Essential Tips for Donating, Reselling, or Recycling Office Equipment in Houston

Most businesses rely on various office supplies and IT equipment for their day-to-day operations. From computer systems to scanners, printers, copiers, office furniture, telephone, network devices, and many more. However, when recycling office equipment in Houston, we often wonder what to do with the old equipment.

Recycling Office Equipment in Houston

Rather than throwing your unused office equipment away and contributing to environmental pollution, donating, reselling, or recycling office equipment in Houston, may be the ideal option. If you are looking for how to dispose old office equipment, this post is for you. Here, we will be providing you with a couple of insightful tips to donate, resell, or recycle your office supplies and IT equipment.

What are the Benefits of Donating, Reselling, or Recycling Office Equipment in Houston?

Most offices in Houston are full of junks, consisting of old and unused office furniture, IT equipment, and office supplies. Rather than forgetting these items in your storage room, you may recycle, donate to nonprofits, charities, and local schools, or resell the office equipment. Here are some benefits of doing these;

Makes Relocation Easier: During an office relocation, decluttering is very important. You need to decide the items that stay or go. When you donate or sell your old equipment, you will have fewer items to pack. Thus, making business relocation easier.

Tax Reduction: Donating or recycling office equipment in Houston also provides tax benefits. This can be deducted from your annual tax returns. With this, your business can save money on taxes.

Protects the Environment: Throwing away old office electronics contributes to environmental pollution. These IT equipment contain hazardous materials, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. Any of these can become toxic waste in landfills and leach into the soil. On the other hand, recycling office furniture and IT equipment are a greener option and more environmentally responsible.

Generate Revenue: Also, you can generate revenue for other business operations by selling old or unused office equipment.

How to Donate, Resell, or Recycle Office Equipment in Houston

Are you ready to get rid of your old or unused office supplies and IT equipment? Here are some tips to help you out.

Identity Old and Unused Office Equipment

To start with, you need to identify the old and unused office equipment. Usually, they are items that have been left in the storage room for several months or even years. Sort them into various categories, depending on what you intend to donate, resell, or recycle. Appoint someone or a volunteer to oversee the recycling program.

Backup Your Data

Furthermore, you need to back up the business data on your computer’s hard drive or mobile devices. This is to ensure that you don’t lose any important business information. External hard drives and the cloud are suitable options for backing up your data. Ensure that you backup as much data as you can. Having a complete backup is better than finding out after several weeks that you have lost valuable information. At this point, the data may be irretrievable.

Wipe Your Hard Drive

However, before donating or recycling office equipment in Houston, wipe every data in your hard drive, mobile device, scanners, and printers. You need to be sure that the office equipment is cleared of sensitive business information and customer data before you do anything with them. Follow the steps below to wipe your hard drive;

  • Delete all documents, folders, and files.
  • Uninstall all your programs and software.
  • Clear your browser history, cookies, and saved passwords.
  • Wipe and restore to factory settings.

By doing this, you will prevent a potential data breach or critical corporate data from getting into the wrong hands.


You can donate your unwanted items, office furniture, supplies, and IT equipment to nonprofits, charity organizations, and local schools. Research about charities and nonprofits that need donations. There should be quite a few of these around the Houston area. They will be willing to take your old office supplies and IT equipment off your hands, even if they’re not functioning.

Also, you can donate to local schools around you with limited resources. Your old computer systems, scanners, printers, or copiers will be a great resource to both the school’s administration and students. Moreover, you can donate the office equipment to an employee who is struggling financially. They will definitely appreciate your generosity. In addition, you will qualify for tax deductions and benefits if you donate to nonprofits, charity organizations, or a local school.


Recycling office equipment in Houston is an indication that your business is environmentally responsible. Take the office supplies and IT equipment to a recycler. Several nonprofit organizations and recycling companies will be willing to assist you in recycling your used office furniture in Houston. Find a drop-off location in Houston or near your area to hand the items over to the recycler.

Another alternative for recycling office equipment in Houston is to take the office equipment to a tech firm. Some of these manufacturers and retailers have recycling programs. For instance, Apple’s GiveBack program and Sprint’s Buyback program. Amazon, Best Buy, and Office Depot also offer recycling programs. In return, you will be given in-store credit or valuable gift cards.

Donating, Reselling, or Recycling Office Equipment in Houston


Finally, you can sell your old office equipment through company sales (or garage sales). However, this may require much time and effort. If you don’t want to go through the stress, you can sell to convenient services, like Best Buy and Office Depot, or an office equipment liquidation company in Houston. By doing this, you will be generating more revenue for your business through selling the things you don’t need anymore.

There you have it! Above are some tips for donating, reselling, or recycling office equipment in Houston. Recycling office equipment remains an environmentally responsible option for getting rid of old office supplies and IT equipment. Recyclers will dismantle and harvest old equipment for various components and parts that can be resold or reused. Thus, preventing toxic wastes from leaching into the soil.

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