this time is spent at the computer and away from the closest window. No wonder there are many negative effects that most people who work indoors experience. A more lit room and well-organized working area improves productivity and has many health benefits. Here are some tips for an excellent office design;

  1. Avoid Clutter and Keep things Tidy and Organized

Always keep your working area free from clutter, tidy, and well-organized. By keeping things in order you will be able to work productively and store items in places that enhance an easy retrieval. One of the best rules to implement in your office is “zero tolerance to food on desks” policy. You can also eliminate rubbish bins from the working area since they encourage rubbish pile up.

Putting in place a storage compartment within the office will help to eliminate unnecessary pile of paper and documents on top of desks. It will also create more space for working.

  1. Space Planning

A well planned office space layout can be compared to a well-structured urban plan. Workers treasure a private space and they also need to have a public space since this is essential for maximum productivity and interaction with others. An ideal office design should have room for private and public meeting spaces, a passageway for easy maneuvering within the units, and a private cubicle and more public one for short impromptu meetings.

A proper plan should be put in place so as to ensure maximum benefit to every employee. For instance, senior management staff should be given offices that have doors since they tend to hold more private meetings. As for office assistants, they should be provided with spaces that are easily accessible. There should be a well balanced structure to enhance public interactions and privacy.

  1. Create Break-out Spaces

Break-out spaces can be an important addition to your workstation. They not only serve as places for taking lunch but they are ideal for creativity away from the working desk. The break-out spaces should be non-bookable so that anyone can take a break away from their desk and think whenever they need to. The spaces encourage informal chats and also provide a change in scenery. Employees can also brainstorm and come up with excellent ideas within these areas.

  1. Noise

Noise is a major hindrance to employee productivity since it lowers their concentration and increases stress levels. An excellent office design should incorporate materials that boost great acoustics. You can use the correct materials in the right location so as to curb noise distractions.

For maximum noise absorption in offices with low ceiling height, use ceiling tiles. Offices that have high ceilings on the other hand require other methods such as use of acoustical wall panels and lining the walls with fabric banners. Air conditioners and fans also help limit a noisy environment since they create a monotone background sound, commonly referred to as white noise. Other options include use of water fountains and the installation of sound masking system.

  1. Invest in Good Quality Office Furniture

Companies that are in a tight budget may be forced to save money by investing in cheap office furniture. This may look awesome in the short run but in the long run you lose more than you budgeted for. Frequent employee sick off and emergency offs will be an order of the day which will have a huge effect on your company. A bad chair causes back pain resulting in complaints and absenteeism.

Invest in ergonomic furniture and you will greatly boost the productivity of your employees. You should also consider investing in IT infrastructure that facilitates easier working within your offices. Wireless connectivity and use of laptops can allow staff to work from anywhere within the premise hence boost their productivity and morale. It is also very easy to walk around with a laptop during impromptu meetings.

  1. Lighting

There can never be too much natural light within an office setting. The use of natural light will greatly lower your electricity payments and boost the productivity of employees. You should therefore consider this when designing your office. It allows employees to get a wide color spectrum and helps them see more details when performing tasks. Studies show that people who work in dark environs suffer from depressed brains and are affected psychologically. Bad light on the other hand will strain the eyes, lead to headaches, and general irritation.

To create a well-lit working area, eliminate interior walls and use glass walls instead within the private offices. Bench desks should also use glass material. There should also be sufficient space within the work stations so as to facilitate an easy movement.

  1. Blending with Nature

Various researches have been conducted and they have proven that those people who work in areas where there is an element of nature are more productive and exhibit a higher level of well-being. A natural setting also reduces stress immensely by giving employees a natural feeling of being connected with the outer world.

There are some simple things you can do to achieve this. You can have some paintings with images of nature within the working area. You can also create a small indoor courtyard or color your office with colors, patterns, and textures that resemble natural elements. A glass wall will also give your staff a glimpse of the nature outside the office.

  1. Workplace Branding

Experts state that workplace branding is as important as branding your stationery. The entire work environment should market your brand. Clients and employees should see the brand all around them.  Avoid placing branded wallpapers on the wall since they never shout loud enough. Instead, put your logo on a feature wall so as to create visual interest. You can also use the brand images on floors to guide clients within your premises.

There are literally dozens of office design ideas that can help boost your employee productivity and build your brand.  A professional can help take your company a notch higher by redesigning your office’s interior design. Contact a reputed firm and you will notice instant change within no time.


Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide-Money Saving Tips for any Budget

Just as a picture speak a thousand words, so does your office furniture “shout out” a lot about your business. Your chosen quality and arrangement of office furniture will not only affect the impression created on others but it will also affect the productivity of your employees. Therefore you need to match your needs, required décor, and budget when buying furniture for your office. Fortunately, with some simple tips you can completely transform your working area even when under a tight budget.

