Ways Your Company Can Go Green with Office Furniture and more

In the modern economy, companies have become more environment-conscious. The “Go Green” initiative is now taken seriously by most companies. Most institutions now make use of Remanufactured Cubicles, Used Cubicles and Pre-owned Office Furniture. This is just one of the ways a firm can minimize environmental pollution. In Houston, Texas, suppliers of used furniture and cubicles are numerous. However, the family-owned Clear Choice Office Solutions is known by many since it is the one-stop-shop for office cubicles and furniture.

Why Go Green?

A firm can choose to go green for a variety of reason. First off, we all play a crucial role in caring for the environment. The effects of pollution, global warming, temperature increase, and biological mutation, greenhouse gas emissions, Arctic ice meltdown, and other adverse effects are quite devastating. We all desire to minimize these effects by conserving our environment.

Asides caring for nature, going green also has monetary benefits to a company. Going green saves money, conserves resources, and minimizes waste. Green products also attract higher prices with buyers who are committed to spending their cash on good initiatives. Go green initiatives also build the reputation of a firm from the community’s standpoint.

How to go Green

There are various ways through which your company can go green.  Below are some simple go green furniture tips;

  • Certified Sustainable Wood

Irrespective of the material (wood, plastic, cloth, plastic, metal, or whichever) a piece of furniture is made of, there are earth-friendly options. The best place is to choose options that consider wood conservation. You should avoid any practice that leads to deforestation since trees play a crucial role in the environment. First off, they bring in fresh air by absorbing carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which is crucial for our survival. Third, trees provide a home for birds, insects, and animals. Fourth, trees bind together the soil and ensure it stays rich in nutrients and moisture. Furthermore, most people rely on trees for sustenance. You should avoid any wood material that is acquired from unsustainably harvested forests. Instead buy reclaimed wood and wood from sustainably harvested tree farms and forests.

  • Reclaimed Furniture Materials

Wood materials can last for a long time when it is kept in good condition. Therefore, one of the best ways to go green is to buy furniture made from reclaimed material. Many manufacturers are now designing furniture pieces from reclaimed pieces of wood that is sourced from old houses, furniture, and some other wood items. Wood is also reclaimed from logs that have been carried downstream by water. You can go green by simply choosing furniture that has been made from reclaimed wood since this is resource efficient and therefore environment-friendly. One problem however with furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood is that they come in short supply.

  • Bamboo

Most builders and environmental designers use bamboo since it is the most versatile materials for making various items. Bamboo can be used for flooring, making veneers and furniture. It can also be sliced and transformed into window blinds and can build an entire house. In fact, most builders are aware that the use of bamboo can earn points with LEED. One of the main reasons bamboo is the most sustainable furniture material is due to the fact that bamboo is not a tree but rather a grass. It grows pretty fast and is the most versatile material. You can purchase bamboo-made furniture since this is one way of going green.

  • Recycling Plastic and Metal

There are plenty of furniture that is made from recycled plastic and metal. Materials that have been recycled are environment-friendly and generally require less processing and take up minimum resources. They also help boost the market for recycled materials. The continued improvement in technology has resulted in more sophisticated ways of recycling metals and plastics. The recycled products are improving in quality and this has greatly improved the demand for items made of recycled materials. However, buyers should be aware of furniture items that have been made from virgin materials and are labeled as recyclable for pure marketing purposes. You should buy from reputed companies that recycle office furniture such as Herman Miller, Cherryman, Haworth, Mayline, Steelcase, and many others. Clear Choice Office Solutions supplies new, remanufactured and used cubicles from these manufacturers.

  • Durable and Fixable Office Furniture

One aspect of green products that most of us ignore is the durability of the product. When you buy a furniture item that is durable and can easily be repaired chances are high that it will not end up in the landfill. These products may be expensive initially but in the long run they are more cost-friendly. You can also sell easily furniture that is durable and fixable when you no longer need them since they appeal to almost anyone. They can be sold at eBay, Craigslist, or even Freecycle.

  • Flexible and Small

There are literally dozens of small and flexible furniture in the market these days. This is no longer the era when furniture was huge and heavy. Buy smaller and lighter furniture that can be folded and put away whenever it is not needed. You can buy transformer furniture that can be changed from coffee table to a dining table. Consider furniture items that can be used for more than one purpose.

