Sit Stand Desks

NEW ARRIVAL! Research within today’s office has clearly indicated that changing the position of the worker during the day has a positive effect on workers comfort, well- being and productivity.
Friant MY-HITE adjustable tables were designed to promote adaptable workspaces that reduce discomfort by providing the ability of the user to sit or stand, adjusting their workstations at the touch of a button.
Friant MY-HITE adjustable tables integrate seamlessly within any Friant systems solution as well as private office applications.

• 3 preset heights and/or manual up and down control
• Adjustable Crossbeam for greater flexibility.
• Accommodates 42 to 78”W Worksurfaces

Base Option
• 2 Leg option for Straight Worksurfaces
• 3 Leg option for Corner Worksurfaces

Weight Capacity
• 220 pounds for 2 Leg option
• 330 pounds for 3 leg option

Painted Metal Trim:
Painted Metal Trim
Base / End Panels:
Base End Panel