Getting the Best Fit for your Office

To get you started, you need to have a comprehensive plan about your office before you even place an order.

  • Office layout-take accurate measurements of the available space within your workstation since this will affect the number and size of furniture to buy.
  • List the furniture items-prepare a list of all the furniture items you need and which will be utilized regularly. If you are an online worker then in most cases you may not need some items such as file cabinets. If your office is in need of file cabinets and bookshelves then ensure you include these on your list.
  • Storage-plan for your storage needs. This will be affected by the nature of functions carried out within your office. Offices that require a lot of documentation should plan well for storage areas.
  • Quality-it is always wise to buy sturdy and durable furniture since this will minimize maintenance and replacement costs. Choose furniture that has been made using high quality material.

Office Furniture Ideas


Budgeting is important when it comes to office furniture since this is a huge investment to any business irrespective of size. You can get a mix of new, used or refurbished furniture if you are under a tight budget.  If you are willing and able to splash out some cash, then you can go for new high end quality furniture since these will serve you for many years. Popular brands such as Haworth and Herman Miller have a wide variety of office furniture that will suit any budget.

Another great way to save on good quality furniture is to buy pre-owned furniture. To get the best quality, buy from suppliers who deal on furniture from reputed brands. Irrespective of your choice, ensure you make maximum use of your available office space since undersized or oversized work areas waste space and do not appeal.

When budgeting, consider the number of employees since this will determine the kind of furniture to buy. A shared workstation such as a large desk or a cubicle may be a great option in instances where you have a number of employees who share common functions. Shared workstations offer a great way of cost saving to any business. However, no matter the kind of desk or cubicle bought, new or old, always ensure you get furniture items that match and appeal to your customers and employees.

Interior Design

A well planned office should have some flair on its interior design. You can create a comfortable professional environment for your employees and clients by   adopting some simple design ideas;

  • Dress up team bulletin boards by painting them with color schemes that blends with your office’s interior.
  • Refinish and re-stain wooden desks that look weathered and old. You can also use color stains to add some custom accents to the wood trim on your desks and tables.
  • Consider dressing up the cork board by adding some cross ribbons for a more appealing look.
  • To give a more custom look to your dry erase board, paint its edges.
  • Dress up your plain desks by using stains that are designed to give plain desks a wood grain effect.
  • Choose color schemes that are gender sensitive for your office’s interior décor. It should also match with the color of the furniture.
  • Place a calming picture (s) or motivational posters within your working area since they have a great effect on your employee’s mood.
  • Use soft white lighting and avoid fluorescent bulbs since they tend to bring in headaches and distraction when overused. Make the best use of natural lighting also since it is effective in boosting productivity.

Arranging the Workstation

Proper arrangement of the work station can greatly improve the productivity of employees within your organization. The office and furniture should be organized in such a way that members that carry out same duties stay close to one another. For instance, it will be more effective for your sales team members to share or work close to each other. Mixing such a team with other teams such as finance or any other team will have a bad effect.

Another great way of arranging your working area is to place department, project and team leaders where their team operates. This will boost team work and greatly improve employee accountability and productivity. It will also eliminate the hierarchical sitting arrangement that is associated with traditional office arrangements.

When planning your office layout consider the needs of your employees and identify the members of your team that needs to work together. This will help arrange the working area accordingly.

Buying Office Furniture

You can save a lot of money if you understand the right strategies to apply when shopping around for office furniture. Check out sales ads posted by local supply stores especially during the time of the year when great deals are on offer. You should also consider buying in bulk since some suppliers give great discounts when you buy huge orders. You should also shop around before making a purchase. Ask previous customers about their purchase experience.

Online purchase is one of the best ways of saving on office furniture. You can get unlimited options and deals when you buy online, more so, when you buy from the right supplier. Nonetheless, to get the best deal check out verified customer reviews before making a purchase. You should also be keen on shipping costs and verify the time it takes to receive the furniture.

You can bring out the best design in your office by employing some simple tips and strategies. Furnishing your office will be too expensive for your business only when you lack the knowledge of making the best out of what you can afford.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is your Reliable Office Furniture Removal Service Provider

In corporate America, it is common for businesses to down-size or up-size and in either case firms need to recycle office furniture. For those firms that are considering office furniture liquidation this also helps rid office furniture that is not required. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s top office furniture removal provider. It is a family-owned business that has built a good reputation with corporate bodies within Houston and other regions.

One of the major challenges that firms face while disposing office furniture, is doing this in a way that is environmentally friendly. It is also quite a challenge to sell office furniture if it is not in a good working condition. Furthermore, it is challenging to recycle due to the various materials used in making furniture; plastic, wood, and metal. An expert can only understand how to handle all these.

