How to Sell My Office Furniture in Houston

Several reasons can make you decide to sell your office furniture in Houston. This can include remodeling or renovating your office, your company running out of business, or an office move. You can also decide to sell your used chairs, cubicles, cabinet, and conference tables when your employees start complaining about the furniture creaking or getting outdated.

Irrespective of the reason, you don’t have to toss the furniture away into the nearest dumpster. Provided that the furniture pieces are still useable, you can make some money by selling them. Besides, selling your office furniture will also help prevent environmental pollution. You will also be helping startups that are looking to buy cheap used office furniture in Houston. Below are a couple of tips to help you get the best return when selling your office furniture.

How to Sell My Office Furniture in Houston
How to Sell My Office Furniture in Houston

Clean Your Used Office Furniture Houston

The first step to selling your office furniture in Houston is by cleaning the furniture. The fact that an individual or business is in the market for used or pre-owned office furniture in Houston doesn’t mean they want to purchase dirty, dull, or ill-maintained furniture pieces. Cleaning and polishing your used office chairs, cubicles, and conference tables make them look all new and shiny.

Wipe down desks, cabinets tables, and chairs with a damp cloth. Remove all traces of crumbs or coffee rings. Pay adequate attention to sticky and stained areas. Vacuum upholstered pieces, treat spills and stains on the furniture. Clean office furniture pieces tend to attract buyers. In fact, the furniture will command more value.

Repair Damaged Office Furniture

Used office furniture are best sold when in good condition. As a result, it is important to repair any break or damages in the furniture. Although you may not be able to carry out a comprehensive furniture refurbishment. Nevertheless, try as much as possible to make obvious repairs before selling the furniture.

Reattach any dangling plastic lining on tables and desks. Replace or tighten loose screws on table legs and armrests. Spray or apply polish to squeaky and dull parts. If possible, look for the original assembly manuals of these chairs or cubicles and pass on to the buyer. By carrying out adequate repairs or maintenance on the used furniture, you can sell the furniture faster and for a higher return.

Set a Price

After cleaning, polishing, and repairing damaged or worn-out parts, the next thing is to set a price. Unless you recently purchased the furniture or it is one of those high-end office furniture pieces, don’t expect to make a huge amount from your furniture sale. Set a price that is budget-friendly and won’t scare potential buyers away.

Some factors to consider when setting the price include the actual cost price of the furniture pieces, the material the furniture is made of, the condition of the pieces, amount of years the furniture has served you, style and color of furniture, and so forth. You can also inspect the Houston furniture market to have an idea about how much those pieces would cost. With these, you can set the right price for your used office pieces.

Take Quality Photograph of your used office furniture

Shoppers love to see quality visuals. The apparent value of your furniture pieces is usually judged by the quality of your product photography. If you are posting an ad online, displaying your used furniture pieces using high-quality images can attract potential buyers. This can be the charming difference between no sales and a faster conversion rate.

When posting your ad online, ensure that you include quality pictures about the furniture pieces. Flip through an Ikea catalog to get idea or inspiration. Take individual shots of each furniture piece under good lighting. With this, you can achieve quality and clear imagery of your pieces.

However, remove files, computer, printer, or other office equipment from the desk when taking the pictures. Ensure that no one is sitting on the chairs before taking the pictures. Buyers know that the furniture pieces are used — no need to show them who is using them.

Advertise the Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Furthermore, selling your used office furniture requires that you advertise to potential buyers. If you want to get rid of the furniture quickly, you can contact used furniture broker or dealer. The dealer will take a look at your pieces, then offer you a price for the pieces. If you agree, you won’t have to worry about searching for buyers. However, you may not make as much profit as you anticipated. These furniture dealers often take their potential profits into consideration when offering you a price.

Another means of getting rid of your used office furniture in Houston is by holding a yard or parking lot sale. To ensure a good turnout, you can place adverts in your local newspaper, magazine, and online listings ahead of the sale. This will help get potential buyers informed.

Also, you can post classified ads in newspapers, online, or in trade publications. Ensure that you include information about the furniture pieces you are putting up for sale. This can include photos, current condition, dimensions, asking price, and other useful information.

Negotiate the Price

Finally, be ready for price negotiations with potential buyers. Even though you might have set an asking price that is fair enough, you must still be willing to lower the price for buyers looking for fair deals. Remember, the ultimate goal is to get rid of the unused or extra office furniture. You can achieve this easily if you are willing to negotiate.

Also, kindly note that it is usually harder to get buyers for oversized or larger pieces. This is because these oversized pieces are difficult to move. Hence, be ready to reduce the price to accommodate buyers that will have to hire movers or rent a moving truck. You can also reduce prices for buyers who buy in bulk. After all, they have helped save you a great deal of time in searching for or dealing with additional buyers.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you sell your unused office furniture in Houston. When it comes to selling used office furniture, there is “no one size fits all” solution. A portion of your used office furniture may be suitable for resale. You can recycle or donate the ones that won’t sell. With the tips provided above, you can dispose of your used office furniture in Houston for the best return.

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