Newest ‘mono-segmented’ system

The Novo Cubicle is a revolutionary new system designed around monolithic panels which produce a modern segmented look. In addition, this design helps cut back on assembly costs due to the ingenius prefabrication involved in their construction.
Friant is a company that prides itself on uncompromising forward-thinking design and aesthetic. All Friant products meet or exceed California’s (CARB) air quality standards, which is one of the most forward thinking standards for environmentally conscious manufacturing in the nation. Beyond the passion that goes into every piece of furniture created by Friant there is a fundamental need for it to last. That’s why Friant furniture is built to outlast its competitors.

Features include:

  • Pre-installed 8 wire, 4 20-amp circuits
  • Floor or cieling connectivity
  • Cable lay-in capability
  • Certified by MAS for minimal off gassing
  • Up to 75% recyclable
  • Up to 45% recycled content
  • Monolithic or pre-built segmented panels
  • Frameless Glass Tiles Available
  • Powered/non-powered panels
  • New support and worksurface designs
  • Whiteboard, perforated metal, fabric, and acoustical panels
  • May contribute to LEED points
Fabric Palatte
Painted Metal Trim:
Painted Metal Trim
Base / End Panels:
Base End Panel