Why Hire Office Furniture Removal Experts

There are lots of benefits when you handover your office furniture removal to an expert. First off, you have a peace of mind since the expert clearly understands how to carry out the office furniture disposal. Secondly, a certified firm will help you get a “Certificate of Insurance” prior to the operation. This will ensure a smooth operation during the day the process is carried out.

The tax benefit is also another major benefit that a firm enjoys when they hire an expert to dispose off their office furniture or used cubicles. The office removal expert will donate the furniture then issue the company with a tax deductable donation receipt. There is also a high possibility that your pre-owned cubicles and office furniture will receive a second life since the office removal providers have partnered with thrift stores and local charities. Finally, for furniture that is in poor condition and cannot be donated, it is recycled and if it cannot be recycled it is taken to the landfill as a last resort.

Removable Office Furniture 

Clear Choice Office Solutions will remove the following types of furniture;

  • including guest chairs, executive chairs, and many others.

  • Office Chairs.

  • Modular office desks.

  • Fireproof cabinets.

  • Traditional wooden desks.

  • Computer cabinets and armoires.

  • Conference tables.

  • Executive wood desks.

  • Office cubicles and panels.

  • File cabinets.

  • Break room and training tables.

You Can Save Money Removing Office Furniture

Office furniture removal is a process that may cost a company a lot of money if it is not conducted in the most effective and cost-efficient way. The removal can be daunting irrespective of the location of your new office or home and therefore you should put in place a workable plan prior to the removal. Here are some things you should do prior to the removal;

  1. Make and Stick to a Reasonable Budget-it is imperative that you prepare a budget prior to the removal. Prepare a list of all possible expenses such as; hotel stays, packing supplies, takeaway foods, fuel, professional movers, and many others. You should also set aside some cash for miscellaneous expenses.
  2. Hire Professionals-compile a list of furniture removal firms and interview several of them then get quotes. Once this is done try to compare the various firms then choose an expert that best meets your company needs. A furniture remover will charge its moving expenses depending on various factors; volume or number of material, time of the year, and the distance between the two locations. It is always costly to move during peak times such as holidays, summer, and weekends. You should also be careful when considering the quotes from various providers; a lower price estimate does not always mean you got the best arrangement.
  3. Employ Affordable Packing Methods and Supplies-there are plenty of ways to avoid unnecessary expenses when moving office furniture; you can handle the packing and unpacking yourself, get free boxes for packing from family members, friends or your local supermarket.
  4. Reduce Travel Weight-furniture removers charge clients based on the volume of their possession. Therefore, to avoid being charged more money, consider reducing the volume of items to be moved. If possible, get rid of unnecessary items through garage sales or even donate to a charity.
  5. Notify Interested Parties of Your Move-inform your customers, local government service providers, partners, and any other interested party in advance about the change. One of the best ways to do this is by including a sticker on every letter at least a month before the move. Receptionists can also inform clients and your website should also have some alerts on the change of location.

Why Choose Clear Choice Office Solutions?

For all your office furniture liquidation and furniture recycling needs, Clear Choice Office Solutions is there for you. It has helped literally dozens of firms dispose used furniture within Houston and beyond. Clear Choice is committed to reducing the number of trash that end up in the landfills each year.  At Clear Choice, its staff has been trained on how to sort out various items. They understand items that can be recycled or donated to charity, as well as those that are treated as trash. Apart from these, Clear Choice Office Solutions is a fully-licensed, insured, and bonded organization. The clients are therefore well protected.

By choosing Clear Choice, clients will also enjoy the benefit of getting tax deductable receipts as well as recycling reports that are crucial in boosting the company’s reputation. Few removers will give you this benefit. You will also enjoy low upfront pricing with no hidden charges.

Office furniture removal is a daunting task and for you to have a peace of mind during the entire process you have to hire a reliable office furniture removal professional. You can rely on Clear Choice Office Solutions for all your office furniture removal needs since it is Houston’s leading provider.  Clear Choice will recycle office furniture and also handle office furniture liquidation. If you also need new or used cubicles look no further since Clear Choice Office Solutions supply them as well. To get more information, visit https://clearchoiceos.com/.



Earth Day 2016 – The Environmental Impact of Office Furniture

It is a common fact how excessive smoke from vehicles, garbage thrown to bodies of water or smoke from big factories contribute to the depletion of nature. But do you have any idea how a comfortable chair can likewise be hazardous to the environment? Of course, you cannot imagine why would this piece of furniture that provides maximum comfort will have a bad environment impact. The manufacturing of furniture like office cubicles have disadvantages in the environment. On one hand, environment-conscious companies have found ways on how to minimize and reduce the risk of harming the natural resources of the Earth we live in.