  • Buy Local

Imported office furniture travel a lot of miles before they reach their ultimate buyers. The cost of shipping and the environmental impact is immense. By buying locally you not only boost the local market but you also save your money since local furniture items are cheaper.

  • Disposing Used Furniture

No one can like an item forever and the same applies to furniture. When it is finally time to bid farewell your chair, table, cubicles, and any other furniture item, ensure it ends up in a good home. To get started contact office furniture liquidation firms or sell the furniture items on Craigslist, eBay, Freecycle, your local paper, or donate to charity.

There are many ways a company can go green. Clear Choice Office Solutions is one of the top suppliers of new and used office cubicles and furniture in Houston. To explore more go green ideas for your company visit https://clearchoiceos.com/.

Simple Go Green Tips for Any Business

Everyone these days is talking of going green and every company, small or big has put in place strategies geared towards going green. In Houston, Clear Choice Office Solutions has built a good reputation as one of the leading suppliers of used cubicles and furniture. It supplies licensed furniture and cubicles from global suppliers such as Steelcase, ALLSTEEL, Herman Miller, Trendway, Teknion, and Haworth. The use of used, remanufactured and pre-owned cubicles is one of the ways a firm can go green. Clear Choice also handles office furniture liquidation. Below are some simple go green tips for any business;

Buy Sustainable, Durable and High Quality Office Furniture

Purchase office furniture that is in good condition, durable, and is of excellent make. Instead of embarking on the tedious process of checking the parts, it is easier to do this. One of the easiest ways of getting high quality office furniture is by relying on a trusted furniture supplier. It will be easier to get some items that require bulk orders, for instance, office cubicles, desk suits, workstations, office chairs, desk sets, conference tables, and reception desks. It will even be much better if you get a supplier who has different styles in stock from trusted brands in the market. This will ensure you get furniture items that meet the needs of your company and are up to the required standards. Clear Choice Office Solutions supplies various furniture designs from popular brands. It also offers discounts for bulk orders and is convenient as a one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs.

Maximize Office Space

One of the best ways to conserve space in your company is by maximizing usable work space. The smaller the space that can fit more employees, the better it will be for your company. This is because a small space translates to fewer office buildings and ultimately higher savings on cost and minimal environmental impact. Clear Choice Office Solutions provides a myriad of top quality, modern designs to maximize your office space. A proper arrangement of your workstation will also help arrange electrical wiring and electronic components in such a way that energy is conserved.

Office Furniture Liquidation and Disposal

Before disposing or selling your office furniture, contact experienced office furniture liquidation firms. These firms will pay for the furniture and resell to other firms. You should never let your valuable items go to waste. Office furniture manufacturers will remanufacture and recycle the furniture items and ensure they are not disposed on the landfill. Clear Choice Office Solution liquidates office furniture and will assemble and transport it to where it is required. All these are done in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

Virtual Workstations

For those who work virtually, do not feel left out since there are many ways of going green in your own small way. Buy used or pre-owned home office furniture that is sustainable and benefits the environment in some way.

Space Conservation

There are lots of smart ways of conserving space when it comes to the design of your office buildings. First off, instead of building or expanding horizontally, make use of vertical square footage since this preserves the ecosystem and minimizes environmental impact. In terms of brand reputation, a vertical building adds more value in perception than a flat warehouse-style building. You should also install workstations and cubicles since they are more environmentally conscious. You can also locate your premises in areas which are considered undesirable as farmland or any other common use.

Lighting and Ventilation

Another great way of conserving space and energy is through the design of office buildings that can be ventilated freely by prevailing winds. Get an architect who will consider the flow of wind in the area. You can also save on energy by maximize on natural light streaming into your office. It also adds some touch of style and uniqueness. You can save a lot by simply installing efficient lighting system in the exterior, interior, and parking area. It also saves a lot of time that would have been spent replacing inefficient lighting bulbs.

Solar Panels

The use of alternative clean sources of energy may be expensive but it is also another way of being environmentally conscious. You can get solar panels that are efficient and durable these days since solar technology has improved immensely. You will not only protect the environment by using sun energy but you will also save a lot on energy expenses.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Consider installing green recycling containers within a prominent area in several areas within your company such as near the printer, at the eating area, or at the workstations. Once collected, reduce and reuse the trash collected. You can also limit the use of paper and instead rely more on electronic files and read from the PC. You can also use the back of used papers for writing some short notes and messages instead of using unused paper. Once you have used these items recycle them. You should consider joining organizations that collect and recycle waste or even start one in your company.

