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Office Furniture Resources - Need help finding the right solutions for your office?

You have finalized a lease for a new office location, now it is time to plan and execute the move of your offices. Relocating your office is a huge task for many organization. Many businesses are unfamiliar with exactly how to prepare for a business move, and the bigger the business or corporation, the more complex the task can be. The major goal in an office move is to be cost and time-efficient and it is crucial to appropriate the proper amount of time and planning for the entire process.

The most vital part of moving a business is to plan everything out well in advance to minimize downtime and get your employees back up and running your business as quickly as possible. Most moving companies will assist you with much of the logistics and planning of the physical move, but there is much more planning that is required on behalf of your business in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

Office Furniture Resources

A Guide To Purchasing Office Cubicles

1) Creating Your Floor Plan

After getting an office space, the next step is to start the process of purchasing office cubicles. The first action to undertake is; coming up with a floor plan. To make the plan easier and quicker to implement, measure the dimensions and layout of the space.
In case you don’t have a floor plan, No worry! Our office designers are very skilled in planning office space and will offer the service for free.
Regarding the layout of doors and windows, one is required to have a Blueprint, an Architectural or AutoCAD drawing.

2) Planning your office space

When planning your office space, there are important factors to oversee that helps you create an efficient office. These are as follows:

• Number of workers & development capability – it is wise to consider the number of workers that will occupy the office but at the same time also look into the business growth capability.

office cubicle guide

Choosing the Right Cubicle for your Office – New, Used, or Refurbished?

Once everything has been set and it is time to outfit your new office with office cubicles which option should you go for; new, used or refurbished cubicles? All these options give benefits to your company but their suitability will vary with respect to your company’s budget. Brand new cubicles are highly preferred but since they come at hefty prices, it is not economically viable to outfit an entire workplace, more so, if you are just a start-up. Alternatively, an up-start company could go for the refurbished cubicles since they are quite affordable.

The modern workplaces have experienced a dramatic change in the way they are structured. Unlike the conventional open-space offices, the modern workplaces use smaller and more compact office cubicles. These options are sufficient to accommodate the requirements of the modern workstations that are characterized by paperless and wireless work places. Laptops, smartphones, limited wiring, tablets, and other small electronic gadgets take a huge part of these work places. Reliable statistics stipulate that in America 60% of those who work in formal employment use cubicles in their workstations.

Choosing Cubicles

Ways Your Company Can Go Green with Office Furniture and more

In the modern economy, companies have become more environment-conscious. The “Go Green” initiative is now taken seriously by most companies. Most institutions now make use of Remanufactured Cubicles, Used Cubicles and Pre-owned Office Furniture. This is just one of the ways a firm can minimize environmental pollution. In Houston, Texas, suppliers of used furniture and cubicles are numerous. However, the family-owned Clear Choice Office Solutions is known by many since it is the one-stop-shop for office cubicles and furniture.

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Clear Choice Office Solutions will Help Your Company during the Liquidation Process

office furniture liquidation

A company may liquidate for various reasons and this may make one wonder what liquidation is all about. Liquidation in simple terms refers to the process of converting a firm’s assets into cash so that creditors may be cleared. Office furniture liquidation is one example of a liquidation process that requires a professional so as to ensure the used furniture and office cubicles are liquidated in a hassle-free manner. Clear Choice Office Solutions is Houston’s top furniture supplier. It offers a wide range of pre-owned cubicles and furniture items sourced from top brands such as Haworth, Herman Miller, Cherryman, Steelcase, and Mayline. The professionals at Clear Choice Office Solutions will work you through the liquidation process and cater for your office furniture liquidation needs.

Office Furniture 101: Choosing Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Productivity at work is influenced by so many factors. However, most employers overlook some factors such as the kind of office chairs in place. To keep employees happy, comfortable and productive, it is imperative that the office chairs provided are the best. Our professionals at Clear Choice Office Solutions will help you make a wise choice when choosing your office chairs. Our professionals are widely experienced in all kinds of office furniture including new office furniture as well as used office chairs. We have sufficient industry experience and will help you make an informed choice when it comes to office furniture.

Used office chairs can be the ultimate option to those who would love to get quality at affordable cost. They can choose used ones or remanufactured office chairs since they come at a lower price.

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