Knowing How the Manufacturing of Furniture Harm the Environment

Your office will definitely look pleasing with quality furniture that satisfies the space layout. Before you purchase office furniture, make sure to think green. This means that you have to consider the protection of the environment while having a perfect office layout in your mind. Here are some of the ways how the manufacturing of office furniture provides risk in the environment:


  1. Harms the atmosphere

The manufacturing process includes glueing and coating of furniture which requires the use of solvents. Most solvents contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are proven high risk to the atmosphere. Harmful gases are also being released like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. which are dangerous to the atmosphere. Likewise, sawing and sanding releases dust and other particulates that contribute to air pollution.


  1. Depletion of natural resources due to high demand of raw materials

Wood and timber are primary raw materials used in the manufacturing of furniture. The high demands of production will quickly result to barren mountains. Once trees are being excessively cut down, more harm to the environment will as tress are best protector against air pollution, flooding, etc.


  1. Contaminates water and air

Hazardous liquids will pollute the water when they are not properly disposed. Containers of solvents and other chemicals will soak into the ground then eventually penetrate to the water causing contamination. Likewise containers when thrown in the waste stream that are not properly covered will result to spilling of harmful liquid which again can escape into the atmosphere causing damage to the air.


  1. Creates annoying noise

Heavy machineries and equipment used during the manufacturing of furniture creates annoying noise. An atmosphere filled with huge noise will not provide a healthy environment for everyone.


  1. Overflows the landfills

There are limited spaces in the waste stream and dumping chips and off-cuts from woods will increase the waste products thrown.



The Best Environment-Conscious Practices


There are various agencies that are extending extensive campaign and raising awareness on how to be ecologically friendly. For many furniture manufacturing companies, here are some of the ways to protect the environment:


  1. Choosing Raw Materials and Design Preference

In choosing raw materials such as wood or timber, companies should secure a certification from respective agency guaranteeing that raw materials came from managed forests. With the risk of depleted forest, the environment as well as bio-diversity are endangered. Likewise, companies can also utilize substitute materials which are eco-friendly and will not compromise quality of the particular material. If you can go for materials which cannot harm the health and environment, the better. Make sure that the replacement will satisfy both quality and functionality. The design of the furniture should likewise minimize the use of raw material resulting to less wastage.


  1. Storage and Stock

Materials used for manufacturing should be properly stored. Liquids like solvents, paints and adhesives should be kept in close containers and properly sealed. Place the storage area away from the water system to avoid contamination when spills happen. Likewise, regularly check containers for possible leakage. In stocking raw materials, only choose the minimum quantity needed. This will eliminate the disposal of non-usable materials when there are problems due to change in product, quality or obsolete materials.


  1. Noise Reduction

It is a good idea to go for equipment with low-noise feature when buying. Likewise, muffling or shielding noisy equipment will help reduce the annoying sound these equipment create. Placing the work area where noisy equipment are used away from the entry doors will be a better option.


  1. Waste Disposal

Containers of liquid waste should be properly transported and disposed. Make sure that containers are properly closed to avoid spilling in the ground. Likewise, containers should be tightly covered to avoid the escape of odor into the atmosphere. Choose materials which can be recycled when the furniture reaches their time expectancy. Pre-owned furniture such as used cubicles, tables or chairs can still be in the market circulation for sale when quality and functionality survived the test of time.


  1. Proper Housekeeping

There are various house rules which to be followed in order to minimize the risk of harming the environment. A dust extraction system should be generated in companies where there requires large amount of dust accumulated. Sanders and other heavy machining tools should be fitted with dust extractors which help filter wood particles and dust. An enclosed container should be used in storing the collected dust and wood particles to avoid its escape in the atmosphere. When transporting or during handling of liquids within the premise like solvents, thinners or paints, make sure that containers should be kept close.

Recycle Office Furniture

There are many ecological friendly ways to protect nature during the manufacture of office furniture. To recycle office furniture is also one of the best ways to save the environment as the process will not require energy consumption or the use of hazardous solvents. In addition, buying used cubicles and pre-owned office furniture will provide more savings while satisfying your need for a vibrant office renovation or outfitting.


Across Houston and the rest of the United States, Clear Choice Office Solutions offers cutting-edge options to ecologically decorate or renovate your office space with our environment friendly furniture like office cubicles, used office chairs and much more. From new, remanufactured or used office furniture items, we have the best selections with eco-friendly features to ensure that you are supporting the go green campaign.


For your ultimate office furniture Houston, visit us at https://clearchoiceos.com/. When you care about nature, so are we! Contact us today!