Shared Amenities

One of the best ways to conserve the available amenities within an area is by choosing a location that facilitates easy access to shared everyday amenities. Some of these amenities include restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, general stores, business luncheons, and many others. The idea behind being close to such amenities is to minimize on employee commute during working hours. You can also use networks within the office building for additional convenience.  You should liaise with your architecture so that some facilities such as rest rooms, WiFi, conference rooms, and food courts are planned to facilitate sharing.

There are dozens of go green ideas that can help your business contribute towards conserving the environment. Clear Choice Office Solutions will help your business implement the best go green strategies. It is one of the leading distributors of new and used cubicles and furniture in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas and beyond. Visit https://clearchoiceos.com/ to get more information on how your business can go green.

Disposing Used Office Furniture 101-The Right Way

Every one of us can attest to the fact that every office relocation, closure, or renovation results in dozens of no-longer-needed furniture and other equipment. What do you do with the extra chairs, electronics, desks, supplies, and cabinets? What options do you have and which ones suit your company, budget and timeline? All these are things that need to be factored in and if you can ask office furniture liquidators or procurement professionals, they will tell you that it is never easy to redistribute office furniture and equipment. Lack of expertise and experience can result in financial and environmental risks.

To help you understand the best way of recycling used furniture here are a few steps to follow; 

Have an Office Furniture Inventory

It is essential to have a thorough inventory irrespective of the solution you choose. This will help your vendors get a clear picture of what the project entails. A clearly laid down inventory will also eliminate headaches that may result due to miscommunication and changes in scope once the process kicks off.

Follow these basic inventory steps;

  • Use a standardized office inventory document such as a spreadsheet for a start.
  • Appoint one person and set aside some time for them to fill the form.
  • Record item details such as brand names, condition, dimensions, type, location, and dimensions.
  • Use other documents from facilities and procurement to compare with the inventory.

Have in Mind your Project Goals and Opportunities

You should have a clear goal in mind for the furniture removal which may include a financial return, environmental care, or a hassle-free removal. To get you started, you may consider some company goals such as the following;

  • Waste Reduction Targets.
  • Supply Chain Sustainability.
  • Compliance to Health and Safety.
  • Transparency in Operations.
  • Procurement Optimization.
  • Sustainability Reporting.
  • Be Prepared for Surplus Management Risks

Asides budget, there are also some other associated risks that come with managing large office inventory. These include on-site safety, internal time and effort, vendor relations, and others that impact the overall project outcome. Some of the risks with regard to these include;

  • Safety and compliance issues.
  • Scheduling conflicts.
  • Internal time, effort, and distractions.
  • Landfill regulations and fees.
  • Disruptions to labor and logistics.
  • Storage and double-handling fees.

Plan You Budget

Once you have a proper inventory and understand your risks and opportunities, you can now begin to draft your budget. If you factor in all the important factors and avoid procrastinating everything this until last minute, you will be well-prepared for any unexpected changes later on.

Engage a Reliable Furniture Recycling Company

There is nothing as bad as hiring unprofessional recycling companies. They will derail a project by damaging items, interfering with scheduling, cause unnecessary friction with stakeholders, or even mix up locations. Choose a reliable and capable logistics provider.

Manage the Entire Process

Ensure the entire process from dismantling to relocation is well managed. Keep everyone involved on schedule. For instance, staff clearing their space, technicians in charge of dismantling electrical and special equipment, and the movers responsible for dismantling and moving inventory.

Record Keeping

Document and report everything since this will help in gauging the team’s performance, shows transparency and accountability, and helps identify where every item went at the end of the project. It will help in evaluating whether project goals were met or not.

With these simple tips you can be able to dispose office items in the right way.



Simple Ways of Going Green with Office Furniture

When people hear the term going green they think it is something complex and unattainable. However, you can be environmentally-conscious in the small things you do and contribute to the attainment of a sustainable clean environmental. Here are simple ways of going green with office furniture;

  1. Recycle and refurbish-instead of replacing furniture that look tired but still functional, refurbish it. You can sand, repaint, seal scratches, and repair damaged parts. Make all your repairs using green material.
  2. Purchase modular furniture-since businesses and business needs keep changing, when you buy modular furniture you can easily mix, match, and even reconfigure them to meet your needs. This way, instead of changing completely your working space you only add in a few pieces.
  3. Purchase used-one of the most sustainable ways of keeping the environment clean is by buying used furniture. According to EPA, it is stipulated that approximately 8.8 million tons of usable office furniture are disposed each year and end up in landfills. Do not participate in contributing to this garbage by buying used furniture. The use of used furniture is also healthier to employees since they do not release VOCs that usually affect indoor air quality.
  4. Be generous-donate old furniture and it will not participate in filling landfills. It will also help those who lack furniture. You can also get tax relief which translates to savings. You can donate your used furniture to charities or families that are in need.
  5. Natural light-experts estimate that 40% of office electricity bill go to office lighting. You will therefore save on cost and protect the environment when you use natural light in your office. Furthermore, natural light reduces eye strain and boosts productivity.
  6. Think outside the norm-there are so many ways of making your employees comfortable and productive at work. Instead of using traditional office chairs, adopt unique and health-conscious offices. For instance, you can buy stability balls. These are quite cheap and have been found to improve posture, minimize fatigue, and support core muscles. Look out for other cheaper and environmentally-friendly options as well.
  7. Cheap is expensive, think long term-an investment in ergonomic and green chair in most cases translates to more business expenditure. However, there is so much more benefit associated with ergonomic and green furniture. Your employees will get maximum comfort and stay healthy. This will help you save money that would have been used for sick leaves. It will also boost their productivity which translates to more profits. Furthermore, you will not replace furniture for a long time. A cheap chair will cost you much more in the long term.
  8. Use other alternatives-if you desire to make your employees more comfortable at work but lack the money for buying ergonomic furniture, accessorize the work station. Buy alternative items that will help them work without straining. Invest in accessories such as foot rests under their desks, adjustable height monitors, back rests, desk lamps that will relieve eye strain from fluorescent lights, and wrist rests for keyboards. You can also think of other cheaper alternatives that will ensure maximum comfort to your employees.

Recycle! Reuse! Refurbish! Office Furniture

Go Green with Recycled and Refurbished Office Furniture!

Clear Choice Office Solutions has spearheaded the battle against the disposal of solid hazardous waste to the landfill for years. We have substantially reduced the amount of waste that go to landfills by selling pre-owned office furniture that include; cubicles, chairs, desks, and cabinets. Our wide spectrum of clientele, whether big or small, understand that using refurbished and recycled furniture is financially, environmentally, and aesthetically wise for a business.

Clear Choice Office Solutions is a professional supplier of new and used office furniture. We are among the few reputed office furniture liquidators who have played a key role in recycling, refurbishing, and redistributing furniture.

Office furniture takes up plenty of space and is one of the most bulky businesses. A simple office chair can take up to 15 cubic feet of space and a standard office desk takes about 100 cubic feet. Furthermore, huge amount of packaging materials and cardboard also comes with each new desk and chair. All these items if disposed on landfills will impact the environment negatively. Clear Choice Office Solutions reduces the size of the landfill through the following ways;

  1. Recycle! Reuse! Refurbish! Minimize Amount of Trash in Landfill

We recycle where possible. We compact and sell metal to commercial recyclers and recycle packaging materials from used and new furniture. If we have no option but send office furniture to the landfill, we first compact them using our own compactor. This way we reduce the office furniture to 25% of its initial volume. This helps minimize solid waste volume in the landfill.

  1. Redirecting Materials from the Landfill through Sale of Used Office Furniture

Office furniture disposal on landfills results in immense environmental damages. Every year tons of office furniture and furnishings end up in landfills. By re-cycling and refurbishing office furniture, we divert a huge amount of waste that would have ended up in the landfill. We also sell pre-used items such as conference tables, desks, credenzas, filing cabinets, and chairs. All these add up to the office furniture that has been diverted from the landfill.

              III.        Reducing Emissions from New Furniture Manufacture

By recycling and re-using office furniture, we not only reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill but we also help reduce emissions that would have resulted from the manufacturing of new furniture. By recycling office furniture we reduce pollution from harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, sulfur oxides, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. To top it off, recycling office furniture saves a lot on energy which would have been used to make new furniture.


Clear Choice Office Solutions is a reliable seller and distributor of new and used office furniture. We deal in recycled and pre-owned furniture which helps in our effort to participate in environmental conservation. All our efforts are geared towards maintaining a sustainable and clean environment. We clearly understand the effects of environmental pollution and believe by going green we make the world a better place to be.